INDEPENDENT Candidate               

 for President / 2020



We "HAD" a Wonderful Nation!






and  JUSTICE  for ALL”


I guarantee you, this website is totally different than any other candidates website.

I tell you what is going wrong, an what we must do to retake control of OUR NATION.

My message brought to you in Red White and Blue.


17 September 2019

I update this every few days,

      because every few days, there is some

      new loss of Freedom to report.

I claim, if America fails, Europe will fail.


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We thought the British were bad, hell, they were nothing

compared to the LAWS we are under Police orders

"to OBEY".


Our Government lies to us over and over.

Our Declaration of Independence stated that:

WE have the RIGHT:

to throw out

"ANY Government",

If "WE decide it is Bad",

and to restart a "NEW" Government.


Now our elected leaders tell us: NO way in HELL,

"You have ELECTED them,

and they are not leaving".


 It's time to start

a Well Regulated Militia,

of Armed CITIZENS to remove

our current Government,

and form

a new Government?

The Declaration of Independence of the United States claims:

"WE" have the RIGHT.

They keep telling us:




SO: We citizens have

"The Right"

to form an

ARMED Militia and attack our ELECTED Leaders

 to RESTORE our Rights as we did in 1776?


If so:

Then I want Citizens armed with Military grade

weapons, comparable to what our Military uses to








Of the People, By the People, for the People.


The people we Hired/Elected

to run OUR nation,

have now become our MASTERS.


This is extremely important, we are losing our nation and

Electing another Democrat or Re Electing President Trump

will not SAVE our nation.

How many of you citizens, believe that:

We the People "actually run our nation".


The Leaders we've elected tell us: Do as ordered or ?

Our: Elected Leaders are hell bent on taking our Guns.




This is like being an employer, and the person you hired

tells you: I'm now in power, obey ME.




WE must RETAKE our nation.


I'm telling you!

Are you ready for the National  ID Act in 2020?

where you will have to prove you are a United States Citizen

with a Birth Certificate OR MORE, and get ready ?

WHAT NEXT: Maybe an RFID chip inserted in your arm, or chest?

If you refuse, you will not be able to enter any Federal Building,

or fly anywhere, even in America.

YOU must "have and carry" a Federal Identification  

and show it to any Police Officer UPON DEMAND.

It may look like your State Drivers License but it's more.

This NEW card will have an imbedded chip in it,

scanable from as far as 40'.


Remember like nice little slaves in 1935,


to sign up for a Social Security


The better for the Government

"to trace you EVERYWHERE".


The Government even allows the DMV to require your SS#

And certainly your BANK knows your Social!


COPS: Name, date of birth and

the last 4 numbers of your Social!

for security?

"Illegal aliens" do not have to comply.

BUT YOU: CITIZENS, will comply or else.


You will not be able to do any banking

without the National ID/RFID chip in State ID/Drivers License.

The PLAN! The Goal!

You will not be able to buy anything anywhere.


We will start a CASHLESS Society.

Possession of any cash will forbidden.


All payments must be done by Debit or Credit cards,

creating a digital record.

This will stop all Financial Crimes. 


It is time for all citizens to wake up

and smell the TREASON facing our future.


Our nation is failing.


"We the PEOPLE"

I'm an Independent Candidate because:

The Political "Parties DON'T represent US!"

Who do the Political Parties represent?


How much MONEY does it take to be President?

How much does MONEY expect from the President

in return for Campaign funds

IT'S all about MONEY!



President Lincoln was the "only" President

born into poverty and when he served his purpose

he was killed.


Our nation is in serious trouble

so I'm here to protect YOU.

I will represent everyone of


the Citizens of this Nation.

I will RESTORE "ALL" of our Constitutional Rights.


Since about 1970 various companies have closed their American

plants, and had their products made in Foreign factories.

Bit by bit, our industries have been closed, the result?

Massive unemployment.


IT'S NOW OR NEVER, we must restore our Manufacturing

to restore our Economy.


Let's rebuild OUR "Factories"

 and Make it in America by "Americans".




I want to build 100,000 to 200,000 sq ft, factory buildings

all over the nation, and offer business's to start

some manufacturing, hiring employees, to restart

the economy of our nation.

Let's put Americans back to work.

The factories of our nation

 are needed  to build the


of our NATION.





To build the Defenses



“Inside job” = “False flag operation” = “done by our own government” WHY?

