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Is the American Dream dead?



25 May 2017


It’s obvious that you still want to view this website,

so I’ll continue to share my knowledge with you.


Is this is the end of the “UNITED” States?

Can Mr. Trump stop the corruption in Washington DC?

Mr. Trump has promised many changes.


I had hoped Congress and Senate would cooperate

with President Trump to RESTORE AMERICA.


It is obvious that the Liberal Left will riot to destroy anything

President Trump tries to do.


Our young people have been so indoctrinated in school that our standard of living must be destroyed to save the earth, they don’t want to hear any speech other than America is WRONG, that we must destroy America to save the world.

This started when I was a child in school in the 1930’s but I was studying how our nation was formed, what our forefathers fought to liberate citizens of this nation, so we could be FREE.

So I Was not turned in to a liberal Left.


Who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Our founders wrote what was best for their interests,

not for the common citizen.


Over the last 240 years, they have encumbered us with so many laws

that we are slaves, to those now in power.


We have police out of control

we have politicians who helped our employers move our jobs out of America.





It has been said: Americans don’t want to know the truth! Do you?

Are you afraid to know the TRUTH?

Someone keeps eliminating this Video, but here it is again, the Depopulation Truth.

This is the truth if you can stand the truth.


I haven’t found a replacement for this file, wonder why it keeps being deleted?

If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will


As I suspected, those planning the destruction of our nation

will not cooperate with President Trump, they will use every

type of treason they can to end the sovereignty of America.


I don’t believe there is one honest politician in America.

There is so much corruption in every level of government in our nation.


IF we can’t restore our nation by electing honest people to run this nation, what other choice will citizens have other than outright



Unless we can fire every current politician and start over

with new leadership, I don’t believe we can restore America,


I believe: “We’ve elected a government so full of corruption

that we can’t retake control of OUR NATION.

Unless I am Elected to SAVE AMERICA!


This is the plan from the highest level that wants America destroyed.

There is treason from the Legislative and Judicial branches

to stop the Executive office of our President.


This should open your eyes,


Civilian Inmate Labor Camps.


Whom do you think they will take first(?) Retired Military personnel

Because, they’ll want to get rid of anyone that knows how to fight back!

Without the Right to OWN and USE GUNS we can’t defend our Rights.


How will they force you to surrender? AND YOU WILL!

They will close:

All Grocery stores

All Banks

All gas stations

Turn off your electricity

Turn off your gas

Turn off your water

Stop all delivery of mail

Stop all newspapers

Turn off all TV and Radio stations



For most of my life I was proud of my nation,

Now: I’ve had to come to the realization,

that every branch of our government is full of shit.


We citizens are attacked and screwed every time we have

anything to do with our Government, I see our nation

invaded daily with a false belief that our Government

was protecting us from invasion, “no way”, they now tell us:

“Our anger against the invaders is because we are RACIST’S”.


As I’ve claimed, the traitors running our nation will not

surrender to President Trump running our nation.

Nothing but total surrender of the Liberal Left will stop this disaster.




I promised you that I’d still be here,

to restore our nation IF Trump fails.



          *Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

    if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.

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The LATE Great United States of America.

What a laughing stock we have become to the world.

I can’t believe what I’ve seen happening to our nation.


I was born in 1927: I experienced the Great Depression,

I remember going hungry, for days at a time,

NOW children in this wonderful nation are GOING HUNGRY again.




On to AGENDA  21, where America will be downsized even more.

The New World Order has told us “we” must reduce our use

of the Worlds Resources.

They say the problem with America is:

That we’ve been using “too much” of everything.


The new Sustainable Development, plans where you will be assigned living quarters depending on what the new government will analyze

what you deserve, and that’s all you’ll get.


In 1918 the Communist takeover of Russia used the same ploy:

The government will run everything,

so “THE PEOPLE” will own everything!

How did that work out? The new government now owned

the farmers land, so he no longer benefited from his labor.

The government told him:

He now worked for “the Government”,

on the Governments owned farm.

The New Government knows best,

so long hours of labor no longer changed his benefits.

Why work harder if you do not benefit?

The farmer did only what he was told to do.

All private ownership of land, homes, and

Business’s were now owned by the new Government

who knew “what was best” for them.


Our Federal Government is “now” confiscating more and more

State Lands, for the Federal Government.

The final goal:

All lands owned “only” by the Federal Government.

OUR Government has plans to reduce “OUR” usage of land,

to condense OUR communities

to restrict OUR access to “Federal Lands”.


Our Government will deem “all lands” “THEIR” property.

Private ownership of all land will now be eliminated,

to be fair to citizens who don’t own land.


Let me tell you, eventually citizens “will not” own any property in America,

The Government may and can tax you out of anything you owned

                                    IF you elect ME, this Bull Shit will cease.


Check this out.

This is exactly what is happening in my area of Los Angeles Co, CA


The Government tried to confiscate the use of land by

Mr. Bundy in Clark Co., Nevada,

until he and his neighbors fought back, the Government surrendered.


Just trust your Government to take care of you, and you have no more worries, how did that work out?


All you have to do is OBEY, and the Government will take care of you.

OBEY about 1 Million Laws, Rules, Regulations, Codes, and Statutes.


There is always someone to tell you:

They know what is best for you.

Until one day, you wake up and realize

you have lost all freedoms,

to do “what YOU want to do”.

Many citizens are fighting back,

our Police are TERRORISTS.


