I’m “President Don” your

    Independent Candidate for President 2016:




                                                                                              18 April 2014.


      with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL/ NONE



What happened? Did we forget it?



     My Plan:  [Fu]/ Screw the IRS

 I’ll fire the IRS


The power to TAX; is the power to Destroy!


    The 100 year plan to destroy America.

     1913-2013: Taxation to destroy our financial Freedom.

        ^                    The Federal Reserve Banking ACT: Enough already?


           Who is the Government?

                            “We the People”?

Yeah sure, OK Maybe Not anymore!


Being educated, doesn’t mean you’re smart.

It’s time to become SMART.


I am fighting for the survival of our nation.

Two Futuristic Government movies come to mind:

“1984” and “Animal Farm”: Coming true, for YOU.

The Animals are in control, and we are just subjects.

We started this nation with the idea, that:

We’d elect Leaders and tell them how to run our nation, now they tell us: OBEY, COOPERATE, OR ELSE,

Not negotiable, you’ll follow orders “or else”.


  Wake up Americans, our Government

is Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Bankrupt.


What next for OUR nation, our Politicians will still draw their salary. Only you will go to the poor house.


What will you do, when you try to pay a bill, or buy something and are told your money is worthless, that only Silver or Gold coins will be accepted for payment! That has happened in many nations, it can and will happen in America too.

The United States has been sold, to The New World Order.


                  IF I’m not your next President,

                     America is done for.


Obama is a Fraud

Obama Care is a FRAUD

Ft. Hood attack.

In Whitehouse, TX it is against the law in a residential neighborhood, to walk on the “wrong side of the street”!

Woman thrown to the ground, arrested, and taken to jail!

            IS this Justice in our America? What next?

Americans under attack, lets use our Gun Rights, NOW


Fed agents take Nevada, Next, the rest of America.

Mr. Bundy wins for now, but the Feds will be back.

The Feds claim Animals contaminate our air, and water.

So: Farm Animals must GO.

The Feds want to protect/Change us.

SO: Stop eating Meat, eat Vegetables: “if” they allow farmers to grow Vegetables, or: You Starve to death?

The Fed’s have plans to confiscate all private farms.


Sorry, farmers are denied water for crops in Colorado and California. There’s a drought you know.

Just eat food imported from China and enjoy.


America won’t need as much food when the population is reduced to 25 million citizens, to control Global warming.


Global Warming? Remember the drought of the 1930’s?

Nothing new.


NOW: Warning!

ALL Fresh Water belongs to the Federal Government.

It is illegal to retain rain water on your property.


But, you must pay for the draining of rain water from your property. WELL! Someone has to pay for sewers.


Build a water pond on your property! Illegal!

Thou shalt be submissive, or suffer extinction.


What in the hell is going on Americans?

The truth is Agenda 21,

Government to confiscate All private Property.

Government plans to convert citizens, to subjects.

IF you are tired of this shit, then it’s time to elect me.



A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!


If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion, while “not working” is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide incentives for not working,

by granting 99 weeks of unemployment checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was diligently sought, but couldn’t be found —

you might live in a nation, that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage —

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If your government 'cracks down' on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels—

you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for 'the safety of its citizens' and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country —

You live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.


What a country!

How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!




You have only one chance to Restore this Nation.


IF you don’t elect me in 2016, the only way you can Restore this Nation will be using Violence,

and millions will be killed.

Do you think our elections are fraudulent? I DO!


Even then, it’s questionable as to whether you can win, since all of you are outgunned. Your only chance will be using sabotage, and that’s a long drawn out dangerous battle.


“I” can and will kick ass,

                             to bring Justice back to our nation.

                     Restore America by ReVote, not Revolt.


Potential Republican Presidential Candidate:

Jeb Bush claims that Illegal Immigrants invade us because: “They love America”, that we should just open our borders to all, with no restrictions, and you should support “with your MONEY and job, to aid them to take over our nation. Have you had enough Bush Family?


As for Hillary Clinton, that woman would sell her soul

to become our President. I’d not only be afraid to be

her enemy, but I’d fear more being her FRIEND.

The Clinton “friends” seem to suffer unusual deaths.

Hillary is perfect for the Democrat candidate in 2016

She knows how to lie, lie, lie with a straight face.

Without a conscience, or a care for America,

our America.

Have you  had enough Clinton Family?


America can’t afford any RepublicanDemocrat candidate in 2016.       Notice I linked RepublicanDemocrat because in reality, they are one and the same, to destroy America.


We must be concerned, as never before:

If we are to continue to be a Nation,

                           for any Freedom and Justice in America.

                                   Let’s ReVote.


As I recall, Obama was concerned that 30 million Americans had no Insurance. Obama brags that now

7.1 million have insurance. What about the 50 million

that previously had insurance, and now have none?


It’s time to clean up Washington DC, Let’s roll



 What is my Agenda? Prosperity and Peace for Americans.


 What is their Agenda? Agenda 21 COMMUNISM, POVERTY.

 Our leaders want us to be Equal to all peoples of the world,

 Equally poor that is. Turn off America, enjoy poverty.


We need to start over, with New Representatives, not Traitors, to Restore this Nation, before we lose everything.


Do you believe Congress and the Senate represents YOU?


When they pass a law is it “for you”, or to control YOU?

Every LAW, Regulation, or what ever you call it, is to Control YOUR Freedom. To take more of your money.



We’ve spent Billions of our $ to the United Nations,

so the UN, not us, would protect nations from Invasion.


SO: Where is the United Nations Military to stop Russia?


Why did we financed the United Nations,  if they’re powerless?


We/You have given $80 Billion to the nation of Georgia

to protect them from Russia.


IF the UN doesn’t stop Putin from invading Ukraine then it’s time to throw the United Nations out of NY City, and put the screws to Putin to get out of Crimea, and away from Ukraine.


What next: Russian Missiles in Cuba?

                     Russians invading Mexico?

We didn’t stop Hitler in time, because we wanted to believe him, it cost us dearly, never again. NO Trust.


            Ukraine! WW III coming up?

Now: It’s obvious that Russia intended to invade and stay.


