Independent Candidate for President 2016:









Is the American Dream dead?




13 October 2015



I have discovered who the enemies of America are!

We elected them. Tyranny for ALL.


I know this is a lot of information, but:

        Do you care what happens to AMERICA? 

               I care what happens to AMERICA!

   *Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

    if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.

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                                                             Hillary Clintons dead Friends?





What happened to America?

Don’t we care anymore??.

Our nation is in trouble.

Let’s Bring Pride back to America.


My dad had a saying: From the neck on down, you are worth a Dollar a day, from

the neck on up there is no limit. Intelligence over physical labor.



    It all comes down to this: Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of the USA.



  *************“TO RESTORE OUR NATION” *************


               We have a disaster facing our nation, “IF” we do not stand up as:

                                            “WE the PEOPLE”


               We Must: “Retake control of this nation”, to lead us to Recovery:

                                                     or:  We have lost America.

                                        It’s going to be a long battle.

                                 I can’t do this alone; I need your help.

         With your help, we can do this, lets return pride to being Americans




   I, Don Cordell, as your next President,

  Will Restore not Change America



  “We the People”

        (“That’s all of You”, and ME, we have been screwed)

  so we must demand: That the Great

   United States of America

       Be RESTORED!

 Lets do it, so that we have a Future!

  “America has been stolen from us”


Welcome to the “Socialized States of America”

Remember the USSR, the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST REPUBLIC? There was no Republic in that Union.

 Welcome to theUnited States New World Order.

                                               (View 2 hr. video ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ about the end of our nation)

              Now you are getting to the heart of my platform.

   It’s time to Restore the original:

          United States of America.

The land of the “formerly” Free, and now the home of the Brave Cowards?

President Obama’s wife Michelle says: She is finally proud of America.

Right now, I’m not proud of our nation; we have lost our way.

I’m running to be your President, because I can’t quit, until I see Justice.

Now you’re here! WOW!


      I’m Your “INDEPENDENT”




                          I am Don Cordell


At this point you are suppose to see my  picture, but I’ve yet to figure out since  November 2012

why photos in this website are screwed up, what you are seeing is a stupid picture of my

car, and other interruptions. I’ve been hacked and I don’t know how to clean up this abuse.

I almost believe our Government does not like me.  If you do not see my picture, CLICK  HERE


I will “RESTORE”,

            not Change America, for you



Drive around your community, and see how many empty store fronts there are now,

how many empty factories there are, where Americans use to work,

to earn middle class incomes, to make products for Americans to buy.


There are at least 12,000 “Semi-trailer containers” filled with foreign products for our stores that arrive EVERY DAY in Long Beach, CA. Products that Americans should be making in our factories. Maybe you can get a job unloading those ships.





You elect any Republican or Democrat, you’ll get more of the same.


The Democrats admit: If they have to resort to voter fraud to win the election: “What difference does it make


Is this the future

YOU want for our nation?

9/11 2001 Read the truth about 9/11

The RAPE of America, read now, will you resist?


        239 Years of Freedom, Freedom now going, going, gone?




What have the Republicans and Democrats given us?

“Made in CHINA”

Who has the guts to stop imports?

They tell us: “This is the New World Order”,

Americans no longer needed to make ANYTHING.



4 July 1776

Declaration of Independence


That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,….


That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,….


That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,….



That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,….


That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,….


Repeated over and over.

Until you realize the importance of this statement by the founders of our nation.


Well folks in 2016: It’ time to ReVote


To institute an HONEST Government

A Government OF the People, BY the People,




         Who are the Democratic PARTY Leaders???????

         Who are the Republican PARTY Leaders???????

         Who is running America, DO YOU KNOW?

                                                  Who owns America?


The newly elected candidate, will get a visit from the Party

so the Party can explain HOW “THEY RUN AMERICA”,

and “How the candidate will run the nation”, or be replaced.

  So to save their job, the new candidate obeys, or else.

  On with “more of the same” to destroy AMERICA.


The PARTIES run our nation, they are having a PARTY,

     While you can’t afford to live the American DREAM





We are going to save a lot of money in the next few years.

We no longer need Congress  and the Senate:

The Supreme Court will now make all of our laws, as they see fit.

NO back talk now, these 9 people – that we did not elect.

Know how we should live and what laws are good for us.




that name sounds so great, we were proud of our nation,

now it’s all gone, we’ve been screwed,

because: We elected people we thought “represented us”,

to lead our nation, do not run America for US.

What happened?


The politicians we elect do not produce anything.

The politicians exist ONLY to control us.


Our Government has become way too huge, and over bearing.

The people we elected, were not professional business people,

they were Con Men/Women who led us to believe they would

run our nation for the betterment of our needs.

Guess What!

   How many of you feel you have no control of our Government?

   How many of you feel left out, that our Government forgot you?


               What drives our politicians? M O N E Y

We’ve been Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed, Royally.

I don’t want any Fundamental Change in America.

   I want America RESTORED. We can no longer wait:


It’s Revolution time,



More CRIME against Americans, closer to home: Chicago, ILL. 1990

What was the one thing that pushed me over the edge “to do something”?

I watched an Internet video, showing a Sheriff in Chicago, evicting a mother and her 2 small children, (she had lost her job due to cut backs), he gave her about 5 minutes  that afternoon, to gather items, then put her and her 2 pre-kindergarten children, + a few belongings out on the curb in pouring down rain. Then the Sheriff locked her out, and drove away.

The sheriff had no empathy, as he said: “He does this all day, every day”.

I knew something has to be done.

I do not see our Government caring at all. “I CARE”, do you?


My heart cried out for help to the many families, failing to have security,

for the fear in the hearts of children, with no where to sleep, or food in

their stomachs, I remember the hunger in my life in the 1930’s. Why do we still have hungry children in the greatest nation in the world? This is a crime.