The only solution:

Citizen must kill police officers when they are attacked.

Our Rights are under attack, and the police are never called to task for abusing citizens. We are in a fight for the future of our Rights.

The police get away with abuse “so often” they now believe

we will allow their ABUSE to continue.




Obama passed the DDNA Act on Christmas Eve, to allows

the Government to legally restrict our First Amendment “Rights”.


The Government also passed laws that allow the Federal control

of all media, Radio, TV, Internet, and Newspapers

so you get correct Government issued NEWS.

No more FAKE confusing news for you.


One of the first things the Communist Government did

was close the churches, since the false belief in Gods rules

would only upset the population.

Again “OUR Government knows best”.


Our Government now tells us, our Christian morals are extreme.

So we should end religious beliefs. Gods rules no longer count.


More wars have happened over religious beliefs

than for any other reason.


American workers are: NO LONGER NEEDED.

TV program CBS 60 Minutes Sunday March 20 2017 revealed that over 120 Corporations (including the Happiest Place in the World “Disney Parks”) financially force employees to train HB1 foreign workers to take their jobs for about 50% of what American employees were being paid, then Americans are laid off, to increase corporate profit.

Workers are offered 3 months more employment to train their replacement, or be laid off immediately, with NO severance pay.


So return American jobs: But import Foreign workers to fill the jobs!

Is your job next? Go to one of your fast food emporiums and tell me

who you see working there, are they the local American young people?


This happened to my brother in 1985, when he was asked to train

a younger worker (American) to do his job, then he was laid off.

Now they only want HB1 foreign workers to take your place.


Wake up Americans, before they knock down your door.

It is time to buy as many guns and ammunition you can afford,

to go to war “against our Government”, to retain “our” RIGHTS.

Our Government has given itself the Right to enter your home

“Without a Warrant” and search your home,

and confiscate anything you have for the needs of controlling you.

We now live under Militarily Armed terrorist Government control.

Screw these bastards.


“Genetically Modified Foods”,

Remember that phrase! We have tried to stop

the takeover of the farms of our nation by MONSANTO.

MONSANTO = Genetically Modified Foods.

Agent ORANGE, developed to kill ALL vegetation in So. Vietnam,

is now ROUNDUP®.

What if ROUNDUP® contaminated land will now ONLY grow



The FOOD and Drug Administration at work!


When MONSANTO seeds will ONLY grow Genetically Modified Food,

Food that has limited nutrition, to slowly starve us to DEATH.

The founder of Microsoft “Bill Gates” is reported to own

500 Million shares of Monsanto stock. Why?

Bill Gates tells us we must reduce the population of the earth

“for Sustainability”. Will population reduction include you?

          Are you feeding your children dangerous

        MonsantoGenetically Modified Food?

Do you even know what is in our food?

I do.

Read the labels; look at all the added chemicals, dyes, preservatives, etc!


Did you know our food is being poisoned, by Monsanto. A previous executive of Monsanto is now the head of the “FOOD and Drug Administration, other executives and attorneys of Monsanto are now running our Government.


Our Government leaders protect Monsanto, WHY?


When citizens have tried to get Warnings on our food,

Monsanto pays $Millions to fight any restrictions on “your right to know”.


Tests have shown, much of this food lacks nutrition we need to survive.


Our food in being poisoned as it is grown, tests of Monsanto grown food

have proven GMO food causes tumors in Test Animals in just a few months,

how long before it causes tumors in YOU?


Monsanto the inventor of Agent Orange, now uses this to kill weeds on the farms.

Our food has been modified to resist Agent Orange type chemicals,

to kill bugs that infest plants when the vegetables are being grown.


If that GMO plant kills bugs, will it eventually kill you?

Does that GMO plant kill Bees, 40 % of American Bees are now dead, Why?

No pollination, no food, what a plan, to kill our food source, innocently. Why?


Monsanto has been run out of other foreign nations, but not sucker America. WHY?

Does our Government want us sick and dying?

What else are they willing to do to us.

Is our Government planning to kill us?


When we discover FOOD will be rationed, we will start dying OFF.


Remember everything is Bar Coded

So they can control everything we can buy.

New World Order plans working AND you won’t fight back?


When the use of CASH becomes ILLEGAL, the Government

will be in complete control over what you can buy

with your Government Cash Card.


This is the plan folk’s, they don’t even need guns,

we will all slowly die.

Birth defects are known, Monsanto banned in most of the world,

forced upon us “by our own Government”.

Maybe having 3 arms and half a brain will come in handy.


IF: Monsanto seeds contaminate only 1% of your farm crop,

Monsanto demands you pay them royalty on your entire crop.

Would they contaminate your land on purpose?


Farmers: What are you going to do when you discover your land

is so contaminated with Roundup, only Monsanto seeds will grow?

Then Monsanto stops selling you seeds?

The starvation of America! Think, think, think!


When a MONSANTO AGENT visits your farm to screw you,

plant that bastard about 6 feet under for fertilizer,  



Now our leaders have decided you need to conserve food

so you can be taxed “to send and share” American food

with the world to end world hunger.

Suckers. Ready for Rationing anyone?


Why have I become involved?


Because I’ve observed the downfall of our nation, unfortunately you citizens don’t or won’t wake up to the Treason occurring in our nation, because:

It’s such a disaster, you can’t believe

we are actually losing our rights and our nation.