Russian leaders are doing exactly what Hitler started in 1939,

Hitler was “just going to extend the border of Germany

to include German people living adjacent to Germany”,

then he invaded  more nations, “just to extend the borders of Germany “to include” German citizens, living in other nations”.


That’s what Mexico wants to do with America’s southern border, extend the Mexican border to Canada.


We have spent so much to organize the European Union,

to stop European nations fighting each other

as they did for the last 2000 years.

NOW the European Nations are under defended!


As your President, my foreign diplomacy would be:

                        “Don’t Screw with the United States”.

I don’t believe in Diplomacy, I believe in issuing Demands.

Diplomacy = Kissing Ass.


I’d demand Putin remove his military NOW,

                       or in 24 hours: Time for action.

Don’t misunderstand our demands, you’ll lose.


Will Russia continue to expand West to include all European nations, as part of Russia?

                              Who will stop him?


I’d put some teeth into my message to Russia.

What will Obama do?

Obama is not a World Leader, he’s a puppet: SAD.


Now we have to pay Russia to send our astronauts to the Space Station!


(One of my many ancestors was Rurik of Kiev,  800-879 AD.

So most citizens of the Ukraine are probably my cousins.)


The Russian people are our friends, but Vladimir Putin  sucks.


Have you seen pictures of the Russian Military guarding citizens in the Ukraine? Well that’s what it can look like in America when our dear Obama decides that for Social Justice he will have Militarized Local Police standing on our streets to prove to you, you have submitted to our new Government plan to protect you, from your-self, so just submit, and follow orders, so you’ll be safe (screwed).


It makes me sick to know what suckers we were to have shipped so much material,

                                       to restore the Russian economy in 1945.


This is what happens when you try to help anyone, we get screwed.

Ford shipped an entire truck factory to Russia, in 1948 to help Russia recover from WWII.


Look at what we shipped to Russia in 1945 to help them. Why?

Read this!

This is a list of the unbelievable stuff we shipped to Russia in 1945 on Lend Lease.

Just Google for “Lend Lease to Russia” make sure you are sitting down, so you don’t fall down in shock. Never paid for, or acknowledged as helping Russia, Then the Billions we spent on the Cold War with Russia? No! You wouldn’t know about that, but we did it. Why?

Right on the top of the list: Take notice of the Radioactive materials we sent to Russia in 1945.



         You’ll have to read this “entire website” to see what’s in it.
       “Where have you heard that before”?
            Well this is not a Nancy Pelosi report:
                                                    This is about our entire nation at risk.
Your future depends upon reading and understanding my data for you.
I can’t possibly list everything going wrong in our nation,
                                   in just the beginning of this presentation. 
I know this website is huge, but America has Huge Problems.


Red States? Blue States? I’m only concerned about Red, White and Blue States, where Patriotic  American Citizens live.


You owe it to yourself  to read and study everything in this website, to understand how critical our situation really is. 
At this moment, we’ve lost control of our nation.
When we can be detained (arrested) without any charge for any crime, and held indefinitely, or  eliminated to please our elected leaders TRAITORS.
Remember we did not elect our local police or any other law enforcement type prowling our streets, ready to stop us to be searched, “detained on Suspicion” regardless of our Bill of Rights protections. The politicians we elected, hired the police to protect them, not us! WE need cops to protect us.
In order to save ammunition for Homeland Security Forces, now citizens will only be allowed 8 bullets, to protect them from enemies. The police tell us that’s all we need to protect us from criminals. Seems OK to me, as long as cops only have 8 bullets.
Asset Forfeiture:
Our Police/Traitors are in control all over our nation, to Steal from US, legally, and you can’t do shit about it. The only solution is to Kill Cops to stop the Theft of your money and possessions.
YOU are Guilty:           Until you Prove Innocence: This has to stop.
As your President, when I’m in office, if this happens to you, a simple letter to my office will be all you have to do to stop this Thievery.
The only way you can get your money or property back from the Cops now, is to sue them, and you’ll still be out the money, because the Judge is on their side. Does the Judge get a cut?
The Cops laugh all the way to the bank, they claim, they deserve  your money because you are not a cop.
Protect America, Screw the  cops.
It’s time for every citizen to arm themselves, to protect yourself from the Cops. Take Target Practice so you win in a shoot out.
      IF you do not  stop this intrusion of our Rights, Right NOW:
                                            then we have lost this nation, forever.
Once we are disarmed, we can never have another Revolution.
             So ReVote before we have to ReVolt.  It’s now or never.



        Remember FREEDOM is not FREE,

many lives were lost, to establish and maintain this nation. Will you give  up your Rights: to remain FREE?


I’m the kind of person that does not take “Any shit”,

 I do not “KISS ASS”, I KICK ASS.

Is this the kind of President you finally want, “to run this nation”?

It’s my way or the highway, America all the way: My way.

  My advisors will be 49 governors of our 50 States. A nation United.

(California governor Jerry Brown excluded)

(Sorry this is the only way I know how to make a website, it’s my message that’s important) Microsoft Word sucks.



God bless America, land that I love.

I’ll Stand beside her, and guide her:






              Study the plight of Detroit, MI,

        as Detroit has been destroyed ,

      every city in America will be destroyed.

           You know something is going Wrong!

           Can we stop this Wrong?

       We are no longer       ONE NATION”.

       We have been divided and conquered to

       destroy the concept of “ONE NATION”

                                    with LIBERTY

                                     and JUSTICE for all.

             America failed: In exchange for:


            It’s a case of   Divide,    and  Destroy.

        We have been Divided, and Destroyed.

      Can we save America?

                        Is America worth saving?

  Or, are you just too lazy to save America?

Or, you don’t care about Liberty and Justice?

WE can do this, IF you care about

                               the future, for your Children.

    I think: America is worth saving?

      I’ll put my life on the line,

        to stand up for YOU, if you join me.

          Will you stand up: To save America?


I’ve studied the history of America the past 100 years.

I’ve witnessed the continuing destruction day by day.

I’m not looking at just tomorrow.

I’m looking at 10 to 100 years in the future, for our nation, for the world, and all I see “is More loss of Freedoms”.


The plan is: To reduce the population of the entire earth,

to only the  Very Rich, “and” the population needed

to serve the Very Rich. Just like the Kings of the past.


America is in failure, America is Bankrupt.


Will you and your family survive? Only with ME.

