Independent Candidate


for President in 2020


14 January 2019











Are  you ready for

a Global Government?

Start right here with> Executive Orders. This is for real video.

This is the beginning of the end, we've been sold to the New World Order.








 “The duty of a patriot,

is to protect their country from its government.”
THOMAS PAINE (1737-1809)


The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face,

 with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.

The American mind, simply has not come to a realization

of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . .

It rejects even the assumption

that human creatures could espouse a philosophy,

which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
- FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956


20 December 2018

Congress just passed the bill for $5 Billion to build our Southern Wall to protect us from Mexico.

Will the Senate also pass this law?

The Senate voted NO.


Our elected leaders "do not" want a wall to protect our nation from Mexico


Our Government claims the drug money spent in America is necessary for our economy

That "all" of our cash money is contaminated with drugs,

which gives cops the right to confiscate your money when you are stopped and searched.

When will the cops raid the banks and confiscate all the cash that tests positive for drugs?


When our Government is guilty of importing drugs from the south,

to raise money for other military expenses, they don't want to stop the flow of illegal drugs

from south of the border.

The Democrat leaders claim drugs come into America by legal immigrants arriving by Air, Sea, Land.


Now I know our Government is broke, so how can they have just passed a bill to

GIVE $20 Billion aid to Central American nation for help, "GIVE" not LOAN,

then they voted to "GIVE" not LOAN $4.8 Billion to Southern Mexico for help.

While Millions of American Citizens are homeless and jobless on the streets of America?

"TREASON" in Washington D. C.

Build the WALL 


This is the most important web site you have ever opened,

learn to save America!

Is the American Dream dead?

We can Restore our Constitutional Rights

With Ballots or "BULLETS" if it comes to that.

Is this what you will give up for America?

Listen to every word, be informed.


Elect me and our Rights will be RESTORED.

ReVote, or ReVolt, which will it be?




  Help me Restore the American Dream for YOU.

Let's stop the Nightmare, and Restore that Dream again!


NJ Judge announces he has the right to suspend the Constitution,

will all American Judges do the same?


With the current behavior of the police all over America,

"it's not safe to be in public without

carrying a gun to protect your rights".

Do you feel safe when you see a cop?

I fear the cops more than I fear criminals.


Many Americans have given up hope!

In 1941 America was attacked,

our auto plants went in to immediate production

of defense needs of our military.


General Motors

makes millions of cars each year "in CHINA".

When CHINA decides to attack AMERICA,

will those GM plants be converted

to making  military needs

for CHINA to attack us?

"Of course"


Do you love the United States of America?


Do you fear we are losing our Rights?


What are you going to do to save our Nation?


WE, you and me, must stand up and either ReVote

or ReVolt.

The Elected people running our nation are dedicated to

The New World Order,

a One World Government.

"WE" must stop this.

Our Government is planning to go to WAR

Unfortunately they plan to go to WAR against  US.

The Government consider "us" the enemy!

When America fails, what is in store for your future?




Then see: Continue:,  Page 2,  Page 3,  Page 4,  Page 5,  Master Menu, 

"Monsanto," = "our food is poisoned".

Apparently Monsanto has been bought out

by the German company Bayer Chemicals.

Now a Germany company will engineer the safely of our foods!

American Smithfield Foods now owned by a Chinese company!

An American major hog meat packer now purchased by CHINA, why?

Are you afraid yet?

Wake up Americans!


Let me tell you how the world works.


Some Human decided HE'S the leader, HE and his gang owns everything

He decided, you will work for him, if you want to live on HIS LAND.

This Leader called himself KING.

The KING owned everything, you owned nothing.

KINGS are gangsters of the worst kind.

WE decided that KING GEORGE of ENGLAND

would no longer control US.


NOW our Elected Leaders have decided "THEY" must own all the land,

that you must move into Government owned apartments, and

give up owning any land or home. You will work in Government Factories.

Because Private Companies make a Profit, and Profit is not fair to the poor.

The LEADER (assholes we've elected) want all the land, because:

it's not fair to those who do not own anything.


This is called "SOCIAL JUSTICE".

Social Justice sounds good,

certainly we all want JUSTICE, don't we?  

YOU just didn't understand Social Justice means

"The Government will own everything",

so we will all be EQUAL ( equally poor that is)

Sounds like Communism to me.




  Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE what a joke!


Yeah, you are FREE as long as you OBEY!

They tell us "all we have to do", is "Comply" with their orders

"Comply" means Surrender your RIGHTS.

Just click on GUNS and see the end of our RIGHTS

I will personally take on every police department in America

to defend citizens RIGHTS.


Let me tell you friends, neighbors, and comrades

what has happened to our Free and Brave nation.



what you own,

can be taken from you

 "for the good of the Government".


"Every year"

In many areas of America, the Government

demands the right to enter  your home to search

and discover EVERYTHING YOU OWN,

to TAX you on the value of



That includes any "Saving Accounts, Bonds, Stocks", "anything of value",

and if you don't declare all you own, they can use

Forfeiture Laws to "confiscate" all you own.

When you buy that new TV,  you paid Sales Tax in many states

now they want to tax you on that new TV every year.

Do you pay a tax on your car every year? It's called Registration Fee










you don't pay TAXES on

 Everything "you own" "every year".



"May God help you".

What next, they go through your closet and tax you on the clothes you own!

Got a nice pair of Boots, "TAX" what next?

There's that Social Justice thing again.

Wake up folks, this is for real............






now Don Cordell for President.



when I'm elected.

we must find another way to finance our Government.


WE started the 1776 Revolution over TAXES and Freedom from Government abuse.

It's time to ReVote.


Who makes our Laws? Congress “AND?”



have you broken?

Over 170 different jobs now require a State License, or NO work.

You have no idea how many of These:

Someone has decided

“they” need to control how you live, “or else”!


Can you imagine,  to be a tourist guide in some area's

you must have a license by the state to do so.


Just Cooperate! Our Government knows best.

Land of the FREE as long as you OBEY!

Congress is a piker at making Laws, to Control US.

Every State, County, City, and Berg invent more and more Control over all of us.