It starts with the election in 1912 of Mr. Wilson, the establishment of the so called Federal Reserve Banking organization,

then the establishment of Income Taxes.

Our involvement in the European War in 1917,

The collapse of the economy in 1929.

The Socialistic change in the running of our nation by President Roosevelt.

The simple plan of Social Security when they demanded

that each of us must to apply for a Social Security Number,

so innocently NOW we were a “Number”.

Why does your child before age 1 require a SS Number?

How many times has someone demanded your SS number?

This was the start of the ending of America.

Over the last 100 years, we have been lied to, telling us,

we must OBEY, that our leaders know what is best for us.


The bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941,

“Now”, we know our leaders were aware it was going to happen,

so we would join in WW II. All part of the plan.

The Killing of Kennedy in Dallas, TX

The Killing of Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, CA

The Killing of Martin Luther King in Memphis, TN

The attack on our ship in the Gulf of Tonkin that never happened,

But: We went to WAR in Vietnam for WHAT?

The Killing of Americans on 9/11 in New York, NY


The Saudi Arabian Royal Family flying from Texas to Saudi Arabia on 9/12 when all other flights were banned on that day.

18 of the 19 Highjackers were Saudi Arabians, but President Bush claimed we had to invade Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorism!

Not Saudi Arabia?

Yet some of the so called Highjackers were actually alive and not on the planes the Government claimed they crashed.


Then the selling of our industries to OTHER nations, to leave

Americans jobless, homeless, with no hope for any future.

We have a Government so full of Treason:

It’s time to stand up and fight for our survival.


It’s time to elect Patriots who will Honor our God Given Rights.


As you study all of this website, you will learn what we MUST DO

To Restore “America the Great”.

Our Government lies to us, we must stop this.


Everything about September 11th  2001 was an Inside Job by our Government as one more way to finish destroying our nation.

Our Government has no guilt about killing any of us.

We are Expendable.

How much more are we going to take before we fight back?



I remember how proud we were,

 That: We defended and freed the world from WW II.


“NOW 2017”


I’m  running to be your President because

I’ve witnessed this downsizing of our nation,

our jobs,

the security of our borders,

the imports of products,

that use to be made by Americans,

Americans who are now unemployed,

and in many cases: HOMELESS.

I’ll still be here when you finally wake up

and realize you have lost America,

then I’ll Restore America for you.


I could restore our nation,

by closing our borders,

stop imports,

put Americans back to work,

stop spending all our taxes on being the:

Police of the world in constant WAR.

Will Trump do this?


When you, as an American citizen can’t get a job in America

Because: You don’t speak SPANISH, what are you going to do?

It’s time to go to war.


Are Russia and China arming themselves

for the downfall of our nation?


We have been and are still being INVADED by those:

Who hate our nation!

The 30 to 56 Million legal and illegal immigrants/INVADERS

are laughing at our stupidity as they invade us with our help. 

While you slept as sheep, our Government is unwilling

to defend our borders.


Washington DC leaders/traitors have refused to defend our nation.


Trump must stand up and retake control of America, WILL HE?


God Bless America


WE the Great United States of America won World War II

Now we haven’t defended our own borders?


We have been sold to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

A One Dictator controlled World Order.

Americans, is this what you want for our future?


We can’t or won’t defend Europe again.


“911” was the start of the treason

to start the war against Muslim nations,

to lead us, to finish the financial failure of America.


How many Americans are out of work, out of food,

out of the necessities of life?


Will any of you stand up with me to defend America?


You have to know about Oklahoma City’s Murrah Building,

and 9/11, = we have been sabotaged.

It’s all part of the plan to destroy America.


Will you be happy with Donald Trump as our President?

Mr. Trump lived long enough to be sworn in as our Next President?

What are you willing to do to save America?

Our Bill of Rights was sold to the highest bidder.


Every President from President Wilson in 1912, to President Obama

Has had “One Goal”: The destruction of the United States of America.


Who do you think should pay the most taxes?

YOU, the consumer, pay


when you buy “any Service or Product”.

The rich pass the taxes they pay,

added on to what “YOU BUY” from them.




Russian troops are gathering on the border of Ukraine,

if they invade Ukraine, will American troops be sent to defend Ukraine,

or will America wait until Russia invades all of Europe?

Will America then send troops to rescue Europe “again”?



Is this still The United States of America?

A police officer attempting to pray with flood survivors in Louisiana

at a “Red Cross rescue site” was told:

HE May Not Pray with the citizens “IN” the Red Cross facility.

What is happening to “our” America?


IF I had been elected, I’d have sworn on the bible to lead this nation,

I’d carry that bible into the White House in full view of the world.

AND I’d pray for all of you.

Let’s Restore Christian America.

We are a Christian Nation aren’t we? Aren’t we?

Now we are told daily that our Christian Morals are the downfall of our nation.



September 2016

We gave $1.7 billion to Iran, to assist their development of a Nuclear Bomb Why?


Ted Genderson was an Ex-FBI Chief whistleblower. He exposed Satanism in the CIA,

drug running, chemtrails, the Illuminati, mk ultra mind control.

Ted was killed by the Illuminati ???? to shut him up. RIP


North Korea loves Nuclear Bombs.

I’d like to test a Nuclear Bomb about 3000 ft above Pyongyang N. Korea.


I’m telling you the only way to end the Muslim problem, is to eliminate “all” Muslims.