“Is this my America”? It made me sick, and angry, and determined.

Is this what our nation has become? Have we become this heartless?

I believe Social help should have been there to protect these children,

“and” the Mother, leading them to some shelter and Help.


While our elected Elite give Billions to foreign nations.

While our elected Elite give Billions to bail out Billionaires.

While our elected Elite rape this nation, laughing all the way.

     While: Cecile Richards, Director of Planned Parenthood, collects $519,000/yr .

                    (That’s $1420/day) “Of Tax Payer Money”

       While: WE pay the President of the United State $400,000/yr. WHY?



  What America needs: AMERICAN JOBS.

         WE must restore AMERICAN INDUSTRIES.

  WE must put AMERICANS back to work.

          Obama’s AMERICA has become a disgrace.

What AMERICA needs is:

DON CORDELL for President.



In case you try to use your First Amendment “Bill of Rights” to Assemble and Demonstrate against the Government, the newly equipped Police are now ready to arrest YOU.

    To maintain THE PEACE?


YOU will submit instantly to any arrogant Police personnel, or be killed.      WHY?

The police say they are only following orders.

Whose orders?

Since 1944: I’ve never met a cop that understood

the Bill of Rights.


         Refusal to “immediately” Surrender to the Police

                                 “is a CRIME”.

                 Innocent of any other crime or not.




When we lose our right:

To own and use guns,

we’ve lost every one of the Bill of Rights.



IF you decide to demonstrate, to show you disagree with the Treason happening to our Rights,

the Government will arrest you for



You must not annoy the Government.

Any attempt to defend your Rights is considered a crime.

The Government control is “The Insurrection Act”.


You call it

“Defending your Rights”,

 the Government calls it


It all depends upon who

has the biggest guns.

You must OBEY! Or ELSE?

Who is the Government?

The people WE elected!


The US military is currently training troops to control CIVIL UNREST. WHY?

Believe it or not, it is against the law for citizens to arm themselves,

to defend their Rights.

When I entered the Army Air Corp in 1946, I was trained to kill, to defend America.


The Government WE’VE ELECTED, makes the laws, and we must obey, or else.

It is against the law to demonstrate against our Government in public.


After 1791 it was legal for citizens to own guns to defend themselves from

 an out of control Government, but our present Government now tells us,

we can own “some guns”, and “some ammunition”, but not too much.

We are not allowed form a Militia.


In fact if the Government decides you own too much of anything to defend

your Constitution and Bill of Rights, you can be arrested and jailed without

ANY Rights to defend yourself.


Only 10 years after the Constitution was signed our new wonderful leaders passed a new law that “ANYONE” that voiced any Negative remarks about the new leaders would be arrested and jailed, that was called the Sedition Act.

Up to Ten years in Jail and/or a $10,000 fine, (in 1797 dollars).

This was also restored in 1917-18 IF you made negative remarks about the WAR.


Not a very good start for our new Nation:

with “Freedom for All”,

with “Freedom of Speech”.


Remember, it’s against the law for citizens to form a “military group”

to overthrow the elected Elite,

even though the Declaration of Independence claims we have

“the Right to do so”, that’s what started our Revolution in 1776.



We are not fighting Great Britain this time,

we are fighting fully armed American Politicians.


our government has bigger guns than we have.

IF we fail now, it’s permanent failure of our future Freedoms.

America will become only “one of the New One World satellite nations”.


 Government departments are buying Millions of Rounds of Ammunition,

to “defend the Government from Citizens”.

What would our founders think, to see the nation they struggled to Free,

and many died for, to give us the Constitution and Bill of Rights,

that are now forgotten.


    Just surrender, and all will be well.


9/11 happened so our leaders could cancel

the Constitution, and lead us to a new

One World Leadershit







Be very careful if you drive in Texas, a lady was stopped by a police officer,

because she did not signal she was changing lanes. When stopped, she was accosted by the officer, for refusing to put out her cigarette, he forced her out

of her car, then assaulted her, she was jailed (for failure to kiss the cops ass?)

three days later found dead in her cell.

Three days in jail (for failure to signal lane changing,

And now dead?)

The cops explain: She apparently committed suicide, ???? Sure she did!

This is our NEW AMERICA.

“To Protect and Serve” WHO? Sure as hell not citizens.




Our Police Departments have become a brutal, out of control force.


IS THIS THE NEW FUTURE. Will you defend our Rights or OBEY?

Who worries our Government? Christians, and our Military Veterans!


What do you want to do: Elect ME,

“Surrender, OR Rise up for another violent Revolution?


Our Government leaders, considers YOU: The ENEMY.

INSTANTLY obey every Police Officer, or you are DEAD.


Is this the AMERICA you want to live in,


  will you “fight with me”, to defend our Liberties?



License plate readers installed on trash trucks,

to record where your car is “parked or driving”.

License plate readers installed on our roads,

can read your rear plate as you drive down the street, WHY?

Who is spying on us, and WHY?



I have just discovered another injustice, the FAMILY COURT system.

IF Citizens decide to Divorce, they must do this in the Family Courts.


The JUDGE orders the Plaintiff and Defendant to pay attorneys,

a certain sum of money, then the attorneys share that money with

the JUDGE, so the JUDGE can get reelected.

The JUDGE orders certain referee’s to report on those

filing for divorce, which the Man pays for.

The MAN pays “his attorney AND the spouses attorney”

as ordered “By the JUDGE”.


This court system does everything (to strip those trying to Divorce,

even peacefully) to pay as much money as they have,

“to enrich the JUDGE AND THE ATTORNEYS”,

any attempt to publicly report what is going on



Either you pay up and shut up, or else “or you go to jail”.

How dare anyone disrupt the INJUSTICE going on in AMERICA.


When I’M elected as your President, this BULL SHIT will cease.