When we run out of Oil, how will they ship food

to your store. How will you get to the store, or work or ?


                     E Pluribus Unum.




                         We are told, it’s: against “us”:

         The “War on Terrorism”:

                       our citizens are under attack.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, CANCELLED

for the good of “the Government”. You have NO RIGHTS.


Our elected leaders consider us terrorists. They’re right!

When they take away our Rights, we can be a danger to them.

So it’s time we show them who really runs this nation,

                  WE the PEOPLE.

As far as they are concerned: We are a threat to Them.

            So to defend the Politicians:

                All Rights must be suspended!

Just as in Germany in1933

You are SUSPECTS: You are subject to being stopped and

                                         searched at any time “to protect the Government”.

                                            NO resistance will be allowed.

                                                Cash will be confiscated.


The Post Office knows were everyone of us lives.



 When the United States fails, there is no hope,

 for any nation of the world.

 There will be Totalitarian control of the entire World.

 We are the last defense for the “ENTIRE World”.

 Do you understand how serious this really is?


Obama claims we don’t need Congress,

he’s our Executive Leader, so he’ll sign

               Executive Orders to rule our nation.

               You’re screwed.


Is our Government, against US?  YES!


Are you  “Ready to Surrender”?   NO?


An old saying:

Everyone rises to their level of Incompetence,

where they can’t advance:

That describes every elected Politician in America.


It’s: “Their Incompetence”, and we suffer.

It’s: Time to un VOTE them out of office.

                      Re VOTE:

     to save the United States of America.


     Operation American Spring:

Ret. Colonel creates March On Washington, May 16, 2014.

What I fear is our Elected Traitors will use this opportunity to shoot citizens, as they strive to force Obama and his minions out of office and they will call this a “Terrorist Attack on the Government.


They will arrest or maybe shoot to kill all the Patriots attending this demonstration, then put Martial Law in to effect to prove to us, that

                                         We the People” no longer run this nation.

That we have submitted to the illegal Government,

That is enslaving our people.


Who will shoot us:

                             UNITED NATIONS TROOPS,

                                                                          trained to kill us?


The people who have spent billions of dollars to put a nothing Obama in the White House, will stop at nothing to achieve the destruction of the United States.


Groups like “The Trilateral Commission/Bilderbergs” have planned and pushed for this destruction, the last 100 years. They will not stop, unless every single Citizen in this nation stands up and Retakes Control of The United States.


Who was Obama? a nothing, suddenly Illinois Senator, then a US Senator for a few months, then a Presidential Candidate. Why? I’ll tell you why, RACISM. Obama hates America.


 You were fed a bunch of “We are not RACISTS”,

                            so we would elect a Black Man to be our President.


About $900 Billion to advertise Obama, 90% of all political advertisement on all the media, “to tell you”, “we are not RACISTS”, , to prove “We are not RACISTS, elect Obama”.


The destruction of the United States has been planned and executed from within, to export our jobs, to financially destroy our economy, to involve us in War after War.


Our nation is BANKRUPT. Why? Keep asking yourself WHY?

It’s not Obama’s fault, he’s the “fall guy”, the problem is,

“he doesn’t know it”, he thinks it’s his personality, Wrong.


                   Keep reading, and realize, unless we elect

                             INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES,

                             to retake control of our nation:

We don’t stand a ghost of a chance to stop the failure of our nation. Trillions of DOLLARS in debt, and who is going to pay all of that?


We don’t have American dollars in our pocket, we have phony FEDERAL RESERVE Paper MONEY  in our pockets.


Who will stand up and give us Gold and Silver for this paper,

as guaranteed by the Constitution?

We have been screwed, as Obama promised you;

                                             Fundamental Change for America.

Screw Obama.


Where is our Gold? I keep seeing the GOLD held in the Federal Reserve Bank in NY City, but not our GOLD in Ft. Knox. Why?


Well I kinda liked our America like it was, prosperity, privacy, patriots defending our nation, with Liberty and Justice for all.


Not that we’ve had much Justice for the last 100 years.

WE have to standup and put some WE the PEOPLE  in charge.


George Soros and his Billions, plus the Billionaires of the

Tri Lateral Commission, have financed this destruction.


The closing of over 48,000 factories since 2002, the imports of everything in our stores, the foreign auto manufactures building 90% of the parts overseas to assemble and sell to you, “a car that American labor could not compete to manufacture here”, to close down our automobile manufacturers,

and you buy that? WHY?


Because these people play for KEEPS. And you’ve bought it.

Cadillac building a million cars a year in China? WHY?

Has GM sold us out for China?

Is that why OBAMA rescued GM?


The phony 911 scam to send us to a financially destructive war in the middle east, then “America hating Obama” in the White House.


It will take more than a MILLION marchers on Washington DC to stop this TREASON. It will take everyone of you:

To Stand Up and march with ME.

So we can retake our nation NOW.


Our Militarily Trained Cops (“SWAT TEAMS”) are ready to take us down. To protect us from CIA imported drugs,

and you fall for this shit, as we become more and more desperate to survive.



I’m more aware than you can imagine, because I’ve studied everything happening to America, before “and” since 1936.


I was only 9 years old in 1936. But I was being trained about our Politics by my step-father.

    I started watching and studying what had and was happening to America.

  I hoped: That some leader would stop the destruction, and Treason.

  I knew what was happening; but that hasn’t stopped.

“There is a reason why I know what is going on, as a child:

  I had inside training about the PLANNED failure of America”.


               NOW we are down for the count, and I must step up:

              To Restore our Future, before this nation dies, and our wonderful life style ends.


                                                    This Treason started in 1840, bit by bit, they’ve sold us:

                                                To the United Nations.

                           To surrender our Sovereignty.

                                       To join the New World Order.


      Is this what you want? 

     It’s time to fight.

     It started as:

1913 the Federal Reserve Act, to take over our money and banks.

1916 the Income Tax Act, to tax our money.

WW I when we were not involved in it, but overseas we went.


The start of the idea, the League of Nations, for a ONE WORLD.


1929: The Federal Reserve Banks closed:

                         to Crash the Stock Market,

so Roosevelt can start Socialism, to make it a crime to own GOLD.


To show us: “We can starve if we don’t submit”.