You have tried the rest.

Next time, elect the BEST,



“I’ll  RESTORE, 




God Bless America, Land that I love.


On 4 July 1776

Declaration of Independence


  That, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of

 these ends, it is the “Right of the People” to alter or abolish it,

to institute a NEW Government,….



Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of

  these ends, it is the RIGHT of the People to alter or abolish it,

to institute a NEW Government,….


Repeated over and over.

Until you realize the importance of this statement by the founders

 of our nation. We have lost control of OUR NATION.


Now we are told:

It’s illegal to abolish our current out of control Government,


We must Submit and OBEY. Will you surrender?

Our Nation is in distress


“We the People” owned this nation.


What America needs: AMERICAN JOBS.

        WE must restore AMERICAN INDUSTRIES.

        WE must put AMERICANS back to work.

               Obama’s AMERICA has become a disgrace.



A 76-year-old military veteran killed himself outside a Long Island Veteran Affairs facility Sunday after being denied treatment. He was reportedly seeking help for mental health issues at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center but was turned away, an unfortunately common experience plaguing veterans seeking healthcare in recent years. Does this bother you? It should.

With me, Veterans come first. Veterans have earned every benefit we promised them.


Any pissed off Citizen “is a threat to the Government”,

We are subject to being detained “forever” in Military

(FEMA) camps, until some future date when you agree

to submit 100% to Government control.

       Or be KILLED for refusing to Co-operate.


Remember, our Government has made millions of plastic Burial Containers that researchers claim

will hold up to 5 or 6 bodies in each container,

to prevent contaminating the ground with our deceased bodies.



Our police forces in America have been equipped with

So Called “surplus”: Military Equipment,

to attack us and detain us “at the Governments will”!


Various Police Departments in America are joining the Federal Government, for more  

uniform police standards, so when our President declares Martial Law,

the police will now respond with that “Surplus?” Military Equipment to enforce the demands:

Citizens: “Hit the ground, hands out to your sides, and kiss ass”, or, you’ll be killed.

America under Martial Law

This has happened before in other nations, it can happen to us.


There is a larger percentage of American Citizens in prison

than in any other country in the world. Why?

Cops absolutely love killing us; it’s in their blood, as the aggressor, 99.9% of the time the cop is found NOT GUILTY.




The law is what ever some Cop says it is:

No Bill of Rights anymore.

Until citizens are ready to join with me, and defend our RIGHTS,

“We are Slaves”.


Citizens are finally killing Cops to get the message out there,

That we are tired of being abused and killed, we will fight back.


I don’t care if it’s downtown NY City, or Albuquerque, New Mexico,

Our Protect and Serve cops are not honoring our 4th Amendment.


Our Government: Ready for complete Military control of America!


Our children are forced to go to schools that deny Religious Rights.

Will you fight back or surrender?


There is a new book called: (What Cops tell us)

“Because, We Say So” by Noam Chomsky


This is the new Constitution for Americans,



Is this the way you want to live in “OUR NATION”?



Wake up Americans, while we can still fight for FREEDOMS.


When you see a Police Officer, do you feel Safe or SCARED?




Great News, Great Britain restores their Sovereignty

Can we “Protect OUR Sovereignty”?

Or, will WE just surrender to the New World Order Dictatorship?



Our Constitution Cancelled.

Our Bill of RIGHTS Cancelled.

Our RIGHTS interferes with the Government demands:

“That we surrender America to the New One World Government”.

Any refusal to immediately surrender to any Law Enforcer

“IS justification for them to KILL YOU”.


This is our NEW AMERICA.

Join with me to retake control of our nation?


          I want you to take the time to view this video about:

How American Police Steal citizens money, and laugh at us.

 Cops have gone one more step in Oklahoma, the cops take a citizens debit card and empty their account of all money, to leave citizens powerless to fight to retain ownership of any money.

             To our current cops this is just a game, and



Recently, a display of Police brutality again. In one instance a man

apparently selling CD’s, accosted by the police for 30 seconds struggle,

and shot dead, selling CD’s worth the death penalty?






Another man reaching for his ID, shot dead by a trigger happy cop.

Then Dallas cops ambushed, by an angry citizen who was fighting back

against innocent (?) cops.


We need police on our streets, or we would not have a livable life in America.


But: I’m asking our Police “to reduce the immediate use of “deadly force,

and abuse” that I see happening in every community of our entire nation.


Do more police have to die, for them to finally realize:

Citizens are tired of Police Brutality, and will finally fight back!

I’m sorry: Some Cops deserve to be killed.


In 1949 I was ready to kill every cop I could, I’ll explain later.

It is time for COPS to re-evaluate how: “To Protect & Serve”.


This is coming to your town, and towns near you, if they are not there already.

The police of our nation; actually believe they must subdue us, to control crime.

The Crime is: The police control of our Rights. If all citizens are in jail, less crime?


I’ve been telling you what is happening just a bit at a time, will you allow this?

Obama wanted us under the New World Order with him as the World Leader.

Are you ready to stand up with me, and retake control of OUR NATION?


Our American Military service personnel:

Are being trained to protect the Government from protesting citizens.


Our Military are told: “If you do not follow orders, you will be killed”.

The first time any soldier refuses to shoot civilians who are demonstrating:

“For our First Amendment Right”,


WHEN that soldier “is killed for failure to follow orders “To kill YOU”,

all the other Military Persons will shoot you on command.