I want to know “all the BULL SHIT going on in this nation”,

and heads are going to roll, if JUSTICE is not restored.

These bastards control: That they have the right to screw

Citizens, and you have “NO right to fight back”?

See on Netflix: DivorceCorp


HEY! we had a REVOLUTION in 1776 to bring JUSTICE to

this nation, and we established a Court System to ensure JUSTICE

Well! Come heaven or hell, we are going to have JUSTICE in this nation.

I want to set up a Board of Justice where this shit is reported to me,

so I can restore




Guess why the Government sponsored the invention of the computer?


We pay State and Federal Gas Tax, now they want a computer

in your car to charge us more for mileage driven.

It’s time to REVOLT.

Did I forget to mention, the Government wants to know

where you drive, when, and WHY?

Our Government wants electronic control of your car, and you.



$20,000,000,000,000. In debt! You owe $20,000,000,000,000.

 How are they going to collect? It won’t be pretty

   Can you say $20.000,000,000,000.


 $1 TRILLION, equals a stack of Million Dollar bills 412’ high!

Or laid end to end that would be a line 94 miles long, of million dollar bills..

94 miles X 20 Trillion = 1880 miles of Million dollar bills.

How many years would be 20 Trillion seconds? 634,195 YEARS

$20 Trillion in $100 bills would fill a Football Field, Goal Post to Goal Post, side line

to side line, 100’ high. There are not enough $100 bills to do this.


America is in total failure, this is the most critical election in our history.

WE have lost the right to control how those we’ve elected, rule us.

As a young man, I learned to fight back INJUSTICE.



In 1935 Hitler bragged how wonderful Germany’s future would be,

now that all Guns were registered.

“Our Government” wants to Register all your Guns.


Public Schools in Texas, Maryland, Tennessee and Massachusetts,

 are now forced to teach:



CHILDREN Forced to repeat: There is no God but Allah.


However: Schools are forbidden any mention of Christianity.

Student are thrown out of school for saying any Christian prayers.



Saying “Bless you” is a crime. Bull Shit!

Something is wrong in America.



I know this web page is excessively long,

but America has 310 320 Million Problems.

I hope you’ll read every word, so you know what is wrong.

I know I’ve repeated many things, because they are critical items.

IF you read every bit of the data in this website, you will realize

how serious the struggle facing our nation has become,


  you will move heaven and hell to see that I’m your next President.


Let us start right here, remember the Governor of Illinois

went to prison after Obama was elected President,

The Governor “offered the vacant position of US Senator”

“FOR SALE” IF you paid the Governor enough money!

Obama was a US  Senator before he ran for President.

 Remember Obama was only a US Senator for a short time.

How much did Obama pay to become a US Senator?

?Did Obama buy the Senator-ship?


How much did Obama pay to become our President?


Obama “was and is” a citizen of Indonesia, he never applied to restore

 his American citizenship. His father was not an American Citizen,

as required for him to become an AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

Obama was selected by the Democratic Party in a plot to continue the destruction of the United States, citizens were enticed to elect Mr. Obama “because he was a Black person”, with an ego a mile high, with the thrill

of being elected as our President, to lead our nation to it’s final failure.

Will we surrender; not without a fight?


We were not a racist nation anymore, we had tried to heal

a past error to no longer harbor any ill feelings about RACE.

Now Obama has stirred up divisions based upon RACE.

WE do not need any RACE WAR in our nation, we need unification,

to restore the Rights of all citizens, to restore Americas future.


Do you want to elect another MILLIONAIRE?

What is Donald Trump offering AMERICA?

WE can’t risk another mistake in the White House.


Do you know: My 16 year old grand daughter

doesn’t know who George Washington was,

and doesn’t care who he was!

As she goes to the new American school system.



      (Thank you Google) 

      EVERYTHING UNDERLINED in this website is a LINK to more information, “click and learn”, Save our nation, IF you love your nation.

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      I can’t put all of our problems in 12” of text. So keep reading, learn about the problems of our nation, while we still have a nation.

         I’ve done this using Microsoft Word html, it leaves a lot to be desired. But: This is all I can afford, and know how to do this website,  please understand.



$15/hr minimum wage? Up from $ 7.25/hr.

If you make $10, $12, $15/Hr will you demand more per hour, when beginning employees now get $15/hr?

Will all Americans soon be relegated to only earning “Minimum Wage”.

Is this our future?

Have we given up on Middle Class America?

Even $15/hr X 29 hours does not compare to

What Middle Class America had when you earned

$20/hr X 40 hours.


Our Government admits, 50% of Americans

already live below the poverty level.


Right now we are double taxed, taxed when

we earn money and taxed again when we spend it.


Lets see: 15% tax on earnings, 8 to 10% on purchases.

“Voted Indebtedness + property taxes”

for Government spending.

Then there are Fee’s, oh no end of FEE’S,

next come Assessment’s. Keeps our leaders up nights figuring how to screw us out of more money.

When you analyze total taxes, you are paying almost 50% tax.


IF we change our tax plan to the Fair Tax Plan,

those 50% of poor Americans who pay no taxes now,

will pay the “FAIR” Tax. Of course the nation is in such financial debt, they will have to continue INCOME TAXES

plus FAIR TAX for a bit, maybe just another 50 years, or SO.

How do you think they are going to control collection of this


Other nations already have this FAIR TAX ,

they call it Value Added TAX.

But FAIR TAX sounds so much more FAIR.

Then there is the NEW CARBON TAX, to screw us’

out of more money, to finish the destruction of America.


The price of everything will go up 30% in the next 3 years.

Will the income for those on fixed incomes, go up 30%


“More Senior Americans will starve”.


SENIORS: There is no Trust Fund, those bastards have spent every cent.

Social Security is BANKRUPT. Learn to die with it, we’re screwed.

They told you, you were only paying 6% into SS, but your employer was also paying 6%,

 that’s 12% total, and now the money is “gone” WHY?