Code Enforcers,

"assholes" HIRED by those we've elected to run our cities, counties, states,

have decided they know what is best for the community.

SOOoooooooooo  CODES

You can be told what color you can paint your home,

"to fit in with the community plan".

Who decides what is the Community Plan? The Government.

You can be told where and what plants you are allowed to grow on YOUR property,

what kind of trees you can have on YOUR land.

Want to have a party in your front yard, with friends and neighbors,

and maybe have a Bar B Q, sorry that's against the CODES,

want to drink a Beer in your front yard,

sorry that's also against the CODE.

CODES up the ASS.


There is no trial, you are guilty, pay NOW or you will suffer.

IF  you don't pay, they'll confiscate your property, then

Charge you for TRIAL expenses, sometimes over $100,000, so

they can in reality, steal your property from you.


Remember the smoke from your Bar B Q

must not drift over your fence,

your neighbor might have you arrested

for annoying them with your smoke.


Want to play some music to enjoy,

better not annoy your neighbor,

or be arrested for being too loud.


Got your car radio turned up

so any cop can hear 50 feet away,

you can be arrested,

in the land of the FREE AND BRAVE.


You can be told

"whom and how many people"

can "live in" or "visit" your home,

and "how many times

they can visit you",

and "for how long", 

in the land of the FREE and BRAVE.


Bible Study group in your home, Oh my God!, NO WAY.


You can be fined if you rent a room to someone in  your home,

because we must have CODES, RULES AND REGULATIONS.


Click here to review the CODES that affect my city of Lancaster. CA


In Colorado Springs, CO, all vehicles "must be" in the garage after dark,

no parking any vehicle with any advertising visible.


Got a small business and use your pickup truck as your daily ride,

sorry not permitted.


Want to wash your car in the driveway sorry,

that's also forbidden in some areas.


In some communities in AMERICA,

you can be inspected by the Fire Department

who will decide how much you can have in your home.


You can be fined if you decide to paint

a large AMERICAN FLAG on the front of your home,

in the land of the FREE AND BRAVE.


Many living  under Home Owners Association may not fly "any" Flags.



what a joke friends and neighbors.

Of course this doesn't involve Illegal Aliens

who have  invaded our nation,

"they have special rights".


Want to grow some food in your yard,

better not be in view of your neighbors,

and in some communities

you must get a "Government permit"

to grow food in your yard.

and God forbid you share some food from your yard

with anyone "at all", that's forbidden,


YOU CAN BE FINED UP TO $5000. (DeKalb Co, GA)


Sure wonderful that we live in the land of the FREE AND BRAVE.


How much of this shit, are you going to put up with

before you are ready to have a new REVOTE/REVOLT

to restore our LAND OF THE FREE?



Are you "A" Brave

                      or "A" Coward?

Let me awaken you,

what if AMERICA is attacked again,

Where are the factories we need

to manufacture weapons to defend our nation?

Sorry those have been closed and "torn down".

We are up shits creek.


Guess we'll just have to surrender to the




IF you don't ReVote now, we are losing all our Rights "bit by bit",

just keep on giving up your rights, until there are NONE.


Some Cowards say, just  "Cooperate" a little bit,

what difference does it make, the police only want COOPERATION.


Are you ready for the National  ID Act in 2020?

where you will have to prove you are a United States Citizen

with a Birth Certificate, and get ready for the RFID chip

inserted in your arm, or chest?

If you resist, you will not be able to enter any Federal Building,

or Fly anywhere, even in America.


YOU will comply or else.


You will not be able to do any banking without the National ID chip in your body

You will not be able to buy anything anywhere.  We will start a cashless society.








Government thugs just keep harassing us

over and over. Obey, Obey, OBEY. 

"Cooperate" or else.

It's now or never.

Name, date of birth and

the last 4 numbers of your Social Security!

Or arrested for failure to Cooperate!

Stand up Americans, help me be elected,

and  I'll save America for YOU.

It is time to elect me,

Don Cordell 


What will you do when our economy dies

under the New World Order?

and you didn't think this was real?

And you thought Social Justice was great!


November 2018

General Motors plans to lay off 14,700 workers in 5 plants,

Ford Motor plans to lay off 17,000 workers,

Both companies plan to keep their operation in Mexico going.

Both companies are more concerned about Profit than their employees.


In Reality,

the suppliers of parts to these plants will lay off at least 200,000 employees

So GM and Ford CEO's can take home millions of dollars, plus a bonus for cutting expenses

Write to the CEO's of both companies and claim they are TRAITORS.

Remember, those laid off employee's will no longer be able to buy from your business ether.

Unless you are selling tents for/to the HOMELESS.

We must stop the import of any products of these companies,

Make it in America,  or else!


Middle Class White Men, NO longer needed in the New America

Business after Business laying off employees,

if not yet, soon for all employees over 45.

Then what?

The economy of America has been exported

by your politicians, who have shafted us.

The duty of Congress is to Control IMPORTS,

Congress doesn't.

Are you willing to fight to save this nation,

or just go along with the failure you see now!

Suicide is not the answer, let's show the world,

We won't quit.


6 November 2018

Election Day

We voted, what a disaster.

Californians elected the ex Mayor of San Francisco, (a lover of Illegal Aliens), as Governor.

Various cases of Voter count confusion, the Congress now controlled by the Democrats,

more and more the destruction of our nation, and constant drone of:

"Impeach President Trump".

What is happening to our nation? Treason?


Why me?

Because: I'll protect your Rights.

We have to kick ass and clean up Washington DC or else.


Panic time.  November 2018

a MOB of a reported 7,000+ Central America citizens

marched towards our Southern border,

knowing our weak kneed Border Patrol and Politicians,

will give in as usual and Wine and Dine these immigrants,

while 14,000 American Military Veterans languish

HOMELESS on the streets of our nation.


These invaders claim: They have RIGHTS.


we do not allow them to seek ASYLUM they "will sue us".

December 1, 2018 they've arrived, now claiming that if

we don't let them into our nation they want

$50,000 American dollars each,


transported back to their home nation.


Who will support these immigrants?

"YOU the taxpayer",

after all they deserve  housing, food, medical care, education,

 all the good things of being an America citizen at your expense, do you care?


this must stop.