Are you ready for this?


From 1945 to 1949 I was stopped 7 different times by police, for “walking after dark”. This when public transportation mostly stopped after 11:30 PM. Each time I was detained for 72 hours, endured police lineups, where someone could have claimed I looked like some suspect that committed a crime. I was released each time at 2:30 AM in downtime Los Angeles, to walk home, sometimes as far from home as 6 miles or more,

“still walking home in the dark”.

The last time 1949, I had been in a store on Wilshire Blvd. in Central Los Angeles, then spent about 20 minutes at the lunch counter in a Thrifty Drug Store across the street from the store, with the store manager where I’d just purchased the LP’S, then walking only about 6 blocks to my rental room with a package of LP records, and a small cosmetic case I used to carry electronic tools

I needed from work to repair my own record player at home that night.

I was a TV repairman as my occupation.

Three police cars stopped me at 6th and Wilton Place, a block from my home.

My tool case contained a roll of black plastic electrical tape. A local home had been burglarized; someone used black “cloth” automotive tape on the broken window.

I told them I could verify that I’d just left the drug store where I sat there for over 20 minutes,

But “NO” they have the criminal, ME.

The next day when I didn’t show up for work, my boss called the rooming house and my landlord claimed I never came home the night before. He called my dad, who called police and hospitals, finding me in jail. My dad got the store owner, and drug store lunch counter clerk, brought them to the police station where they verified I had been where I said I was prior to them arresting me.

The cops kept my $50 worth of tools in the case.


I was ready to buy 2 guns and go into the police station,

killing as many cops as I could before they killed me.

My dad suggested I buy a car, which I did for $300, and no more walking late at night.

I’ve never been convicted of any crimes, never drunk, never in fights, just being an honest citizen,

behaving myself. 


However, illegal aliens do not have to worry about the police, they have immunity

Since they can protest unmolested on our streets that they have a right to invade our nation,

so that they legally can picket Mr. Trumps campaign presentations, insisting that they have the right

to invade America, that our borders mean nothing to them,

that WE are racists for even suggesting they are here illegally.


America has been invaded, as we watch these protestors burn the American Flag while they wave their flag in our face. It’s time to protect our nation, with the same force we would use if they came by boat to our shores. WE must protect AMERICA.

If the nation they came from was so wonderful, what are they doing here?

American students at University of California, Davis, demand no American flag be in the classrooms as it irritates them! Our new America.


The American media refuses to report or show this treason happening in our cities, Why?

Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, is Illegal, what doesn’t our Government understand? Try telling the cops, judge, jury that the crime you committed was not Illegal, because Illegal, is not really Illegal.

                     IT is Illegal, to come into this nation, and stay without permission.


I’m tired of this Bull Shit, I’ll defend Citizens.

As your President, I’d defend every single

Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment.

Our founders gave us the 2nd Amendment,

“not to put food on our tables”,


“To protect us from out of power elected politicians”

who now tell us: It’s illegal to fight the Government


Do you think WE actually run our nation?


We need GUNS to defend ourselves from the Police.

We need GUNS to defend ourselves from the Government,

before they kill “all of us”.

A lot of cops are going to prison, or dead,

as I defend your Rights,

We will have RIGHTS.


Let’s bring RIGHTS back to Americans,

      before it’s too late..


Now the other travesty in America, Hillary Clinton, NOT GUILTY!

(FBI Says Guilty)

I guess now I can go rob banks and claim: I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to do that!

I’m ashamed of our Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI), what a travesty of injustice, they decide Hillary didn’t really intend to put our nation at risk by her stupidity, and this woman wanted to lead our nation? NO WAY IN HELL.


The FBI leaders are cowards, plain kiss asses, OH they don’t believe Hillary meant

to harm our nation, that woman has no right to even live in the United States.

Hillary is an example of all the elected assholes in Washington DC. A disgrace


Remember we have elected people that are willing to kill us, to stay in office,

Donald Trump does not realize whom he is bucking up against.

The PARTY, determines who the next Republican candidate will be,

they did not want an outsider (Mr. Trump) interfering with how Washington DC is run.

But Trump forced the Party to select him as the Republican Candidate in 2016.



                                           but I knew I had Zero chance of being elected.


Did you want Hillary Clinton leading our nation? Poor you, there is no hope.


So I’m sharing my knowledge of how American Politics is run, to warn you.


We are losing our nation, our jobs, our futures, to Political Treason running our nation.


I may be 90 years old, but I’m not senile, I’m looking out for the future of our

FREEDOMS, that we are losing every day. I’ll be here the next 8 years to save us.


We have been sold: Stooge Obama was placed into office to follow orders for the

New World Order, One World Government.


The failure of the United States affects the entire future World.



American citizens:

You DO NOT elect our President.

Read on WHY!

You have nothing to do with electing any President, NEVER HAVE.

Good Luck.


  This was the most critical election in the history of our nation,

  If you screw up, we’ve lost free America FOREVER.


  Unfortunately: We have never elected “any” PRESIDENT.

  The so-called “Electoral College”, actually elects our President.


Mr. Ross Perot tried TO BUCK THE SYSTEM in 1990, and was scared out of his attempt

to be President. Are you afraid to stand up and demand Justice, and run our nation?



There is a lot of crap going on in our nation everyday with the current

political campaigning between the Republican and Democrat candidates.

This is embarrassing. These characters disgrace our system of electing leaders.