Many of us pay more into Social Security that Income Taxes.

Now they tell us: When we retire, THEY will Means Test “YOU”

to decide if you really need Social Security money.

         Meaning “IF” we’ve saved other money to live on for a decent retired life, you’ve

worked your ass off in life and saved, then you don’t need Social Security you paid for.

Who will determine just how well you will be allowed to live?

Of course it will be some over paid Government dumb ass!


I have friends that have to ration their income:

Food, vs: Medication!

Is this the America they envisioned 50 years ago

when they started working and paying Social Security?

Is this part of the PLAN?

You can’t eat Beans for every meal.


We were told originally we were “Saving for Retirement”.

Our contributions were being invested in a Trust Fund, so when we retired, “IF we lived long enough”, the money would be there for US. In 1964 we were told WE had to contribute more $$$$$$$, so we would retire on a larger amount of money.

Remember 50% of Men are dead before age 48,

what do they collect?


That TRUST FUND, NEVER happened,

Congress has been spending every cent.

Now we are told, we have “NO Entitlement”

to any Social Security funds,

that WE are a drag on the country finances,

so go away and DIE.

Our government considers

Social Security is now “a form of Welfare”.

“Welfare” is a drain on the economy of our nation. 

Social Security! that will soon be “just a fantasy”.



 Congress and the Senate have a different Retirement Plan

They don’t need to retire on Social Security.

“You” promised them 80% of their full pay, when they retire. (after only 5 years service in office)

That’s $11,600/month, for them!

What do they promise you? Empty promises.



NAFTA, North American Free Trade Act, all an ACT

to send our jobs to other nations.


NOW they want to include more manufacturing from

 the South Pacific, with the

Trans Pacific Partnership

Our leaders just passed the Trans Pacific Partnership,

so foreign businesses can now run America, for their profit.


This is exactly how they started the European Union,

it was “just” a Trade Act to unify European Nations

into one entity: The European Union.

Just remove borders and generate ONE Europe.


Next Remove America’s borders for






our leaders have given us

the last 40 years

have led us to increasing POVERTY.


Is violent REVOLT the only solution,

to reclaim our nation?




      19 June  2015

     A disaster in Charleston, SC: A young White man does the unthinkable, killing 9 Black citizens

    in a church, out of racial anger. This is not the America we want. Racism is not the solution.

   There are only 2 kind of people, Male and Female and we have enough problem with that.


                                  Black lives matter?

                                  White lives matter”

                                  All lives matter?

Apparently Black lives do not matter, more Black citizens are killed by other Black people, than by any other reason, WHY? 



American military personnel attack by a lone Muslim Gunman!

How? Why? Where? When? Chattanooga, Tennessee!


Not enough problems in America! Now Obama has imported

100,000 Muslim refugees each year, since 2011. Now wants to import

more Desperate refugee’s from the middle east. What if they are ISIS?


If that is not enough, some 32,000Muslims were caught

between 2002-2006, sneaking in from our Southern Border

pretending to be Hispanics, how many didn’t we catch?

These Muslims asked for Asylum, and were granted Asylum

Only 7% of those, actually attended court to complete Asylum

Where are the other 93%, somewhere in America, WHY?

                                           Isn’t Obama a wonderful leader?


Remember, Muslims promise: TO DESTROY AMERICA!

              Obama has promised:  TO DESTROY AMERICA!


Our elected leaders have supported the United Nations, of which

90% of the member nations promise: TO DESTROY AMERICA!


It is time to stand up and kick ass, to Defend America.



What kind of leaders do we have in Washington DC?

Bottom Feeders, 99% of whom we elect, have never held

a business job in their life.


What has lower honesty than a Used Car Salesmen? Politicians,

Con Men Deluxe. These elected politicians don’t know how to

be honest; lies, more lies, and we are suckers  to believe them!


What do the people we elect, do in Washington?

They make LAWS, Millions of laws to control what we can do.


It’s time to restart America, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.


Running our nation “is a business”, we need business savvy leaders to lead this nation, > back to Prosperity.


Business leader DONALD TRUMP is getting a lot of attention,

as he has decided to run for President in 2016.


He claims:

He must do what I’ve claimed I would do for the last 12 years in this website. The Right thing America needs.


He has a big mouth, more political double talk after all, same old same old. He has the money to get your attention, that I don’t have, that he’d DO the same old shit that all the other traitors want to sell us. Is his ranting more politics or would he really do?


             Amnesty is not a solution.

In the 1930’s we cancelled the 18th Amendment.

We can cancel the 14th Amendment the same way.

Problem solved.


Trump started out, claiming he could solve our Illegal Alien problem, that he’d clean up the invasion by Illegal Aliens


NOW he says: He’ll escort Illegals to the border, and then

allow them instantly to re-enter Legally to become Citizens!

That’s a solution?


Now he tells us, Mexico is a wonderful nation, that Mexicans are wonderful people. So his big starting blast was HE’D control our borders and build a FENCE. Do you still believe in Santa Claus?


But: Maybe Donald Trump can still buy his way into office.

But: We’ll end up with the same border problems the day he is elected, he will explain, the Hispanics deserve a safe place to live.

                                       The USA


It is time for all good people to stand up and defend America.


The latest Trump revelation is his claim that the Government has the obligation to control exactly what is on a piece of land.

If you have a house or business, the Government has the right

to determine the best use for that location. So move out and let the Government sell that land to a developer to build what is best for the Government and YOU. NO more Eminent Domain rights. You inconsiderate citizens, must let the Government do

what is best for the city, county, state, and politician.

God Bless You, you’re screwed every time you turn around. 

For the good of society (the Politician), of course.


Why are there so many candidates running for President?

Because there are so many problems facing our nation, and

all are riding the quest to ride the gravy train to Presidency.