What do they have to offer being in our nation, NOTHING.

January 2019


A new mob, some 20,000 Hispanics gathering to march North to invade us.


To become an American Citizen, the requirements are:

Learn to read and speak English.

To: Know something about American History


Generations of invaders live in our nation, who still

do not speak English,

and don't care about America.

Waving proudly the flags of their nation.

Demanding NO AMERICAN FLAGS in view,

as that annoys them.


Then, why do I find Ballots for American Voters,

in 25 different languages?

Who in the hell are these non English speaking voters?



I'm putting this in plain language that you'll understand.

The 14th Amendment was NEVER Ratified by the States,

the 14th Amendment is not LEGAL,

our leaders just decided, "Even if it's not a legal Amendment",

they want to use this to validates that:




Why can't we get along?


This is a shame,

what is the answer?


IF I had a business, and rioters entered

my store to rob and destroy,

I don't care what color or race you are,


These rioters destroy the good people of their race.


"Most people" are good people.


Let me tell you about our Military,

the corruption in every ounce of Government

Let's start with our citizens who believed when they enlisted

 or were inducted in various branches of the Military,

That they were members of the elite defense of our nation,

"in reality" they have joined the most crooked organization,

 our Government has invented.

Right now there are a reported 14,000 homeless veterans

 on the streets of America,

does our Government CARE?


Fool that you are, this is the real Government,

Military Service Persons who had put their lives on the line,

believing they are protecting our nation,

and our Government,

when in reality, this is all a scam.

In reality, when you enlist or are drafted against your will,

you are a slave, you will do "exactly" as ordered or off to jail.

Why our Military, we haven't won any war since 1945, why?  


When you are discharged from the service,

it's Goodbye, don't call us, we won't call you unless we need you

 to put your life in danger again, then we'll call.


By the way, the Government Veterans Administration

ignores Veterans problems, while a recently ignored Veteran

left the VA hospital, sat in his car in the parking lot,

and shot himself to death.

He was reportedly seeking help for mental health issues at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center

but was turned away, an unfortunately common experience plaguing veterans

seeking healthcare in recent years. Does this bother you? It should.

With me, Veterans come first. Veterans have earned every benefit we promised them.

Because he was constantly ignored for the help he needed

"This is our Government".


Our Government doesn't care shit about our VETERANS,

who are used and abused and dumped

with no concern about their future problems.

Why do organizations have to beg for money, to help Disabled Veterans


Many have Service Medical/Psychological problems.

Veterans have been charged with murder,

when on a military location, armed and trained to KILL,

they find they've killed the wrong person,

"no excuse", now in prison

because they did what their officers told them to do,


I guess they should have asked for ID before they killed someone.


YES: Our military men/women have the right to a trial,

what kind of trial, a MILITARY TRIAL,

let me explain, the Judge is a Military Officer,

                       the Defense is a Military Officer,

           the Jury is composed of Military Officers,

this is a Kangaroo Court,

Your defense?

What a joke,

as a Defendant you are screwed from day one.

This is our Government, lovely huh?

I use to think this Government was wonderful, a protector our citizens, HAH!

What  a disgrace we've invented.



November 8th 2018: a deranged male Veteran entered

a dance/bar club in Thousand Oaks, CA

shooting attendee's and police, leaving 14 dead. Why Why Why?

America is sick.


Free Food?

All over America it has now become against the law to feed Homeless People

(unless they are illegal aliens)

What in the hell is going wrong when you can be arrested

for giving out FREE FOOD


It is time to RESTORE America, not CHANGE America

Help me to help America

America is sick.

Are the Politicians going to feed the poor?

I'm sick and tired of allowing these politicians to screw us.

I'll arrest these cops and politicians and I'll show them what it's like to be hungry.

Bread and Water for a week for them.



Yeah! That got your attention.

What a disgrace is happening right now in Washington DC

as Liberals running our country

trying to disgrace Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.

A woman claiming Judge Kavanaugh tried to rape her

when she and he were teen agers when he was about 15 years old.

If Judge Kavanaugh was 15 she was 19.

Well our leaders have given us Gay Marriage,

and any woman can claim any sexual abuse of any kind,

and I'll agree some did suffer abuse by men.

But now:

Men are afraid to hire women for fear that at any time a man

may try to lay off the woman for non performance on the job,

she can claim: He made sexual advances or more, to get revenge.

What man wants to take that chance, remember

when women make that claim, all women

believe that's absolutely TRUE.


MEN: Treat all women as though they are your sister, the sister you don't like.

Teach your son's: "Never ever" touch a female, never even smile at a female,

because females hate men so much, that it's not worth the trouble.


Why so many divorces? 

Marriage is grossly over rated.

Men always lose in the Divorce.




Maybe what the liberals want for the next judge is a Black Muslim Woman! 


Now Eminent Domain,

how the Governments can take your property

to sell/give to another citizen,

so they can use your property for their needs and profit.


A bicycle store/business in Chicago was ordered to give up their land

and building, so a developer could build

new multistory apartment/business building on the land.


An auto repair business in Dallas, TX there for 30 some years

told to destroy his shop, on property he owned, now REZONED and

his business is in the way of new apartments and a Starbucks Coffee Shop

planned for that location! 


Charlestown, IN mayor wants to destroy 360 very low cost home,

to make room for a developer to build new Middle Cost homes.


If I were one of those homeowners he wants to screw,

I'd be hard put not to deliver some wakeup kick ass.

Actually this is going on all over our nation,

will your modest home be next?


What would you do, if ordered to leave your home,

one of let's say, 40 homeowners

so some developer could build

a 480 unit apartment building on that property?


In an area south of Cleveland, OH the Federal Government decided to

enlarge the Green Protected Park area.

I believe it was the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

They expanded the park Westward, which happened to include a home

built by the owner some 30 years before. The wife who was a co-owner

of the home, also had established a small floral business nearby

the Government demanded that her building be destroyed as

it did not fit in with the visual surroundings the

Government wanted visitors to this area to enjoy.

The owners home became the new park office.