What a shame. I’m not going to repeat the daily crap for you.


Mr. Trump tells us, he believes: The Government has the right

to take any property owned by citizens to use for better needs

of “the Community (Government)”, We must not allow this.


The Constitution specified that “only land needed for Government roads, buildings

for Government Civic needs” could be taken. Now many Government officials believe

your land can be taken for “any” commercial use “that would benefit the community”

(Politician) for Stores, Factories, etc AND is fair game, “If it will benefit the community (Politician) Commercially”, and bring in more taxes for the (Politician) Government.


They could take your home, destroy it and build an apartment building,

for better use of the land, and more taxes for the city politicians. They are now building new huge apartment buildings in Los Angeles, CA, without parking spaces for tenant’s cars, since the new tenants will be walking, biking, or using public transportation from now on. So if you and your family (wife and kids) decide to visit friends, imagine dragging the stroller and diaper bag and assorted needs for your children on public transportation and maybe have to transfer a couple times to another transit vehicle, after one try for that, no more visits.

These laws by those privileged to make the law, will still have a car that they deserve:

Paid for by us.


There is still danger for America if we don’t stop Agenda 21.

AGENDA 21: will demand we all live in Government assigned apartments,

Not in private homes, their agenda to concentrate population centers.

It’s called Sustainable Development, 100% Government control

of where the citizens of this nation will be allowed to live,

to concentrate the Population, to restore all the land to wilderness.

I predict that in the next 50 years;

no one will live in single-family homes, except the very rich.


A small business building was taken from the owner, & destroyed to build

a larger competing business building that brought more taxes for the city.


Justice? NO WAY.


This is Mr. Trump’s business plans: Walk all over any citizen.


     Study this website for “my plans”, because I’d put America back together.

     I’d stop the disparity in Taxes that drive American businesses from our shores.


  First:  50% of Americans live below the poverty line.

              Most of that 50% pay NO Income taxes.

                  40% of American families live on Food Stamps.

  Third: 10% of Americans are retired.


  OUR GOVERNMENT, tells us that even though

“you AND your Employer” paid 12.6%

of your income since 1964 into Social Security,

now the “GOVERNMENT claims”:

 We have “NO Financial Rights” to Social Security as we retire.


 Because OUR GOVERNMENT spent “all" Social Security deposits,

as soon as it was in the bank.

 We were promised: Invest in Social Security for your future,

 NOW it’s gone. 

Real inflation is about 7%/year or more.

Social Security recipients get maybe a 2% raise

every 3 or 4 years.

 In 2016 the Social Security Department,

stopped giving widows Social Security benefits,

based on earnings of their deceased husband.

 Now Widows will survive(?) on benefits they earned

as a Homemaker.

 It’s time for the current Federal Government to be gone,

 to be replaced with Patriots.


I did fear that if I was elected, the powers destroying America, may want to kill me.

IF our Government could kill all those innocent citizens on 9/11, who knows,

if they would even allow me to get close to the “Swearing in ceremony”.



Who were the Middle Class? Before 1940, there were only wealthy, and poor.

There was NO Middle Class before the formation and joining UNIONS.




It was the insistence of UNIONS, to raise our wages, that we became Middle Class.

The manufacturing plants that had Union Workers, paid better wages,

and employee rights, that enabled, us to became “The Middle Class”.


Medical care “was not paid for by the employer”,


“that each of us paid for”, out of our pay checks.


Before Medical Insurance, Doctors were not rich, but dedicated to care for us.

Every time our Medical Plan increased how much they’d pay Doctors,

Doctors raised their prices. Now we have RICH Doctors

A business man explained: When it cost him $200/mo. for insurance per employee,

he paid it, but now that insurance is $1200/mo. which he can’t afford,

so to meet government rules he had to cut all employees to 29 hours per week


Isn’t great? What advance in living does this law give employees?


Now the unemployed do not have any insurance.

BUT: We have IRS Forced Medical Insurance OBAMACARE payments? NO WAY

I think we need to enlarge a Government run HMO affordable plan.



Our Government wants to end the Middle Class.


All of us POOR: To “service” the RICH. “Just like in Medieval Europe.”


Most of our citizens; are now slowly downsizing to POOR.

It may take another 50 years, but these planners don’t care,

 they’ve already spent the last 100 years to get us to this point.

Remember, world powers want to reduce the world population

to only 500 million.


Unless you make at least $1Million/yr: You will continue towards > POOR.

Because: > That’s the PLAN. Even then, the Millionaires will slowly lose

business, as the poor can no longer afford to buy, or use what ever they did

to earn/scam their money.


Our new nation?

Starting now (2013) in California, male children, who feel they are really females

emotionally, are demanding the right to use the girls Rest Rooms, Locker Rooms

at school. Do you want your daughters subject to this plan, for Gay Rights?


I’ll guarantee you; there is not one female that wants to share a male restroom,

or locker room.


It is now against the law to council sexually confused children,

for the help they may need, to respect the morals most American’s live by.


Gay? We don’t want to know your sexual orientation.



Starting in Kindergarten: Sexual Education for all children?

California demands that the state has the right to educate your children about SEX.

To teach them the Why’s and How’s, so they’ll know how, when the opportunity

strikes? Our Government is screwing us, now the kids will know how.


What next? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, for our kids?

Who is running the U S of A anyway? Certainly not US.