Which none of them will even pretend to Save AMERICA.

The Plan is to destroy the Freedoms of Americans.

Remember Jeb Bush told us: There were so many illegal aliens

in Florida because: “They love America”, sure they do.

All the candidates tell us:

WE can’t protect our borders.

We can’t put AMERICANS back to work.

We must import products, AMERICANS

can’t produce in our own closed factories.


I will protect our borders from Invaders and IMPORTS,

to put AMERICANS back to work.


If we don’t restore the AMERICAN DREAM,

                                                             we’ll have a NIGHTMARE. 



If you are offended by Politically Incorrect speech, don’t bother reading any further, because I stand up for my 1st Amendment Right: To tell you the Truth.

If you don’t like the Truth, you won’t like:

What I have to share with you.


I’m independent as hell. I don’t kiss ass.


There was once the Roman Empire, GONE

There was once the British Empire, GONE

There was once the United States Empire, going, going, GONE?


A new book I’ve discovered:

America’s March to Empire, by Clifford Smith.

Explains how our leaders have killed to expand their ruling on this planet. We have over 900 Military locations on this planet, Why?

Why the world hates Americans.

A must read!


How do empires fail? Citizens became complacent, (lazy)

believing their nation was so powerful they couldn’t fail.

The citizens of those Empires no longer ran the Empire,

they were told:

Stay home, and “let your leaders run the Empire”

They failed.


Well those Empires did fail, and the United States

will continue to fail because you won’t defend and protect:

                              OUR nation, run by TRAITORS?


Obama explains that Iran having Atomic Bombs will make America safer! How many Americans will really feel safer?


We’ll give Iran $90 Billion to help them develop the bomb,

so We’ll be safer? I guess if you’ve attended current American schools, you’ll believe his crap. NOT ME.


I attended American schools during the Great Depression, and WW II, when we were taught




   FLASH: Gas in Los Angeles  6 July 2015  $3.39/Gal

                                                   8 July 2015  $3.69/Gal

                                                 10 July 2015  $3.99/Gal

                                                 11 July 2015    $4.29/Gal

   California and the Feds want to increase Gas Taxes!

Yet America exports OIL, WHY?


Do you want more Smoke and Mirrors,

                                               or truthfully honest:

ME        Don Cordell:

                           as your next President,

            TO LEAD “OUR” NATION?

I’m different than any candidate you now hear from on the political scene, I’m 88 years old, and I’ve always been an Independent, free thinker.


When I’ve been ordered,

this is how you will do something,

I analyze and review the right way to do it,

then insist on doing it the right way.

I remember the old saying there is the Right Way, the Wrong Way and the Army Way.


When I was told, follow orders or else, my first usual response was Bull Shit, I’ll do it THE RIGHT WAY.


I study the problem, and I’ll do what is the Right Way

for the people in our nation.

I make decisions based upon FACTS, then decide

a course of action. Works better that way.


Do yourself a favor, buy the new book

!Adios! America, by Ann Coulter.

Learn about more shit happening to our nation.

Before we lose our nation.

WE must STOP the Invasion of America.

More: The War on America turns 50


“Obama is the Smoke Screen” to hide:

  What is going on behind the scene.

    While you concentrate on his stupidity.

      Leaders of both parties have sold America.



Tell me how:

An illegal alien who had 5 felony convictions,

had been deported 7 times, reenters the United States again and again, moves to San Francisco where he’s safe from being deported, then shoots and kills an innocent woman walking on a San Francisco Pier, explains he found the gun under a bench, after shooting the woman threw the gun into the SF Bay, and felt no remorse.


What in the hell kind of story is this. More Amnesty?

Walking free in America after 5 Felony Convictions?

We have Americans in prison for LIFE for 3 felonies.


He was in America: AFTER being Deported again and again,

How, Why? NO WAY


2008-2014: Illegal Alien Crime Wave In TEXAS

624,564 Crimes, 3,007 Murders, 7,964 Sexual Assaults

by Illegal Aliens.


Yet Obama claims Illegal Aliens are welcome to America!

Because: Obama is an ILLEGAL ALIEN!


What crimes occurring all over our nation by Illegal Aliens? WHY? Obama is the worst criminal in America.


If our ELECTED LEADERS can’t do the job we elected them to do, then it’s time to deport these elected traitors who won’t protect our nation (along with the Illegal Aliens).



                                               NO MORE AMNESTIES



I want these invaders out of our nation.

I want the Hispanic Gangs out of AMERICA.


Los Angeles Sheriffs admit there are an estimated 12,000 Hispanic Gang members in our community of 400,000.


I don’t feel safe in my community, I don’t dare make

eye contact with any Hispanic Youths, out of fear.


They have invaded us, to conquer us, not to join us.

They admit, they hate the United States, BUT demand

we let them invade us and support them, until the day of the “North American Union”, when our borders will be removed, so immigrants can enter at will, and demand:

                         “THEY HAVE RIGHTS,”


The right to be supported by you, for all their needs.

                                 Thank YOU!





Invaders will be shot on sight.

When they step over the border line, that‘s the crime,

and they will die on the spot. It’s time to protect America.


Our elected officials have ignored the crime brought to our nation by these invaders, it’s time to clean up this misjustice.


I’ll give all illegal aliens 30 days to leave America, after that,

it’s target practice. NO more Bull Shit,

our Elected Traitors ignore this problem.


I mean business, no more sympathy, because the crime

they commit is “how they do it where they came from”.


I’ll give them an example of how we do it in America:

This includes Men Women and Children.

This invasion is like a lifeboat, if you overload it, it will sink.


The 14th Amendment was not meant to legalize children

born to immigrant non citizens, as they are now called Anchor Babies.

This Bull Shit will cease with me in the White House.


“We the People”

no longer run “Our Nation”.