In 1940 , Government started drafting citizens

to fight WWII, “that we would not be involved in”.


Sales Taxes started in 1933.

Taxed when we earn it, taxed when we spend it. TAX TAX TAX.



Are you  a business owner, or want to open a business?

YOU have to have to Pay for a business license each year, then pay 1% tax on your Gross Sales to your local city/county bastards. Plus property taxes if you own the building, even if you RENT, part of your rent pays the property owner for Property Taxes to the County, then Federal and State income tax on the business profits, then income tax on your personal income from the business, it’s all TAXES. WHY? It’s time to revote. Our elected leaders are hell bent on collecting TAXES.


Let’s stop this. Get together with other businesses, and stop this rip off.


Stop the Government demand that you can’t operate a business, unless you have a License.


What does your city do for YOU, that you have to pay them, for you to have any business operation in “their” City.

Revolution time.


I’ll back you up, let’s RULE.



Got employees? Pay your share of their SS tax, and Disability, and Unemployment Insurance in case you fire them or have to lay them off, “do to lack of profit”, after paying taxes.

You’re screwed if you do, and screwed if you don’t. 


Bit by Bit, the financial takeover of everything in our nation.


The housing bubble in 2000: Let’s let everyone buy a house,

credit for all, then later, the “BANKS” raise the interest rates

from 5-7% to 14-28% and started foreclosures.

Laid off from our jobs, as they close our factories.

We are broke and left out in the cold.


It’s all a SCAM AMERICANS, let’s stop this.



  Proceed with caution, this website contains “PROFANITY” .

     I want you to be SHOCKED, to get your attention.

        Because: Most Americans are not paying attention.


        This is the critical future of our nation RIGHT NOW.


As I said:

You will find a few words of Profanity in this website, in fact I promise you there is a bit of Profanity,

because our leaders have been Screwing us for a long time.

               I need to get your attention at all costs.

     Words”, you ignore so many words, yet when you hear PROFANITY, you

     immediately notice that. WHY? It shocks you! Well it’s time to be shocked.




Be prepared to be shocked, it’s time to get your attention.


America elected a Democrat in 2008, 2012?

Because: you did not want another Republican as your President!


Just how bright did you think George Bush was?


Republican candidate John McKain, with Sarah Palin! Come on

now, they knew you weren’t ready for that combo, so Elect Obama?


This was all a plot, and did we really elect Obama?


Congressman  Ron Paul,  “Republican Candidate” totally ignored, why? Because he told us, we were being screwed, can’t have honesty in Washington DC.


Many have said, give me control of the nations money, and

I don’t care who you elect, we will run this nation.

Who is in control of our money?


The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM  is “a private banking cartel”.


You can spend Gold and Silver anywhere, but if they won’t take your Federal Reserve banknotes for anything? Your Screwed.

In 2016 will you Elect another Democrat?

Or in 2016 Elect a Republican?

Are you crazy or what?



Each election you change which party you elect, expecting what: CHANGE? Now how dumb is that?

What is wrong with you, Republi Cons and Democ Rats

are both destroying our nation.


It’s time for  you to realize, you need to RESTORE

the future of America.


NO more RepubliCons or DemocRats, but Independent Candidates.

There are many of us, who have given up on these two parties.



1973 - Humanist Manifesto II:

                   "The next century can be, and should be, the Humanistic century

            ...we stand at the dawn of a new age...a secular society on a planetary scale....

                As “NON-THEISTS,” we begin with HUMANS,

                        NOT GOD,


                       not DEITY”..

We deplore the division of humankind on “nationalistic grounds..


     Thus we look to the development of a system of “World Law” and “World Order

     based upon Transnational Federal Government.... The true revolution is occurring."



Note the elimination of God in the future planning of the Humanist Manifesto.

(As Russian churches were destroyed), now “our” leaders, are leading us to

“a nation free from THEOLOGY”, for SOCIAL JUSTICE. This is the plan for:

A One World Government, where you will WORSHIP the Leaders, not GOD. HEY! It works in China and N. Korea!


Notice the wording “TransNational” ie: without borders” in the future,

for a  One World Government!

There is no Justice in Social Justice.



We have a huge crime wave in America.

These criminals can Kidnap you, legally, for life.

Their Crime is on the rise, to legally  steal every

thing you own, and you can’t stop this crime.

              Who are these CRIMINALS?

                 Where are these CRIMINALS?


                 YOU ELECTED THEM!


They are in every Government office in the nation.

These bastards are hell bent To destroy our Rights.

They intend to destroy America, no matter what it takes.


If I had my way, I’d cancel the citizenship of every elected politician in our present Government, and deport them. Most don’t deserve to live in this nation.


I can put America back on track in 4 years.

First Elect 435 Patriots to Congress.

      Elect: 100 Patriots in the Senate.

      Lets have Patriots running this nation.

       To protect Citizens, and

                     the Patriots in our military,

  who are/have defended our nation.

When we have the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein running our nation we have a lot of troubles. We need to clean house. 


Right now: We have:

       SWAT teams at the ready: To kill us!

       We are told, Drug Raids are: To protect us!

      We don’t have Citizen Police, we have

    Militarized Police to confiscate America!

  WE are under attack, let’s fight back!

You’ll Follow Orders as you’re told, or else!


(10% of above link).

We also see a trend in the use of military units on the home front and the creation of US NORTHCOM which falls under FEMA. We see the ever expanding use of “Zombie Apocalypse” training scenarios where the military is training to assist police in civil unrest situations. This is the rehearsal and practice of the military neglecting its oath to uphold their service to the people and the Constitution. America wake up, we are the zombies. The Police State is nothing more than Communism encroaching. We have become the frog in the boiling pot of water. By the time we as a nation realize that we are not soaking in warm suds, but in the cooker it will be too late we will have surrendered all of our rights willingly and will have accepted our role as the proletariat.


        OUR Government is Wonderful, or so “they tell us”.

       More people have been killed by a LEGAL Governments,

        than any other criminals in the history of the earth.

           Are WE next?



We the Peopleof the United States, do you actually think,

We the Peopleare running this nation?

We the Peoplehaven’t run anything for the last 100 years.

  We have been overtaken.