Enjoy being screwed? In New York City, the Columbia

University wanted to take a Scrap Metal Business on

land (at their SW corner), for expansion, the owner had

been there some 40 years, big fight, of course the previous owner lost,

Columbia won. JUSTICE?


What will you do, when the government demands

you make your  home Energy Efficient or it will be destroyed.

It would only cost you about $50,000 or so.

This is coming, will you fight, or die.




Google: "Eminent Domain Abuse".


Learn: Before it's you that's screwed.

We must stop our rights being forbidden. 


Our Government generates Departments, Bureaus and Agencies

that then make their own "Rules and Regulations",

without the need of Congress to interfere.

Departments of: Justice, Education, Labor,

Agriculture, Homeland Security, Health, Transportation, State,

Energy, Revenue, Treasury, Interior, Social Services, Commerce,

Veterans Affairs, Defense, Housing and Urban Development,

Interstate Commerce Commission, and Environmental Protection Agency.

Then: Bureau of Labor, Indian Affairs, Reclamation,

Land Management, Mines, Engraving and Printing,

Federal Trade Commission, Federal Prisons, Census,

Then SERVICES of ?

I may have missed a few, you name it, and our Government

has control of EVERYTHING we do.

They make Rules and Regulations and Codes, and Ordinances, and ?????

all kinds of ways to control of us.

We have Government up the ass.

Google: "Code Enforcement"

Google: "Civil Forfeiture"

Wake up: To the endless control of our RIGHTS.


OH! Did I forget "Administrations", such as the Food and Drug Administration,

what else? Every day, I run into more and more

Government control in one way or another. And this is in a nation

supposedly FREE of Government abuses.



Yes Master, OK Master,

please don't beat me Master!


Not in my America.


And this is only at the Federal Level, now State, County, City!




I thought America would continue to grow,

now it has become stagnant, with no future

unless you elect an Independent Candidate

to lead us into the future.



The future of America depends on YOU.

The security of Europe depends upon America.

European nations have been disarmed,

who protects these individual nation now?

The United Nations?


We must RESTORE America




A "ONE" World Government

run by Self Elected Leaders,

who answer to no one.



Study My Menu of America’s problems

I’m telling you what is wrong in America,

and WHY you need Me to run your nation.







We still have these problems. You had no idea how many problems we have; study these:         

                                                                A#1. New World Order: Bilderbergs      26. Military Personnel                                       51. Golden Parachutes

                                                                  2. Homeland Security ?                                   27. Military Income Taxes                                      52. Inheritance Taxes

                                                                  3. Illegal Aliens Invaders or:?            28. Your Money                                                          53. Property Taxes

                                                                  4. Anchor Babies                                    29. INFLATION !!!!!!!                                                 54. Highway Taxes

                                                                  5. Criminals in Mexico                           30. SS Inflation                                                            55. Taxes / Pork 2016

                                                                  6. Alien Workers                                     31. Social Security  Broke or Fixed                  56. Panama Canal

                                                                  7. Legal Immigrants                                        32. Supplemental Security Income              57. American Debts

                                                                  8. English is our language                   33. Congress/Pay  Rich?  $14,600/mo.              58. Religious Freedom

                                                                  9. Health Care FREE? If you PAY.     34. Gangs                                                                    59. Police Action

                                                                10. Protecting America                           35. Graffiti/Gangs                                            60. Court System

                                                                11. American Safety                                          36. Politically Correct Speech                              61. Jury Pay

                                                                12. Eminent Domain                                         37. Post Office My way, or highway               62. Guns 2ndAmend. 87-297

                                                                13. Electoral Collegeelects Pres”.    38. Federal Lands                                             63. Criminal Defense

                                                                14. Foreign Aid                                                   39. Welfare Conditions                                   64. Illegal Entry, Police see #65

                                                                15. American Jobs                                   40. Married Living                                            65.  Civil Asset Forfeiture scam

                                                                16. Foreign Products                                        41. Birth Control                                                         66. Drunk Drivers

                                                                17. Exports                                                         42. Global Warming, Cap and Trade>             67. Environment

                                                                18. Labor Unions                                       43. Medicare,   Broke                               68. Racial Relations

                                                                19. Education/Schools                            44. GAS $10/gal. or $1.29/gal                         69. Racial Quotas

                                                                20. Student Safety                                    45. Changes in Taxes                                      70. Voting Rights

                                                                21. Child Health                                                   46. Sales Taxes                                                           71. NATIONAL I.D. Cards

                                                                22. Employment                                                 47. Excise Taxes                                                         72. Drugs, Legal, Illegal

                                                                23. Civil Rights                                           48. Other Taxes                                                  73. Container Cargo

                                                                24. Bicycles                                                          49. Income Taxes IRS blood suckers            74. Railroads, Electric

                                                                25. WAR/Armed Forces                         50. Double Taxes                                               75. National Disasters


More subjects of interest

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                                                      Do We run the Government?                  Money, free money? For whom?                    What am I trying to do ?

                                                      Do you want a free nation?                My Biography >>>>>>>>&>>>>>>>>>             Who am I ?

                                                      ECONOMY, in the dumps                           My Foreign Policy                                         Who is the Government ?

                                                      ENERGY, you can’t afford                        “My Political Aims”                                               *Who shot Reagan, Why?

                                                      Executive Orders, for Martial law    “MY PLAN”                                                           Youth of America

                                                      First Amendment, NO Free Speech   THEIR PLAN                                                      What is a Hoosier ?

                                                      FEAR, and a lot of it                                  Political Books. Buy, Read’ LEARN                 UNEMPLOYMENT

                                                      Foreclosures, still in 2018                 No more Religion allowed?                          Un-Change, and Restore




I’m trying to get your attention:



I deal in Numbers.

 How do the numbers add up?

It all began with Numbers that affected history, dates,

and historical changes.

Do you want more CHANGES in America?


I ANALYZE the NUMBERS, these NUMBERStell everything”.

Research these numbers on your own:

1776, 1797, 1913, REX 84, 9/11, Agenda 21, PL 87-297, AR 210-35?

7 December 1941, 11 September 2001.


Now in Plain, or Fancy Words, how do you want this?

  *= Critical dates

          How do things add up? DO THE MATH!