The employees we’ve elected, have decided

they know best “How we should live”,

“So IF we just follow their orders”,

 “and OBEY, we’ll be allowed to live”.


The trouble is the idiots we’ve elected:

Do not know how to run a nation.


I call this treason, what do you call it?

There are at least a Million Laws to control we “slaves”, your kids can’t even sell Lemonade in the front yard, without paying tribute to the Government.

This Bull Shit has to stop.


Our Government insists we stop calling America:


 The land of Opportunity!


I’ll lead our nation back to:

“The land of Opportunity”


Obama and our elected assholes want 100% control over us, but don’t want to hear from us.


They want us out of sight, out of mind.

It is illegal to demonstrate within hearing

of our leaders, it annoys them.


As your President, I want to know if you are unhappy, I’ll be available to hear from you.


How many of you are just one paycheck

away from Poverty?


Do you know,

You are not allowed to elect ME,


Because: The “Political Parties” will decide

who is eligible (excluding illegal alien Obama)

and will tell you “whom you can elect”, because

 we have a 1 Party System running our nation.


Unless I have $Billion to run for election,

there is no way

you are suppose to elect anyone other than

ONE of the 2 ELITE Candidates.


America has been stolen from us.

The ELITE have bought this nation.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

Our Government owns your ass.

When they tell you to pay taxes, you pay!


The election committee won’t even bother to count other than the Electoral Democrat

and Republican  candidate votes.

You do not actually elect any President.

This is actually a scam to control who is President, our founders planned this just right for them.


NOTICE, I have not asked for one cent of

donations, All I ask for is your vote.

Spread my message to all you know.


Do you want someone to run our nation with honesty, or have you given up?

“You could demand:

I be your President

Then we can save America?

It’s up to you in November 2016. 


          We have elected Traitors,

             who have sold our Nation

                 to The New World Order.


The Dark Ages return to America.

The Debtors Prison has resurfaced.

Can’t pay your fine, off to Prison until you pay,

Can’t pay while you are in Prison? Too bad.

Let’s bring Freedom back to America NOW.


I love our nation, I hate our Government, don’t you?


Will our politicians demand the Bible be edited to remove

 any reference to Moral behavior against Gay lifestyle?


Will possession of a Bible become a Felony?

Remember when Germans burned books?


Don’t believe this can’t happen, just wait.

Now, our Government has no limits.

Remember “GOVERNMENTS have killed more people”

than any other cause of death in the world.


Do you want to return to “Yesterday”?

 When our nation was RESPECTED.

 When we protected our BORDERS.

When there were opportunities to find full employment that paid enough to support you and your family.

“Henry Ford paid his employees enough money so

they could afford to buy the cars he made.”



  When you could afford to buy a home,

and make the payments, “Until paid for”.

 When the product you bought in the stores were labeled:

   “Made in America by Americans”.

Americans that made a living,

making products for you to buy.


When Americans, could rise to what ever level

you put your mind to, and struggled to achieve.

Many have done it.

That’s the Yesterdays I want for you.


I want to back up, and get us on the Right Track

Because: We are certainly going the wrong way

for Americas Future.

World problems change every day, the job of the President. requires someone who knows what to do,

“to protect America”.

I’m the Presidential Candidate that will do that.

I’m keeping tabs on the world, to protect us.

I’ll be at work 24hr’s a day, 7 days a week.

I don’t play Golf. I don’t play Games.


Why ME?

Because: 5 of my ancestors came on the Mayflower

                                           in 1620 looking for a place to have Religious Freedom.

Then the English Puritans came to America, to control those stupid Pilgrims to make sure they worship correctly according to the Anglican religion. I know the history of the founding of our nation. The struggles my ancestors faced to finally demand FREEDOM for ALL.


In 1640 my Quakers ancestors started arriving, and again more attacks on them for not worshiping “correctly”.  My ancestor Katherine Chattam was put in prison for months when she arrived in Boston in 1660, for “being a Quaker”, driven out of town afterwards, but returned again and again. For the next 150 years my Quaker ancestors were persecuted for being different.


I’m not afraid or ashamed to be a Christian, and I’ll fight to my death to protect our religious rights.


Now our religious beliefs are being put down, how dare we have Christian Morals,

that’s not fair to the rest of the citizens who do not believe in Morals.


Our churches are being attacked, our beliefs are now WRONG; the churches must be driven

out of existence because Christianity is under attack. Will you surrender your religious rights?


Do you know who is attending your place of worship to make sure your leader is not discussing Morals? My goodness, we have to protect you from any Moral beliefs, or discussion, to ensure the rights of the Immoral Minority. I don’t deny any Rights to any citizen, but protect everyone to enjoy those Rights that are awarded any other citizen. Free to chose.


Will your religious leader be led away in handcuffs for preaching Christian Morals?

Do any of you remember when it was illegal to sell condoms for birth control?


It’s for sure, Congress and the Senate, have no Morals.


Religion is a danger against the Elected Leaders, so: churches must go.

How will our Government kill the churches in America and” “That is part of the plan”

                                                It’s simple:

They’ll tax churches out of existence, property taxes, income taxes, utility taxes, Income taxes, and more taxes, and you won’t have one word to say about this.

The IRS does not take kindly to any resistance.

                                                      Shut up and pay, or else!!!!!!!!!!


The IRS will then eliminate Income Tax deductions for any donations to religious organizations. Remember, they’ll tax that church property at the value the land “could be used for”: result?

                                              Churches gone?



What will you do when they outlaw your

First Amendment Right of Religion, to end religions:

Based upon Judeo/Christian BIBLICAL Mythology?


(Many of you are clicking on my “Humanist Manifesto II.mht” link, in this site, that is not a good link. Please read: “Humanist Manifesto” to learn the plans to outlaw Mythological Religious beliefs.)


1973 - Humanist Manifesto II:

                   "The next century can be, and should be, the Humanistic century

            ...we stand at the dawn of a new age...a secular society on a planetary scale....