 That’s why so many citizens don’t bother to vote, many people realize,

           we don’t really run anything”, it’s a waste of time to vote.

       The people we send to Washington D. C. won’t represent US.

When the Government spends, it spends TAXES taken from US.


It’s time for: “We the People to retake control of every square inch of America.

Do you want someone to represent YOU in Washington DC?

I’m ready, if you want “We the People” to run America.




The term CITIZEN is not to be taken lightly. Many bled, and died for the right for us to be called CITIZEN’S. Many people have

    given everything to become      CITIZEN’S of this nation?

  It’s time for us to defend our CITIZENSHIP, or we will be called



              Obama says: You don’t  need guns, Obama is here to

         Fundamentally Change our nation, or some such shit.

   What he means is: Gun Registrations,

                                        Gun Confiscations,

                                        Midnight raids

            to send you to FEMA CAMPS.

   Obama will decide which SUBJECTS deserve Constitutional Rights.

                                             SUBJECTS will,

                                             CITIZENS won’t.

                                             Democrats will,

                                             Republicans won’t.


Remember, in WWII, the Jews in Germany were not under arrest,

they were merely beingrelocated”, to CAMP, “for SAFETY”.

They were disarmed, and led to their death like sheep, are you sheep?




                              can go ON VACATION,  CAMPING WITH THEIR FAMILIES!


           WHAT! They are not on VACATION?”


                                  They have no home anymore!


   That tent under the bridge/or in the forest, is all they have, under the pledge of our elected leaders/

         the Traitors in Washington, to Fundamentally  CHANGE America.

Will America be “a puppet state” of the ONE WORLD, NEW WORLD ORDER? Not if I can stop this.

  What are some people doing in America, to survive?

    What happened to our nation, a nation where we could “earn our way”?

   To support our families, with love, to watch our families grow and enjoy:

            LIBERTY, and  FREEDOM, from want


         Why don’t those CAMPERS get a job, to support their families?

                                   Why? NO JOBS for Americans anymore?


         Do you love camping?


                New name for FEMA Camps, they are a

                                        Public Safety Complex

                                 or as Governor Jesse Ventura exposed: 

                                       Residential Centers.


If it Walks like a DUCK, Quacks like a DUCK, Looks Like a DUCK,



(Our Government!) FEMA loves you.


You can resist and refuse to go, by using your 2nd Amendment GUNS.

If you get enough Citizens together, to resist the encroaching Military”.

WE must shoot to kill, or be killed. Arm yourselves to the hilt.


BUT: You the gun owner don’t stand one chance in Hell of resisting our Government “MILITARY” enhanced Police when they attack you, demanding surrender, because you are outgunned a million to one.


The only solution to restoring our Rights is  replacing our elected politicians who have sold us down the river, destroying the United States as we have know it.


We must demand and control the Ballot Box, so we can

honestly elect Patriots to lead our nation with Peace and Freedom.

I don’t trust our elected leaders to count the votes.

How does our Government know where you are? I know!


Do you want to live (for a while) in a Residential Center? Before death!

The Barbed Wire surrounding the camp will protect you from outside danger.

Do you like playing Ball Games, well play Ball with our

new Government plan, ONE Strike, and you are out: DEAD

What’s in a name? CONCENTRATION CAMP, Prisoners.


2012: 40,000 new Federal Laws, do you know what they are?

AND they tell you: Ignorance of the LAW is no excuse = Guilty?

  Do the Supreme Court Justices, give us Justice? Or SCAM!

You must read ALL 109 pages of > this report.  

Read what is happening to citizens in our nation, by a terrorist police force in every community in America. Do we have to kill every cop in America?     

The  police beat and kill citizens with no fear of  reprisals, after all they are above reproach, “Innocent of Murder” time after time.

                                        This CATO Report is: Adobe Reader file, PAGE DOWN  DOWN  DOWN and read ALL the report.



  *Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.

I know this is a lot of information, but: Do you care what happens to AMERICA?      

Additional problems in America: Continue:   Page 2,   Page 3,   Page 4,   Page5

Then my Master MENU of 150 problems in America.


More CRIME against Americans, closer to home: Chicago, ILL. 1990

What was the one thing that pushed me over the edge “to do something”?

I watched an Internet video, showing a Sheriff in Chicago, evicting a mother and her 2 small children, (she had lost her job due to cut backs), he gave her about 5 minutes in the afternoon, to gather items, then put her and her 2 pre-kindergarten children, + a few belongings out on the curb in pouring down rain. Then the Sheriff locked her out, and drove away.

The sheriff had no empathy, as he said: “He does this all day, every day”.

I knew something has to be done.

I do not see our Government caring at all. “I care”, do you?

My heart cried out for help to the many families failing to have security, for the fear in the hearts of children, with no where to sleep, or food in their stomachs, I remember the hunger in my life in the 1930’s. Why do we still have hungry children in the greatest nation in the world? This is a crime.


“Is this my America”? It made me sick, and angry, and determined.

Is this what our nation has become? Have we become this heartless?

I believe Social help should have been there to protect these children,

“and” the Mother, leading them to some shelter and Help.

While our elected elite give Billions to foreign nations.

While our elected elite give Billions to bail out Billionaires.



I have never been a politician, is that a + or a minus?

Do you like or trust Politicians?

How many people/families are living in a tent somewhere: Homeless?


What would you do, if this were you, and your children?


Where are the millions of people who have lost their homes, or can’t

pay their rent, because the company they worked for “has left America”?

Our leaders? are letting us self-destruct, because: This is “Their Plan”!


How does our Government get away with this treason? Because most of you don’t know what is happening in Washington DC, and don’t have a clue what our future will be, even worse, you don’t believe “WE” can do anything about it.


“IF you vote”, you vote for a PARTY? It’s time for you to wake up, get up, do something NOW. Yet I know most of you will cry, “what happened”, when the shit hits the fan in the near future, and more of you are homeless.

It’s time to elect a Patriot, to lead our nation, to Restoration, not

                                          Fundamental Change. (Communism)



There is nothing Politically Correct in this site, only the truth!

Some print may large, but continue and be sure to read all the “Small Print”.

After the enactment of  Public Law 87-297 the “Disarmament Act” Peace will be world wide.


With the United Nations troops protecting us, there will be no more wars, or crime.