                                         A study of History!

                    At the end of each line, essentially the word WHY,

                as you study history, and analyze the facts of what happened in History,

                you’ll understand WHY

1215 Magna Charta signed by King John, to establish Citizens Rights

               (I am descended from King John, and 12 of the Magna Charta Barons)

1620 Mayflower Compact, Pilgrims decided their own laws, to live in Freedom

               (I am descended from George Soule, Francis Cooke, his wife and son John: + Edward Doty, Pilgrims on the Mayflower)

1622 English PURITANS start arriving, to control and TAX the PILGRIMS.

1660 My Quaker ancestor Katherine Chatham persecuted, Religious Freedom?

1776 Uprising: To PROTECT Freedoms, for all Americans: From England.

1787 Independence won, Constitution enacted. Americans free,

         as long as you follow NEW laws”, by the NEW LEADERS

1792 George Washington elected President. I’m related to George.

1791 Bill of Rights enacted, (see: 2011 Bill of Rights cancelled).

*1797 Sedition Act: “Illegal: To make negative comments about NEW  Government”.

          Up to $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison, that's a lot in 1797.

          But now we were free!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1861 War between the states; the federal Government is all-powerful. NO state Rights.

                   My relative Edwin McMasters Stanton was Secretary of War under Lincoln.


*1913 Founding of the Federal Reserve Banking corruption.


*1913 Illegal Income Tax Initiated, to force you to finance Government excess.

               Taxes = Tribute paid to the new Federal Reserve Banking System.

         The beginning of “how to” confiscate the finances of this nation, to destroy us.

                   Not to worry; it was only a tax of 1% on those making over $10,000/yr. In 1917, it didn’t affect 99.9% of Americans, THEN

 1917 WW I: The war to end all wars”. PS: We were not attacked. Cost: $,$$$,$$$

*1918 1797Sedition Act: Reenacted: Make negative remarks about USA; go to JAIL!

*1918 Attempt to establish the League of Nations”, (One World Government).

 1919 Prohibition: A well intentioned ACT that started the Crime Wave of 1920’s

         Converted to the “DRUG WAR”, starting in 1936 up to NOW > 2019,

          a WAR against US. Possession of “plant leaves” and you go to prison.

1929 Federal Reserve Bank SYSTEM, pulled in the credit, stock market crashed.

   Convert America “to become a Socialist nation” and we’ll all be OK!

1930-1940 The Great Depression, 25 to 40% unemployment. NO Welfare.

1932 WW I Veterans marched on Wash, DC “for promised benefits”, & were shot at.

          By General Douglas McArthur. Would our Government shoot you, “today”?

1933 Americans forbidden to own GOLD, all Gold must be surrendered to Government.

1939 Americans went to work, to produce War materials, for a war: WE won’t fight.

          Where did they find the money to produce War Materials? America was broke!


1940 Americans drafted, for a War: Roosevelt promised:

                                    We would “NOT” be involved in the war.

*1941 Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor Hawaii attacked to start WW II. (An Inside job)

*1942 February

          Detention Camps used: To immediately “detain” 120,000 American citizens.

          American citizens, of ORIENTAL, GERMAN, and ITALIAN ancestry were detained for the duration of the war,

                 in camps built "BEFORE Dec 7th 1941". Note: Those 1942 Detention camps are now being refurbished, Why?

             After 9/11, FEMA Camps built, to detain “citizens” in/after 2020? For Whom? See 2005.


1945 Germany surrendered! Two Atomic bombs ended the war with Japan.

1945 WW II ended. We “Won the WAR”, so the losers will pay us taxes?

         What did we win? Do we own Germany, Japan, Italy? Korea?


*1946 United Nations established, to enact: "A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT"!


1948 Marshall Plan, our $Billions, to rebuild damage “WE” did to WIN WW II.

         What did we WIN? ($13 Billion debt to rebuild Germany, Italy, Japan)


*1961 Public Law 87-297, our Government plans, to disarm our military for surrender to UN.


*1962 Kennedy signed Executive Orders for Martial Law control of Americans.


1964-1968 All Silver removed from our coinage, Silver rose from 90 cent/ounce to now $12/oz.

         No more Silver backing our Paper Money. Results: that 18 cents a can soup, now $1.39.

1969 Nixon visited COMMUNIST China to tell them: We are “your” friends.

 1972 Discovery: Researched that I’m related to 23 of our American Presidents.

               2012 Discovered: That I’m also related to Mitt Romney, he and I have 3 early American ancestors in common.

         I’m also related to Hillary Rotten Clinton and Donald Trump. Of course!


*1984 REX 84”Plan to detain citizens in FEMA Camps for reeducation, or?


*1990 95% of our clothing manufactured in America, “2011” only 5% made in USA

*1993 BATF “murder” of the Koresh Religious American citizens in Waco, TX

                        Religious freedom in America? Believe properly or?

                     Protection from more Reverend Jim Jones’s or what?

                     20 of MY family, (including my aunt Edith Cordell) and Congressman Ryan died in

               Jonestown, Guiana on 18 November 1978. 40 years ago as of Nov. 2018.

*1993 World Trade Center bombing, Inside JOB? “FBI supplied the explosives”.

*1995 Oklahoma Federal Building bombing; was an Inside Job. If you watch this

          2 hr. movie, (if your comp. allows this) you will be stunned. Then you’ll believe me.

*2001 9/11 WAS an Inside Job. One more step, to total Government control.

                   This is it: for our safety? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

                          The worse Number’s, start here:


*2001 October, Patriot/Terrorist Protection Act passed. (Constitution gutted).

*2005 U.S. Army Regulation 210-35, titledCivilian Inmate Labor Program

                Will you be one of the Civilian Slaves? 

*2006 War Commissions Act. To end Habeas Corpus protection. => Jail, No trials.

*2007 POSSE COMITATUS ACT ended, protected us from Military takeover.

*2011 National Defense Authorization Act, the right to detainanyone” Forever.

                                    Detain= jail, prison, locked up forever, until death do we part, no trials. To protect the Politicians of America.