   OK: Can WE can fix America:

        We have elected Traitors who have sold us

           to the UNITED NATIONS:

                      NEW WORLD ORDER.

                A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”.


                      NO MORE CONSTITUTION


                      BILL OF RIGHTS.


                      TOTAL SURRENDER:

                    OF ALL RIGHTS”.


A couple of congressmen want a huge tax on

Purchasing guns, and ammo, to control our usage.

I have a good idea; candidates pay us for our votes!

Then they supply us with all the ammo we want for free!

Will we also have to apply for permits for Free Speech,

or to attend Church? “Think about it America”

Will they tax our Bill of Rights, so we can’t afford to be FREE?

Will we have to pay cops, not to search our cars, or homes?

The government tells us, driving a car in not A Right,

but “a Privilege” granted to us by “The Government”

What other Rights will become a Privilege, if we don’t fight NOW.



Do you feel helpless to control the future?

Do you think, your vote doesn’t count for anything? Right.

Do you really think Congress and the Senate Represent YOU?


Why are our students learning so little?

There is a consensus that citizens; with less education:

“Earn less”, so they’ll use less resources,

that the rich deserve.


Our Government only pretends to control our borders,

allowing an uncontrolled invasion of not only Hispanics,

but also people from all over the world entering;

either as visitors, or from the Mexican border.


As your President, I’ll order the Border Guards:

Shoot to Kill, and leave the bodies to rot in place.

Our border will be secure, or else.



On a fence in Palmdale, CA is a sign; that says:

“Property of the Federal Government”,

it is “Illegal to Trespass”.

I want a sign like that on our borders that says:

“Property of the citizens of the United States, Trespassers will be SHOT”.

So shoot them: Problem solved.


What would our Government do, if there were Russian men crossing into our nation from Mexico? “Men in Military Uniforms”


It’s time to stop being Politically Correct: We must fight to survive.

Read my message, and prepare yourself to FIGHT,



I‘ve been trying to insert a link about the killing of Kennedy, under John F. Kennedy Murder, above, but as many times as I try to copy that link in my file, JFKMurder it refuses to appear

for you to view, lets see if it will appear here. The link still fails to load.

Was George Bush at the site of Kennedy’s murder that day in Dallas, TX?



All over the nation, employees have taken over failing businesses “to became owners”, sort of a Co Op,

this works great,


Employees/Owners work for the better of the business.


Wouldn’t that be a great plan for a nation,

The citizens own the nation, they hire (elect) people

to run the business of the  nation.

OH! We’ve already done that; we called it the

“United States of America”.

Only, the people we’ve hired (ELECTED)

have been screwing us.

                These criminals are ruining the businesses of our nation.


                You have elected Republicans and Democrats in the past,

                           do you want more of them for our future?

                           We have been destroyed from within.

                           Too much of our manufacturing

                                                                 has been exported.

                           Not enough “Made in America” anymore.


Such as Carrier Air Conditioning Company in Indianapolis, IN

 Study the Greed in this situation, and Carrier claims they have to move manufacturing to Mexico to stay profitable.


We are told: “Americans consume TOO MUCH”,

                      that: We are spoiled with excess.

IF we return to simple living (a cot and three two meals)

as our ancestors had, then we can save the world.

Remember this is only for the simpletons of America,

the elite still deserve to live our excessive lives.



 I want you to realize that since 9/11 ANY demonstrations

 against our Government can be considered:

                                       An act of Terrorism.


If you stand up to the Government it annoys them.


YOU will be arrested and detained indefinitely as a threat to

the Government, that’s why 9/11 set the stage for takeover of

all of our RIGHTS, in the sense that:


                           America is NOW a War Zone.

               The Government is training our Military forces to:

                        MAINTAIN THE PEACE”


In other words, to arrest and lock up (or kill) citizens who dare

to challenge the leaders we elected,

“You will shut up and do as you are told or else”.

You can be locked up without any charges on you, and held indefinitely, forever “if the Government fears you”.

               Is this the future you wanted for America?


   Our Employees/People we elected are now telling us,

                           “THEY are the OWNERS of this nation,”

                             Shut up and follow orders from them.

                             This is a disgrace.



Are you ready for our nation to be run by the United Nations?

We are being sold, for a Dictator run One World Government.




Go shopping, you’ll find most items for sale,

are not “Made in America”!

Why is very little “Made in America” in our stores?

Again:  WHY WHY WHY?



The new plan: GLOBALIZATION for all?

                        For a New World Order

                        led by a United Nations-appointed ruler,

                        For a ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP.

It has taken them 100 years for this plan: Slavery for all?


First they stopped recognizing borders, to unite Europe into

the European Union, on to The North American Union, next on to a New World Order, no borders, no sovereignty, no freedoms.


Our New World leaders want to eliminate State borders,

to divide America into 10 zones,

each Zone run by the Washington D. C. criminals.


           Study My Menu of America’s problems

            I’m telling you what is wrong in America,

            and WHY you need Me to run your nation.