            As “NON-THEISTS,” we begin with

         HUMANS, NOT GOD,


We deplore the division of humankind on “nationalistic grounds..


Thus we look to the development of a system of “World Law” and “World Order” based upon a Transnational Federal Government....

The true revolution is occurring."


Google “Humanist Manifesto” for more information.


Note the elimination of God in the future planning of the Humanist Manifesto.


(As Russian churches were destroyed), now “our” leaders, are leading us to

“a nation free from THEOLOGY”, for SOCIAL JUSTICE.

This is the plan for: A One World Government, where you will WORSHIP the Leaders, not GOD. HEY! It works in COMMUNIST China and N. Korea!


Notice the wording “TransNational”

ie: without borders” in the future, for a  One World Government!


There is no Justice in Social Justice.


A new book on the market God LESS America

Author: Todd Starnes tells it all.


                            We need to Restore America.

     The real Myth is: We thought we were electing Representatives

      to run our nation FOR US, instead, now they RUN US”.

      We’ve been fooled.


Political Left Progressives want Christianity driven out

of our nation, any symbol of Religion drives these

anti-Americans crazy. What next, they will demand all religious buildings be destroyed as the very image of

a Church or Temple drives them to a frenzy.

A Muslim Mosque is OK?

Well IF you want this nation to continue to have religious freedom, then you sure as hell want me as your President.

I will protect our religious rights, and anyone who doesn’t like that, can leave America.

I want this nation, to continue to be FREE.


Our Coins and Paper Money contain the phrase:

In God We Trust

Is this now: “In Government We Do not Trust

When will the Traitors in this nation demand the phrase:

“In God we Trust”

be removed from all of our money.

When will the Judge demand we swear:

To tell the truth, so help me “your honor?


Will the religious citizens of America have to burn down

the White House?

For Justice!

This is the final fight to save the nation our ancestors founded. 



                     The NEW UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:

 10 July 2012: Citizens: Arrested for holding “Bible Study” in their home?

Citizen got 60 days in prison, and $12,180 fine, for “Bible study”?!

                                 That’s the last insult to American Morals, we must ReVote.


“If you can’t determine what goes on at your own residence, you have surrendered your rights.

The Constitution is founded on property rights.”

Nevertheless, some courts have upheld aggressive zoning restrictions.


In Phoenix AZ:

A minister was sentenced to 60 days in jail for

conducting Bible study classes with 10 people in a home.


Fairfax County, VA already has several codes for home gatherings, as neighborhood nuisances.

Church groups, scouting organizations or even sports fans drawn to a homes big-screen TV during playoffs could be potential targets of the proposed county law.

Realtors worry that even Open House events might invite civil penalties.



Citizen arrested (no Miranda Rights) in Hemet, CA:

(note: he was “not a Muslim” so he had no Rights)

His crime? For reading the Bible out-loud on a public street corner. Arrested:

What will it take to wake up citizens to more and more of this treason against our God given Rights?


“CHP” (California Highway Patrol)says: You only have “FREE SPEECH” on your own property? “Quietly” & Alone: “SO” you do not disturb anyone, especially the POLICE !


In San Diego, CA: It’s against the law to have a weekly Bible Study classes in your own home!

In Palmdale, CA: It’s against the law to conduct Church services in a Business building unless “you have a permit”!


It is against the law: to conduct religious services in your home,

unless you can get a PERMIT.            “If” you can get a permit!

Remember, this is just------------------ “to preserve our Environment”.


It is “against the law” to conduct Bible Studies, in private homes.


I’m against “Stupid” laws: We have at least a million stupid laws in America.

14 Sept. 2011 Bible Study in home against law in San Juan Capistrano, CA


A family that had up to 50 people in their home twice a week, were fined $300.

You know they must have had a large home.

What next? “NO” more unrelated people allowed in your home?

The people were not causing a parking problem, “just too many people in a private home?”

How many is too many? Who decides?

The law specifies: No more than 3 unrelated persons allowed in any home on a reoccurring basis.

                         Is this our America, is this what we have become?

This is not the only occasion for this law; similar arrest in Vista, CA

and another home in an Arizona town.

Having a party? Be sure to rent City Hall, NO celebrating in your home.

This is for Environmental Control, to protect the community from YOU.

                  Is this OUR AMERICA? Goodbye: Religious Rights?


I have four items most important to how I’ll run America

First:     Job opportunities for every American

Second: Affordable housing for every American

Third:   Safe (non genetically modified) food to feed

               your family.

Forth:   Safety from crime in our communities


Freedom to live and be happy is the American dream.


Europe is in danger of invasion by Russia. WW I, WW II, next WW III?

Will more Americans be killed to rescue Europe again,

“if” Russia decides to takeover, all of Europe?

Should we finally abandoned protecting Europe?

Russia believes: We won’t defend Europe: Will we?


That bothers me: What will happen to the European Union?

OH! That’s right, the UN Army will protect Europe. Not us.


Our leaders now know what is going wrong in America, it’s those

Christian Extremists, waving their Bibles, interfering with Muslims.


Every time I turn on the TV, I find more objections to Christianity.

We’re being told that Judea/Christianity is based upon Mythology.

We’re being told that Judea/Christianity morality is stupid.

We’re being charged with Hate Crimes for our Christian beliefs.

We’re being told, America is not a Christian Nation, “ANYMORE

Our leaders (Obama) tell us: Our religious moral beliefs are wrong.

Since our elected leaders have “no morals”, WE’RE IN TROUBLE!


Muslins attending a Catholic University now demand all Christian

Crosses be removed from sight, as they are offensive to them.



Do our leaders mean, we should only worship Mohammad,

by Government orders, so that we worship, as Obama does?


Obama tells us: “Muslims settled America”, of course since

he is not an American citizen, he doesn’t know American History.