*2011 99% Bill of Rights cancelled, to protect the elected leaders from citizens

                      WHY?  Now we are just waiting for the ball to drop, for total submission to the One World Leaders to take over all operation of our nation.

                      NO MORE WARS, just surrender and you’ll be safe, obey, or death? Just be good little slaves, you’ll love it.


 202? Being Your President will be a full time job. I won’t relax, until you can.

            24/7/52 24hours/day,

            7days/week, 52weeks/year: I’ll be on the job for you.

202? No vacations for me, until I’ve Restored our economy for YOU.

          PS: I don’t play Golf, I won’t have time to play games: I’ll have a job to do, for all of you.

2012 Obama re?elected, FRAUD DELUXE? “WE” did not re-elect Obama!


2012 I was not elected, so the next 3 items won’t happen.

2013 United Nations building in NY City converted to Condo’s.

2013 Factories working “2” shifts to produce “Made in America” products.

3AM I’ll be there to answer that phone, to be ready for emergencies.

                   Now: Are you so devastated, that you will submit to anything?


   47 Million citizens, now receiving Food Stamps, plus more added daily.

= 50% Americans live below the poverty line, as of the “2010 Federal Census”.

=25 Million children, living homeless + “CBS 60 Minutes + update read comments.

            My own daughter, and my grandchildren lived homeless 2007-09, until she divorced her husband Marc Ashcroft and got help.

=27 Million unemployed, more added daily, unemployment $ extended for ?.

=15 Million under employed, that we know of, are you underemployed?

2013 Underemployed adults “not kids” working for Fast Food, demanding $15/hr

=40%Unemployment in minority communities.

=1%  of Americans are in Prison = 3.1 million in prison.

2014 About 2 million more employees lost Unemployment Insurance coverage.

=49% of American men, do not live to retire on Social Security, they paid for.

      Millions homeless! Children, to Seniors.

      Millions of homes foreclosed, while citizens live in “Cars and Tents”.

      Millions begging at Food Banks: To survive.

      Millions more, losing their jobs every year.

   1 out of every 6 Americans is unemployed.

      Millions: No longer counted “as Unemployed”

      Banks charging 10% to 29% interest, while you get 1% on Savings.

              For every $3 you deposit in the bank, they can loan out $97.

           When you deposit money in the bank, what you are really doing is loaning that money to the bank,

        they did not put that into the vault for YOU. When you want that money back,

        they have to retrieve that money from whom they loaned it to, if they can't collect! 

        (That’s called Fractional Reserve Banking System.

         The banks give you 1% for your $3, and collect up to 29% on the $97.)

      Millions given as Bonus’$ to failing Financial organization employee’s

      Billion $ to bail out Wall Street

      Zero $ to bail out Main Street, did you get $ Million bonus when laid off?

+10 C = Global Warming, panic time? 1 degree warmer, time to worry?


900  U. S. Military installations, around the world. WHY?

38,000 American Service Personnel “still protecting” S. Korea since 1953. WHY?


*2002- 2010, 48,000+ Factories closed, to move production out of America. WHY?

 2002- 2006   32,000 Muslims caught entering America from Mexico, requested Amnesty.

                        (Only 7% of those Muslims showed up on the appointed court date for legal Amnesty).

            (How many “were not caught”? Note: only 32,000 Muslim MEN, not 1 woman.)


2013 Chrysler Auto, building a new $300 million plant in Mexico, jobs for Mexicans

                                                                     2020 ELECTION: Democrats/Republicans? for more of the same,


          vs DON CORDELL, decision, decision!


2020 The date: The Political Parties promise possible financial Recovery, maybe?


(-$0.00) Many States and Cities are bankrupt. Feds will just take over, to help!


56+ Million Illegal Aliens, wanting Amnesty: To take over America!


 $21 Trillion National Debt. Going up $1.5 Trillion/year. How will you pay?

$800 Billion/year income taxes collected. Doesn’t even pay the interest on the National debt.


$85  Billion gift to help the nation of “Georgia”, “in Europe”.

  $1 Billion to help Egypt. Now we are sending them Tanks and Jet fighters?

675 Registered Voters, in one County of Ohio, =  4600 votes for Bush in 2000.

($500) Million to Solyndra for Solar Cell production:

            “To compete” with COMMUNIST China?

             Solyndra bankrupt, our money gone. COMMUNIST China wins?

            Solyndra executives party with “our” money.    

$526 Million to a company in Finland to develop $100,000 electric cars for YOU

        April 2013 that company bankrupt, our money gone Bye Bye.

25% Inflation in 2010-2011 = 25% pay cut

481,000 NEW applications for Unemployment in Feb. 2011, more since.

$10 Million invested by our Government, to develop the AIDS virus: To infect Africa.

 1%  Americans who own 90% of America

99%   Americans who own 10% of America?

99%   Wall St. Occupiers Told: Shut up and go home, NO RIGHT’S to Demonstrate.


*435 Members of Congress, who don’t give a damn

*100 Senators, who don’t give a damn, plus 1 Vice President.

   *1 Previous President: Obama who didn’t give a damn, laughing at you.

   ##    RepubliCON Candidates, that don’t give a damn about these numbers.


*309 Million American citizens; that are worried about our future.

    1 Million Americans who are so Rich, they don’t worry about the future, YET.

  10 Bill of Rights? 9 cancelled, (+ # 3 when they station the military in your home).

*%? Coming? RATIONING of Food, Energy, & Gasoline: For Equality of life?

2016 The last election allowed?: To elect a President: On to a “One World”

  *1 Electoral College “ACTUALLY” “elects the President”. NOT YOU.

     1 Presidential Candidate DON CORDELL, that cares about our future.

___? Total, adds up “to a lot of problems” in America, how does this add up to you?

   Do the MATH.

   I’ll let the NUMBERS speak for me. Did these NUMBERS concern YOU?

There’s more:

From: “Citizens Against Government Waste”

82 Federal programs to improve teacher quality, it isn’t working.

80 Programs to help disadvantaged people with transportation, (to the poor house)?

80 Programs for Economic Development, for foreign nations?

47 Programs for Job Training and Employment, (for illegal aliens)?

20 separate programs to help the Homeless: It isn’t working.