The UN Military will be here to control EVERYTHING, won’t that be wonderful?

Peace at last, Peace at last, as long as you Obey, Submit, and COOPERATE.



    The first Amendment, so important: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion,

    Freedom to Assemble, Freedom to come and go as you wish. Freedom to work

    at what you want to do. FREEDOM to be left alone to pursue happiness and life!


     FREEDOM to keep the money for labor you earn.

     Most of you don’t have the guts to get up and “do something” to stop this failure.

     Since you insist on electing Republicans and Democrats; you’re screwed.

     Keep on believing that crap, if you just elect “Party D” or “Party R” you lose?


     We need the 2nd Amendment to enforce all the rest of our Amendments.

     We need the 2nd Amendment, or we have NO Rights.

     When we give up our GUNS, we’ve given up our nation.

     Because, we have leaders who do not respect our Rights.



Tuesday 28th January 2014.

Obama “State of the Union” message! Global Warming is a FACT. WOW

Now we know for sure, Scientist Obama has spoken.

They must have earned an F- in Chemistry.

Scientist Obama and Scientist Al Gore must have a lot to talk about.

Dumb assholes, screwing us at every turn of the world.

OR are we the Dumb Asses?


Millions of Citizens may be unemployed and homeless, but Obama claims:

We are doing great. Yeah great, if  you’re President making $400,000/yr.

He can’t see the homeless from the Golf Course.


While millions are homeless: Jobs left our nation, because Congress

does not Control “Imports”.  


Impostor Obama stands up and tells us: We have to change, because of the world weather. Just stop the United States and let the United Nations run everything, and all will be well.


Obama is following the plan on how to turn our nation over to Socialism,

>>>>>>>>> on to Communism.


Turn off America,  equality for all (the leaders) NOT US, and all will be well.


Obama didn’t tell you, we sell OIL to China, so cut back on your driving.


We must build more fast food restaurants to employ all citizens, so you can work less than 30 hrs/week, at his new plan $10.10/hr. minimum wage.


Remember, as you work less hours, no time off for being sick, no earned Vacation time, not that you can afford any Vacationing ever again.


Did Obama tell you, to support his Government spending, you’ll be taxed

at 50% of your new $10.10/hr income.


His Concrete plan, Concrete boots for you. Then: swimming you will go.


Do you want (Consumer protection)? I list business’ that I believe screw us.

I want to protect we consumers from FRAUD. There are many sites on the

internet that report this, view my list of companies I believe screw us.

My list grows.


Google: “Don’t buy “__________”  insert name of any Brand or product.


Do you want the Government to protect businesses

from “new” competition “in your community”?

Do you need only one restaurant in your city?

Only McDonalds®  no Burger King®, or White Castle® no more competition?

Bull Shit.


This is happening all over our nation, when the Government can decide that “you can’t start a new business”, because there are already enough businesses of  that type in the community?

The Government can say: It’s  ILLEGAL for you to compete.


Bull Shit (unless you grease the palms of your local politician)


The Government will decide there are enough businesses in your community,  so you can’t open a new business to compete?


Can your kid be arrested for mowing a neighbors lawn to earn money?


Unfair competition with Landscaping businesses in your community.


This is happening RIGHT NOW.

  You have to get a PERMIT/LICENSE to go into business,

     so you don’t COMPETE: (With the politicians campaign supporters.)

                                                        BULL SHIT



      Get use to seeing me using the phrase: BULL SHIT

      because there’s a lot of Bull Shit in our nation, and I’m exposing it.

      There are a lot of Chicken Shit Politicians shoveling the Bull Shit to us.


      Our nation is being destroyed, IF you don’t stand up now,  to save us.




Police Abuse:

This is happening in OUR nation, do you care?

We need: Protect  and  Serve,

    we get: Beaten and Abuse: Screw cops.

        Just Follow Orders, and you’ll be OK!, OR DEAD


The Moral of this: Cops are not here to protect us, but: To CONTROL us.

America’s Cops are ready to kill everyone of us, in a split second.

They act like Storm Troopers, and every citizen is their target. Help!

You have NO RIGHTS, you must totally submit 100% or you’re die.

January 2014:

84 year old man, apparently didn’t understand English, beaten bloody for J Walking, and not following cop order. 

He is filing a lawsuit to stop this police brutality.

Protect and Serve? Not in America.

48 yr old motorist beaten and killed by 52 cops, after he stopped driving, as he was suffering a Diabetic Attack. 

He probably wouldn’t follow orders, as he was unconscious .


The courts do not protect us from out of control cops, so we must protect ourselves. Do we have to: Open Carry?


In this website I tell you over & over about bad cops.

Unfortunately, no matter what any Cop tells you,

“Is the only good Cop a Dead Cop”?

When was the last time you thought a cop saved you.


Wait until only Cops have Guns, then: Total Slavery.


We need Guns: to protect us from Cops.

We need Guns: to protect us from Crime.

We need Guns: to protect us from Government.

Because: Cops are too busy screwing us, to protect us.




          Question # 1 Do you trust “any” branch of our Government?

               Will citizens have to arrest every Politician in America

                  to have Justice and Freedom for Americans?


                                Christmas is over, back to reality of the troubles of our nation.

                 Lets Restore our Rights in our nation, and retake control of our Borders and Imports.


We can only pretend everything is OK in

  America for so long, now it’s time to face reality.


  2014  Surprise, surprise, TAXES going UP

      Obama claims YOU “must” pay MORE.

        No more deductions! Taxes on every penny.


  Remember he told you: If you earn less than $250,000/yr, you will not pay higher taxes!

          Well, he also told you: If you love your Medical Insurance, you can keep it.

              Obamacare was going to save us $2500/year, now many have NO insurance

                      This lying bastard is out to screw us, to destroy us, what will you do?

                                YOU made a mistake electing him, have you learned?

                       Are you ready to fight back, or ?

                                      “Surrender all rights?”


Laws are made by Congress and the Senate? Oh Yeah!

268 members of Congress are Millionaires. Do they represent YOU?

ONLY “Federal Laws from Congress and the Senate.