He believes the shit his Communist Grand Parents taught him.


The traitors ruining our nation, picked Obama because he’s dumb.

There are some smart people destroying our nation, let’s stop this.


The Constitution stated that “ALL CANDIDATES for President”:

Their parents must be citizens when that candidate was born.


Now candidates claim: “That Requirement” was for the old days, this is the 21st Century, so those old Requirements should no longer rule our Nation.

What other parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are out of date, that should be ignored? Since this is a New World Order time!

Maybe you should elect Russian Ruler Putan for President.


Under the New World Order, you will never have to Elect anyone.

Leaders will appoint themselves, for life.

IF you don’t like that, you’ll die.

Our leaders have New World Order plans, ready to destroy America.



                                 Will “WE THE PEOPLE”

                             Fight to RESTORE THIS NATION?

                                Then Re-Vote for Freedom!

Are there any Patriots in this nation, that will stand up with me,

to retake control of running this nation the way our founders fought

and died for, to make this the most  wonderful nation in the world.

Are there any Patriots left in America, or are you cowards?



I’m ready for a Fight to save OUR NATION, JOIN WITH ME.


If you study this website, you will be ready to defend America with me.




Listen to this interview with Kay Griggs the widow, of a retired high ranking Marine Colonel, she calmly explains how Washington DC politics operates. This is a 7hr interview, that is worth listening to, if you are interested in “how our politicians really ruin this nation”.

She died in 1999, it’s worth every second of your time to understand

the TREASON She explains is happening to us.

She tells us how our real Government operates, behind closed doors.


IF you study the reason “All civilizations of the past failed”, you

will now understand exactly “what is happening to our nation”.



Ferguson, MO, then Baltimore, MD.

Sorry, but Black Americans believe Violence is the answer. WRONG.

What did the young man do in Baltimore to get arrested:

He made eye contact with the police officer.

Never ever” look at a police officer, the officers sees that as threatening.

Cops are actually cowards without a GUN.

The mayor of Baltimore told the Cops To Stand Down, “Do not protect citizens property”, because outrageous Black citizens deserve to “RIOT and  ROB, AND BURN PRIVATE PROPERTY”.

I would arrest that  Mayor and put her in prison, for inciting Riots. This is a disgrace.

That is the end, Sorry, but I would command the police to shoot to kill,

to protect Private property.

Black citizens will not achieve Rights by Criminal Acts, Violence is not the answer.

I do respect the right of all citizens to protection “from” out of control Cops.

We must RESTORE OUR RIGHTS, by electing citizens to run our nation that respect our RIGHTS.

Unfortunately, we have elected people that do not respect our rights.

The Cops believe they are the total law, the cops demand total subservience:

“On the ground, don’t talk back” or they will kill you.

This will totally stop when I’m your President.

Violence will not be permitted in America.


IF you think our cops are out of control now, wait until the New World Order takes over our Government,

Deletes the Constitution, Bill of Rights, fire the President, Congress, Senate, and Supreme Courts,

Then you’ll see why I’m trying to be your next President to “Save America”.

The POLICE will use those Military Vehicles and Military Supplies to invade our homes to:



    I’m fed up with the Abuse and Injustice American Citizens face

                                       every day in our nation.

AMERICAN Cops are out of control,

they KILL citizens every day AND CLAIM:


Cops claim they can legally kill us. WHY?




In other words:

              The “Police Department”

Decides: WHY

“The Police have the RIGHT to kill you”.

“The POLICE DEPARTMENT makes the law”,

giving Police the RIGHT to kill us.


AND, they get away with killing us 99.999% of the time.



The Police are supposed

  to be our PROTECTORS,

  not our MASTERS.

LEOs claim: > Dear Cop

For the innocent: LEO = Law Enforcement Officers

I promise to protect us from our police.


 The courts tell us: If the police make

 a mistake, they meant well! So it’s OK.


 If you make a mistake: You go to JAIL.


There are 1000 pages of small print in the Penal Code book.

                  How many Penal Codes do you break every day?


Well! I’ll protect our rights, and send some of these cops to prison

   where they belong. There is NO other Presidential Candidate

      that will make that promise “and” carry it out.


         I want JUSTICE, and we will have our  GOD given


    When WE surrender any Right to own and use guns,

                WE have then surrendered ALL RIGHTS”.

Our local police forces are now “the enemy”,

they have been Militarily equipped

to take our Freedoms from us.


Read this recent case, citizen vs police, you’ll turn Red.

This is what is happening to America: Time to buy a gun.


The US Military are practicing how to take over our cities,

with orders’ to kill ANY and ALL Resistors/Trouble Makers.


Citizens are now being killed, on “our streets”, in “our homes”,

by our own police, to remind us, we are the slaves, to those










Some 10 to 15 years ago, a situation happened that totally pissed me off, an elderly lady, homeless! was sitting on the sidewalk in western area of Los Angeles, she was shot and killed by 3 cops, because she threatened them with a Screwdriver. Our brave cops in action.

This makes me sick.


What would you do, if stopped by a police officer, ordered to

identify yourself, and IF you refuse, claiming you have RIGHTS,

the officer tells you: Shut up, do as I say, or I’ll happily KILL YOU.


They openly tell you: Never resist them, or you’ll be killed: Legally.

Any resistance is a crime, and you can and are often killed.

You have no defense, the cop is Lord and Master.


This is the New America, not the America our ancestors came to



    Do the Police protect US, or protect the Government from us?

    We must defend our Rights, or we will lose them forever.

         THE ONLY TRULY Compliant, Submissive Citizen

                                    in our Police State is a “Dead Citizen”.

            Will  you Comply, or Resist?

Will you comply with the New World Order to run our nation?

                                            IT’S NOW OR NEVER!                              

       I want you to open “Google” then search for “Police Abuse”, this will open your eyes.