15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws. To protect you, for or from Monsanto?

     None of these seem to be working for Americans.

 = 1,000,000 laws to control YOU, from FREEDOM? You must follow the RULES.

We need to Restore America.


10 October 2017

I have recently analyzed the situation of

the massive fires in Santa Rosa, California.

How did the government set "3600" homes

on fire "in just minutes"?

Viewing the remains of these homes,

versus normal household fire remains,

leaves a lot of fear that we have a government

that will use any means necessary

to destroy communities.

(Google: Santa Rosa)

The city demands:

"New rules of construction"

to anyone who wants

to restore their homes in this area.

Were these homes destroyed

by high power "Laser weapons"?

Google: Santa Rosa Fire. > LEARN

How did all of these homes start burning within minutes,

so excessively on fire, that the local fire departments

had no opportunity, to even start controlling the fires.

These home in Santa Rosa were destroyed,

"beyond normal".

They were essentially vaporized.

View the remains,

not even a

"Ceramic Toilet"


WHY? How?

Nov. 2018: fire in Butte Co, CA same agenda.

Homes burned, not trees.

To start Agenda 21 conversion of America?



The Santa Rosa City bigwigs said:

"Now is the time to build Multifamily apartments"

in this area, The area that burned,

as the city had planned in "June 2017".


Added "new" Building Rules and Regulations

may financially stop rebuilding homes as they were.


How convenient ::::::

Ready for Stack and Pack housing,

coming soon to your area!

In each area there  were about 27,000 citizens,

Where are these people now?

IN FEMA camps?

We are talking about 54,000 homeless citizens,

Where are they?????????


Now stop to think, as I do:

Can our government drive down our streets using

High Power Microwaves aimed at our homes,

and cook all living persons in the HOMES?


How do we defend against that?

The walls of our homes do not stop Microwaves!


It is really a sad day to witness

what is/has happened

to "OUR" United States of America.



The TRUTH: We no longer have "any RIGHTS".

We must immediately submit to any Police Officer,

we must not complain, or resist in any way,


we will be arrested, or killed, for "Loitering

" or "

Disturbing the Peace".

OR: that favorite of the COPS, "Suspicion"


This is what goes on in my area of LA, County, CA.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs

killed Mr. Mallory, an innocent 80 year old man

in his bed in the middle of the night,


"YET" when I, a 91 year old man would call

the Sheriffs for help they declined to protect ME.


They don't arrest "women" for Abuse.

This caused me to lose ownership of my

"100% paid for home"

"to get protection".

Cops don't care:

It's screw the public.



I have never been convicted of any crime,

only DETAINED 72 hours each time,

"time after time": for "Suspicion",

over and over 1944 to 1949.


When I see a COP:

"I fear for my life".

So: Can I legally kill a COP?

That's why COPS claim:

"They have the right to KILL US",


"They feared for their life".

I fear for all Americans who face this threat

every day in America.

This must STOP.    





Citizens are now being stopped

on the highways of America,

with cops demanding the right

to search our vehicles, confiscating

any cash OR property.

A Citizen may have, as little as $139.

COPS Claiming: Your cash tested positive for drugs,

or: WHY! "Do you have CASH"?

So the government

can take your money and in many cases

your car and/or truck without any






The IRS is taking the money in Bank Account from

small business's because they put  less than $10,000

in the bank numerous times, the IRS claim these

business people are hiding real cash as a crime.


Now cops are using Drug Dogs to come to your home

and have the dog sniff  your home/apartment,

so they can confiscate your home,

you have NO RIGHTS.

This must "STOP".

I will personally put cops in prison

for violating your RIGHTS.

YOU/WE no longer have any JUSTICE.

This bull shit must stop.

YOU need me to protect YOU

Google: Asset Forfeiture Abuse, learn.



Don't trust any cop, down deep

all cops are ASSHOLES.




Will Americans finally wake up and ReVote.

It's time to ReVOTE to Restore our Rights.



"My ancestors" had to resort to Violence in 1776

to bring FREEDOM to this nation,

do we have to resort to VIOLENCE



Restore our FREEDOMS?


We must stop the Government

we've elected, and elect PATRIOTS

who will stand up for US and "DO IT NOW",

Or: There's "No Tomorrow" for us.



You no longer have any rights in America.



Wake up> Shut up or else! , or else your dead.


This is our new America

Sorry that shit doesn't make it with me.

"I'll protect you".


We have Corruption to the Nth degree

This is happening all over our nation.



In the past we saw Chinese riding bicycles

Now the Chinese drive cars and

our government wants us riding bicycles.



It is against the law to:

"Just walk down the street",

citizens are being stopped and the COPS

demanding that you must identify yourself

or "face arrest".


Where are you coming from or

where are you going

is NO business of the COPS.


What in the HELL is going on in Amerika?

When did we change to a Communist Nation,

 with "NO RIGHTS"?

Just try telling the cop, you have Rights. HA


You "DO NOT" have the Right to drive a car.

Driving is a Privilege, "if we kiss ass".

Walk everywhere and fear arrest?


By the way, be sure to walk

on the correct side of the street,

facing traffic, or you'll be arrested.


Elect ME and I'll end this shit.


Our Government plans to TAX us out of our cars:

First they will refuse to issue a license

if your car uses gasoline,

then only license Hybrid cars,

and finally only license Electric Cars.


Of course that's for you and I, not THEM.


Remember: When  you ride a bicycle you "must" ride in the street.

When you teach your tiny child to ride a bike,

your child "must ride in the street".

YOU don't dare teach them to ride on the sidewalk.

"and That's the LAW"

OR off to jail they go.


When bicycling be sure you obey all VEHICLE traffic laws,

no circling in the middle of the street, no fun riding, or face arrest for having fun.


Motor vehicle laws now apply to riding a bicycle on the streets of America.


IN 1940 America started preparing for a War "they" knew was coming.

After December 7th 1941 our factories converted to producing the weapons

 we needed to protect America and to beat Germany and Japan.


Now those factories are closed "and torn down".


 we had to rearm America again,

how do we import the Steel and Aluminum we need,

and who will produce the Electronic equipment

we will need to DEFEND AMERICA?