Each State, County, City, burg, hole in the wall politician makes:

1,000,000’s of:

Laws, obey

Rules, obey

Regulations, obey

Restrictions, obey

Codes, obey

Statutes, obey

Ordinances, obey

Licenses, obey

Permits, obey

Fee’s¸Pay, Pay, Pay, Pay.

Last but not least is the Nuisance Abatement Team, that covers

anything our Government considers you do, or own that annoys

some asshole in the Government, there is no compromise, they

insist you must COMPLY, or else. Is this Russia or what?

Another name for these Bastards is: Code Enforcement Officers.

Is the only answer to this problem, our Second Amendment.

It’s time to Rise up and ReVote to end this terrorism attacks on citizens.

All laws are: What you can’t do, NOT what you can do.

None of these laws arefor your RIGHTS”, they are limits on your RIGHTS.

For CONTROL of you, by the Government.

Do you realize, the United States has the largest percentage of Citizens

in Prison, of any nation in the world?

Will all of us eventually end up in Prison, for failure to COOPERATE?


I am furious:


You’re safe as long as you Cooperate, “! COOPERATE ?BULL SHIT.

Refusing to “COOPERATE with a Cop, “is a Crime”, you will be arrested.

Failure  to  “COOPERATE” and you are going to jail. Simple as that.

              This is our NEW AMERICA


Our elected representatives invent new laws, etc. day after day, to preserve

their reason to exist, so learn all of these laws, “and etc”. or you go to jail.


ALL elected and hired Government employees exist to control, not serve US

It’s time to put these Mother F in prison, and restore our Rights in America.


Most of our BILL of RIGHTS; are now denied, by LOCAL Governments.


NO Free Speech in public, sorry that will possibly Incite a Riot.

DO you want: 100% Government control of every aspect of our lives?


SO: The SOLUTION? Fire our present Government.

Because: We are being FUCKED




Candidates that will enforce the Bill of Rights: Jobs, homes, families, security, and FREEDOM.


Do you have another solution?


I was a Republican for 50 years, but we no longer have a Republican Party, they have  joined the Democrats on the way to destroy our nation.

Lets Restore “less Government”.



The suspense is over, a federal court judge says: It’s legal for the NSA to  spy on every thing we do.

So they can destroy everything this nation stood for, for 235 years. Stand up and Fight with me.


Now you can relax, knowing you are being watched, so you are safe!

Yuck! Just be careful where you are, they’re not watching you: To keep YOU safe.


Imagine if you will, that you own a business, and hire employees, then the employees are demanding

how you run your business. Well, we’ve hired some employees (elected) and now they are telling US

how to run our Business (country).  It’s time we clean house and elect Patriots to run our nation.

                                                                                    Like ME.


The informant that told us the NSA is spying on us, is classified as a Traitor, can’t have Patriots telling

how it is.


We are not suppose to know we are being spied upon. What the hell is going on? Of course our elected leaders want him eliminated. Can’t have the TRUTH exposing our leaders TREASON.


If this is not enough, cops in uniform on their own time participate with civilians , to man road stops

giving the appearance of legal stop, demanding you submit to blood being drawn, and a DNA

mouth swab.

“There is NO legal reason, that you have to submit”. Only the appearance that the cops presence

makes it look like this is legal. YOU do not have to cooperate, or submit, unless you do so voluntarily.

Go ahead and  give in, if you have nothing to hide, until you find you have no place to hide.



If only the very rich would pay more taxes,

  we could save our economy, Right? “NO”


The Richest 10% already pay 90% of the taxes.

50% of Americans living in poverty pay no tax.

   Are you the 40% that’s going to pay more?

So, what is wrong? Congress spends too much?

                         What do 90% of our Taxes go for?

         The pockets of those who run the Federal Reserve Bank

                                         Out to ruin our nation.

      Your catching on; “it’s our Government”.



    The evil One World Government will triumph, if we do nothing.

    Maybe when Martial Law comes to your community, you will

    realize YOU should have stood up to Defended America.

    What will you do, when the Military is guarding the grocery

     store, denying you the right to purchase FOOD?



   Do you want the IRS Terrorist in charge of your health?

      What are you willing to do to correct this TREASON?

          Commit suicide? Or Fuck the IRS?

              You might as well, if we don’t stop this now.

   Death is better, than what is in our future, if you don’t ReVote.



Ladies and gentlemen, CITIZENS of the United States,

this is my serious bid to awaken you to the Treason we face from our Leaders/Traitors? in the White House,

and House of Congress, and Senate.

If I am brave enough to do this, and I’m 87,

what are you willing to do?



YOU are looking at this website because you are concerned.

 This is the last chance we have to stop this Treason, help me.


 Are you going to stand by, and let this nation fail,

  or study this website and see what I can do to

   save The United States of America for YOU?


   This is your nation: I’m ready to save, for YOU.


       OR: Would you rather have that:

                ONE World Government?


    Point to ponder: IF you had a Silver Quarter like we use to have, <1964,

    that Quarter would buy you 2 gallons of GAS. Where are our Silver Coins?

    The Constitution specified: Only Gold and Silver are legal currency, not paper.    


     March forward American Patriots, marching on to war. To save America?


  The failure of our nation is an “Inside Job”.

          The question is: Will you surrender?

I guarantee, you WILL:

                     surrender within One Week

You are out gunned, and you know it.

                   The Government knows it.

The Government will kill you, if you resist.

So let’s stop this Government NOW.




I am not your typical candidate, I don’t believe

   in being Politically Correct. I tell is like it is,

   with NO Bull Shit. Let’s retake Our Nation.

       I believe in Political Freedom, don’t you?



 When will any Christian displays be illegal?




 Our Government wants to end your rights.

Pray/Act now, or forever lose your Rights.

 Coming to all of our America soon, so you don’t

irritate someone with different religious beliefs.



Let me discuss Religion in Schools, right here: I do not believe in any religious activity in K-12Public Schools. Why?

Let me explain, and you’ll understand: WHY.


There are many different Religious beliefs in America.

In 1935 I started attending schools in Detroit, MI. at that time we lived in Polish immigrant community. All the children were Catholic’s. We had Prayer in school, Catholic based Prayer. What is wrong with that? The children possessed Rosary Beads that were somehow used in saying Prayers. I did not have Rosary Beads, because I was raised to attend Methodist or Baptist churches. Since I did not participate in Catholic Prayers, I was seen as a heretic, and harassed. I was not welcome to be friends with any Polish children. I HAD NO FRIENDS.