We still have these problems. You had no idea how many problems we have; study these:

A#1. New World Order: Bilderbergs      26. Military Personnel                                51. Golden Parachutes

  2. Homeland Security ?                        27. Military Income Taxes                         52. Inheritance Taxes

  3. Illegal Aliens Invaders or:?         28. Your Money                                                  53. Property Taxes

  4. Anchor Babies                                   29. INFLATION !!!!!!!                                      54. Highway Taxes

  5. Criminals in Mexico                          30. SS Inflation                                             55. Taxes / Pork 2016

  6. Alien Workers                        31. Social Security  Broke or Fixed          56. Panama Canal

  7. Legal Immigrants                               32. Supplemental Security Income        57. American Debts

  8. English is our language                   33. Congress/Pay  Rich?  $14,600/mo.      58. Religious Freedom

  9. Health Care FREE? If you PAY.     34. Gangs                                                       59. Police Action

10. Protecting America                           35. Graffiti/Gangs                                         60. Court System

11. American Safety                                 36. Politically Correct Speech                  61. Jury Pay

12. Eminent Domain                                37. Post Office My way, or highway        62. Guns 2ndAmend. 87-297

13. Electoral Collegeelects Pres”.    38. Federal Lands                                        63. Criminal Defense

14. Foreign Aid                                          39. Welfare Conditions                               64. Illegal Entry, Police see #65

15. American Jobs                                   40. Married Living                                        65.  Civil Asset Forfeiture scam

16. Foreign Products                              41. Birth Control                                           66. Drunk Drivers

17. Exports                                   42. Global Warming, Cap and Trade>     67. Environment

18. Labor Unions                                      43. Medicare,   Broke                                   68. Racial Relations

19. Education/Schools                           44. GAS $10/gal. or $1.29/gal                   69. Racial Quotas

20. Student Safety                                    45. Changes in Taxes                                 70. Voting Rights

21. Child Health                                        46. Sales Taxes                                            71. NATIONAL I.D. Cards

22. Employment                                        47. Excise Taxes                                          72. Drugs, Legal, Illegal

23. Civil Rights                                          48. Other Taxes                                            73. Container Cargo

24. Bicycles                                               49. Income Taxes IRS blood suckers    74. Railroads, Electric

25. WAR/Armed Forces                          50. Double Taxes                                        75. National Disasters

                                                           More subjects of interest

1620 Pilgrim invasion                             9/11 (Building 7?)“INSIDE JOB”  BORDERGATE =CIA Imports Drugs

Aids Invented by us, for Africa.            Habeas Corpus Cancelled                     North American Union?

America after 1948                                   Headlines  “Nov. 2012”                          NAFTA AMER-Mexico Super Highway

Homeless Seniors, on TV                      History of Muslims                       Other Candidates

American Truckers                                  History 1776, w/Guns                              OBAMA

2 Tons of Free Money,  for Iraq            How to take over a nation                      Republicans or Democrats ?

Border Security, a Joke?                       I have an anger problem            RFID Chip in your arm/National ID?

B. OBAMA Economy? Sucks               Independent Candidates           Sedition Act 1797/1918

Change! you want Change?                 Imports STOP                                            Some Solutions

Customs, Border Security?                  I’ve had enough, have you?                  Starving Nations

Un-Change, and Restore                       INDIANA                                                      Stars and Stripes

Congress guilty of Murder                    INFOWAR                                                   TENNESSEE National Guard

Children No future jobs           JUSTICE?                                                   Terrorism in America

FREE SPEECH, is DANGER                John F. Kennedy Murder           United Nations

Declaration of Independence               Liberals                                                       United States SOLD

DISARM? You, then our Military?        Global Warming (Judy Cross)              Veterans Honored

Do We run the Government?                Money, free money? For whom?        What am I trying to do ?

Do you want a free nation?                   My Biography >>>>>>>>&>>>>>>>>>  Who am I ?

ECONOMY, in the dumps                      My Foreign Policy                                    Who is the Government ?

ENERGY, you can’t afford                     “My Political Aims”                                 *Who shot Reagan, Why?

Executive Orders, for Martial law         “MY PLAN”                                                Youth of America

First Amendment, NO Free Speech  THEIR PLAN                                            What is a Hoosier ?

FEAR, and a lot of it                                Political Books. Buy, Read’ LEARN     UNEMPLOYMENT

Foreclosures, still in 201                        No more Religion allowed?                   Seychelles



*********************************************************************** *********************************************************************** ***********************************************************************

On top of all of our Problems is still AGENDA 21, to destroy our Sovereignty


PLUS: Videos Yes! You must watch and learn from these Videos.


Discover who murdered child Jon Benay Ramsey in Colorado


The above items are just a start:

       Keep reading and viewing for more discussion of our problems,

        Check this:

Close our borders:

The following are some of the most important links you will ever research

Daneen G. Peterson Ph. D. presents: TREASON “You won’t believe this”.

                               Our highways sold. All Freeways, to become PayWays.


                Protect our borders from Invasion

                    Explore new revelations daily.

                The Cato Institute revelations.


You need to watch this Science and Conspiracy Report and LEARN what

our Government is capable of doing, then join with me to Save America.


If you believe the Warren Report, and the 911 Report produced by our Government,

don’t bother reading any further.


If 18 of the 19 so called Hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, why did we invade Iraq?


Remember President Bush told you:

He watched the plane hit the North Tower on TV:


he entered the classroom to speak to the children.


The problem is: The video showing the plane hitting

the “North Tower” wasn’t on TV until the next day.

Think that over. Why did Bush lie?

How much did Bush lie?


                    I’m trying to get your attention:

              TO SAVE AMERICA.


I deal in Numbers

 How do the numbers add up?

It all began with Numbers that affected history, dates,

and historical changes.

Do you want more CHANGES in America?