We have left America defenseless,

is this part of the PLAN?


"We the People"

no longer run our nation.



Every branch of our Government

invent up to 20,000 NEW LAWS every year,

to give you more Freedom?,

//  or    to    Control   you?




What went wrong?

We are mad as hell, and

"We are not going to take it anymore!"








by the


financed by the



   Cocaine Import Agency

                      1. Clintons revealed

2. CIA

                                             3. Hillary Roten Clinton as she is, for real

                       4. New World Order


Google: "The Dark Alliance"/ & "Kill the Messenger"/

+ read book: "Compromised", by Terry Reed

The story of our Government importing Cocaine

to raise money for guns to aid the Contra's fighting in Nicaragua.


Many Californian Black Americans were sent to prison, many for life,

for selling the Government Imported Cocaine,

so our Government under Reagan could raise Illegal money

 to fight Communist takeover of Central America.

Those Black citizens should be released

with an apology for being part of a crime

they were used for.


This involves Lt. Col. Oliver North, and the CLINTONS.

All the shit our Government

brags about "controlling Drugs",

when the bastards we've elected bring tons

and tons and tons

of Cocaine into our nation,


Keep reading:

This is

"OUR Nation"


Research this on the internet, and you will see why

I'm still attempting to save our nation

and our citizens from the treason in Washington DC


Congress doesn't want our borders closed.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

W- h- y?


Death by China, is in the works, when we buy: Made in China,

the profit has financially aided China

to expand their military, to attack us in the future.


China does not love America!


How many Americans have been laid off

while the product "we made", are now made in China?


Too many factories have been closed, sending our JOBS out of the nation.



In April 2009 I offered to help restore General Motors.

In June 2009 they filed for bankruptcy.

Now it's General Motors of China.



I repeat









Congress says: You simple people "need to be controlled". OK?



It can't happen here?


Watch:  Population Control coming for you.

                                                            Watch:  It is happening here

                                                            Watch:  Will you surrender because you're too lazy to fight?


While I DIDN'T advocate violence against our Government,

after you watch "Will you surrender-"

You'll realize IF  you don't defend yourself NOW, it will be too late.

If  you haven't viewed this video,

then watching anything more in this website is useless,

because you don't care what is happening to our FREEDOMS.


The Police in America are out of control, WE must defend Americans.

                                                            Watch: These cops deserve to be killed, we must protect ourselves.

                                                            Watch: Typical cops like this should be killed to protect our rights.

      This is the mind set of all too many cops. ^^^^


Watch: What happens when you try to film cops



YOU must watch a number of Police Abuse cases on this Site,

"continue watching more links in this Site" and you'll see what is going wrong in America,

Try this site for Police Abuse you'll be stunned as to what is happening in our nation,

by cops that don't  Serve and Protect.


WE must fight back for Justice.

Every year this is escalating, more and more open abuse, and citizens killed by police,

IF you refuse to follow cops orders in less than 15 seconds, a cop has the legal right to


and they do.





Remember "YOU might be next, or your spouse, or your child".


"you want to cops to take all guns, leaving you undefended"?


Until WE take the police at task to end this abuse, We have no "Justice for ALL".


 My intent is to be here:

 "To protect you"


I won't allow this to continue in America.

Believe me, this shit will cease when I become your President.

This is a disgrace to be happening in our nation.

Do you want to be protected?

This cop is telling you the truth, you have



This is the real America.


All this Milk and Honey story about our Freedoms is a lot of shit.

You wave the Stars and Stripes and they'll shove it up your ass.


The cop tells  you straight out, "you will lose".


No more pretending you have Rights, you're screwed.

And they get away with it "BECAUSE THEY CAN"!


When a cop violates your Rights, who are you going to complain to?


Lets ReStore those Rights, that so many have died to give us.

OR has all of this been a big lie all along?

Imagine trying to complain to Hitler how you were abused.

This could happen to anyone of us tomorrow, will it be you?

                                                            I'll stop this shit, when I'm your President.


                                                           This happened in Mai Lai, So. Vietnam too.

                                                           Innocent woman and children killed by our troop's,

"on orders to kill".


Now  Citizens killed by our (Military armed ) Troops  in Blue in America.


       Remember the Gestapo in Germany were "only following orders".

So gathering the Jews and killing them "was legal".


When the Cops are killing you,


This is happening everyday in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Scared Shitless".



Many Police departments now have "Military Vehicles" to assault us, why?

So they can DEMAND YOU follow orders?

We now have an internal Police/ARMY

To protect the Government "from you".


The Constitution is screwed,

you will submit or else. 

HELP ME, "to Protect YOU".

WE must stop this criminal Police behavior NOW.

over and over I'm telling you, we are screwed.

Remember these Cops believe they have the Right:

to tell you what to do,

and you must instantly follow their orders, or be killed.


Cops tell you: "They are the law" (and they believe it) and you must do as they say, or else.


I keep repeating this because it's true.



In 1935 We were Ordered to obtain a Social Security NUMBER

"before" we could be employed.

In other words, "you are now a number", so we can keep track of you.


Now: You are Ordered to obtain Social Security number for your children before 1 year old.

So we can keep track of your child from birth on.

Is your child property of the Government?

We were Ordered to get a license to drive

We were Ordered to get a license for our car before we could drive it.

We are "ORDERED"

We will be Ordered more and more, to follow Government ORDERS

for many things in the next 20 years, will you comply?


When I hear: "YOU are Ordered", I tense up ready to fight.

When are "you" going to stand up and Fight?

What are  you going to do, when they demand

you must have an ID chip inserted in your hand, or else?



Just now in Los Angeles, CA (2018)

They are starting to denying building permits for single family homes

Demanding: Permits will only be issued for 5 to 8 story apartment buildings.

If you get a permit for a single family home,

they now demand "you must" install Solar Panels on the roof.


Where will  you plant  your healthy garden for those wonderful

non GMO fruits and vegetables,,,,,,,,, on the roof of your huge apartment? SURE!


Some FREEway lanes in downtown Los Angeles area are already Pay Lanes.



We must be forced to use public transit, walk, bike, or skateboard to get around