Later, 1940 we moved to another area of Detroit, where some children in the schools were Jewish. The Jewish children accepted me as friends, good friends. I was welcome in their homes, and treated as children should be. I had FRIENDS.


At age 13, on my own, I visited many different churches out of curiosity, as to how religious services differed, there were no Buddhist, or other Oriental Churches in the area, but I then got books from the library to find out there were many different religious beliefs, that Christians were in the minority in the world. Why, Why, Why?


Children should be taught about all other religious beliefs to understand the different religions. NO religious celebration of any ONE religion should be observed, without sharing facts of other religious dogma. What religion is correct?

That’s for every ADULT to decide on their own.


A teacher in Louisiana recently chided a child who believed in the Buddhist religion, she told the child he should be a Christian, wrong, wrong, wrong, wouldn’t you agree?




 Who runs our Government? Do we really know?

   A conglomerate of behind the scene traitors?




   What happened to “WE the PEOPLE”?

Do you think our Government is telling us the truth?

Our Government wants FREE trade pacts with every

nation,  except America.

TPP       Trans Pacific Partnership

WTO      World Trade Organization

LOST     Law of the Sea Treaty

NAFTA North American Free Trade Act.

On and on and on.


This plan started 100 years ago, our Borders no longer needed, our

Sovereignty no longer needed…………

Started in Europe for FREE TRADE amongst  those nations, results:

                                    The EUROPEAN UNION.


Next on the agenda, FREE TRADE for the North American continent,

the combining of Canada, United States, and Mexico, then the other Central

  American nations into a North American Union, so we will have

                                                    PEACE for ALL.

                                                    NO more Sovereignty

                                                    NO more borders.

                                                    NO more WARS, no more killings except by the

                                                    One World Military Order,

                  for (submission) EQUALITY for ALL.  =  POOR

                                                    NO MORE FREEDOM, Bull Shit.

                                                    IF you complain, it’s the firing squad for you.


When will our Elected Leaders be concerned about

 YOU and your right to jobs “in America”?


 SO: What is going on?

My message brought to you in Red White and Blue.


 Our elected Leaders have been cooking the books.

   $17 Trillion debt, or $70 Trillion, or ?

     Whatever: Our nation is BANKRUPT!

        So: What caused this: The UNIONS:?

How? The greed of the employees, vs. the manufacturers?


Throughout history, employees have been a big cost

in business, solution, keep the employees groveling and poor.


Starting in the 1930s with the Great Depression, workers

finally decided to force employers to pay a living wage.

It’s time for employers and employees to agree that both are

partners” to work together for the survival of the business.


Henry Ford had the right idea, pay your employees enough

money so they can afford to buy the cars they made.


All went well, until Congress started kissing ass for money

”as usual”, that got them reelected over and over and over,

and it wasn’t your money, but Corporate Money.


It is the job of Congress is to:

Control our Borders,

Control Imports and Exports.

Coin Money out of Gold and Silver.

Congress has done none of this.

Congress and Manufacturers have sold the

American Workers out.


for                   Free Trade Agreements

Why pay American Workers to make your product, when someone in another nation will work for less money, then you ship it back into our nation, so the manufacturers can make more PROFIT.

It’s all about MONEY.


The only problem with this, IS: When we can no longer afford to buy the products made and imported, this whole scheme collapses like a house of cards.

So: We are the losers in the long run.


It’s all about Congress, Wall Street and Greed.


 UNTIL: WE the PEOPLE retake control of our Government.

                WE the PEOPLE have everything to lose.

Why does it cost millions to get elected?


If we do not stand up NOW and elect politicians, to represent what is best for our nation and our people: Death of America

Can/Will we ever pay off the national DEBT?

Or will our Leaders/Wall Street default on this debt.


That means anything we thought our Government owes us, is erased from the books. When the NEW WORLD ORDER, takes control of our nation, prints new money, making our current money worthless, (it’s worth 10cents on the dollar now) we have lost everything.


As a Coin Collector, when you research MONEY, you will find example after example of Paper Money that no longer has any value, discontinued, or devalued by 1,000,000:1

Bread was 10 cents/loaf, now $1.00/loaf,what next $10.00/loaf?

Is this what we have to look forwards to?

Massive Inflation!

                                         How do I know this? HISTORY!

It’s happened over and over in the history of civilization.

History repeats.

So can we be saved?

It’s up to you, you the Citizen Voter.


2016 is the critical year in our history, either we stand up now, or we will be on our knees forever: Begging for scraps.


It is not the UNION’S fault. We the PEOPLE, deserve a living income, to live a better life, overcoming the desires of the RICH throughout history to keep us in the gutter.


We deserve a piece of the pie, so to speak. It is time for workers in this nation and other nations to earn a better living.

To kill the GREED rulers have enjoyed over us, for centuries.

It’s up to you America, do we surrender or fight?

It’s not redistribution, it’s about equality in incomes.


Now I’m all for Capitalism, how hard would you work, for instance: You own a company, the harder you work the more money you make. OR you work for someone else and the harder you work the more money the employer makes.

So how hard will you work? What is the incentive? MONEY


Why should I waste time on education, then work hard to have more income, for the Government to take some of my money to give to someone who feels it’s beneath them to earn a living like I did? That’s where equality comes in.


Pay employees a honest wage, share the profit made by you with your workers. It works.

I’m not saying share the company profits needed to expand the company, but it’s the take home pay of the owner of the company/business.

Owners have spent much more time and money to establish the business, that’s why the owner lives with a much higher income, it’s earned? When you decide it’s unfair, start your own business, become an employer. 

    OR: Do you want us living under Military Control?



We are experiencing a rash of  Black on White assaults in America.

The press won’t report the race of  the attackers, so Black citizens feel

empowered to continue with more assaults.

This is going to explode when non Black citizens fight back.

Many innocent Black people are going to be killed.

Obama is stirring up Racism to cause White Revolt,  well it’s working.

Can’t we just all get along?

Obama should counsel these rioters, to behave.

This will be Obama’s excuse to call for Martial Law,

and all hell is going to happen, when he does.