* 9-11 à was an “Inside Job”.

When did our government know 911 was going to happen? “IN July 2001”.

Not only was "Building 7" brought down by controlled demolition,

BUT: Why were our military planes, on duty, to protect Washington DC,

SENT "200" miles East over the Ocean,

when they knew flight # 77 was headed from the West?

Why did a plane or ? hit that particular part of the Pentagon?

That's where the paperwork was, that hid the unaccounted for

$9 Trillion spending done by the Military leaders of our nation.


Wake Up and see: TREASON

Why would you expect our government to really research 9/11,

when they had a hand in that happening?

Come on now; wake up! Investigate!


If I can:

I’m trying to warn and protect you.

Learn what we have to do to preserve our nation.


Do I believe our government would lie to us, “and kill us,”

if we confront them with the truth, unfortunately YES!


The Twin Towers complex was leased 6 weeks before 9/11,

 and insured for $30 Billion,

Insurance that paid off “IF” the entire complex was destroyed!

It Was, it had to be, “ALL” destroyed, as reported,

it was only 30% occupied.


The questions is:

Now that you have learned the truth,

what are you going to do?



This is the safety of our Nuclear Arsenal,

this will scare the shit out of you.

We Elected/Hired people to run our nation for US!



Why should I bother?

I'm a 92 year old citizen that is telling you what is:

IF I'M not elected you can kiss your ass goodbye.

You may think I go too far,


I've spent 80 years studying this Corruption.

Read all of this website: THEN STAND UP TO DEFEND



In 1871 our nation was bankrupt,

the bankers took over the ownership

of the "United States Government"

"the United States Corporation,"

became "The District of Columbia".

The United States Government is a business.

Study the District of Columbia.

The District of Columbia, is

"the United States Company".

Who owns the United States Government?

The banking Corporation,

that bailed out the BANKRUPT USA, AND TOOK OVER




It took until 1913 for the complete subjugation of

our nation, with the founding of a bank system,

making it sound like an Government Bank,

they called it the

Federal Reserve Bank.




it is an Independent Banking Corporation.


This so called FEDERAL Bank RUNS our nation.

Don't believe me, look at your Paper Money,

what name is at the top of your money?

Our so called Government borrows BANK money to run

our nation from the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,



Our Fraudulently collected Personal Income Taxes

goes to pay Tribute to the bank that owns our NATION.

Let's retake ownership of our NATION.

 Let's restore our Liberties and Justice.


In 1912 President Wilson was elected,

a disgrace to the future of our nation.

President Wilson allowed a group of Bankers

to take over the finances of our nation.

In 1913 these bankers conspired

to form what they

Federal Reserve Bank Corporation,



Watch this video  and see how we’re being screwed, slave.

In the next 100 years there "will be" a single global government,

led by privately appointed leaders.

Unless you elect me to stop this "now".












That paper money in your pocket is just that, a piece of paper.

Not worth the paper it's printed on,


"NO ONE will accept it".


When I was younger I was collecting coins,

as I visited coin shows, I found I could buy

various REAL paper money that was no longer of any value,



History proves, various nations have devalued their paper money,

to the point of it being good for Wall Papering your home.


ONLY American coins in


are U S GOVERNMENT money.

Our 25 cent coin is now worth 2 cents in metal.

If we made a new "Silver" Dollar coin,

it would be half the size of our

current 10 cent coin.





You can buy 1 Silver $Dollar$ from the Government for $17.00 Paper money.

Our Government BORROWS "all" Paper money in circulation


The Federal Reserve Bank.


Then: "our Government pays interest on ALL the money,

to this Privately owned bank".


The IRS works a lot like a lot of our Government


Every CENT you pay in Personal Income Taxes goes to

The Federal Reserve Bank,

(not the Treasury Department),


But to pay “blackmail” to the bankers.


We’re told: "It’s payment on our National Debt”

that “we” owe the Federal Reserve BANK.

Bull Shit.


YOU do not have UNITED STATES money in your pocket,

look, it’s Federal Reserve Bank PAPER money.


You don't have any Silver or Gold coins in your pocket.


If the Federal Reserve Bank fails,

"is your money worthless"? !YEAH!


I’ll put UNITED STATES of AMERICA money in your pocket,

"guaranteed to still be worthless".








The Internal Revenue Service is out of control,

let's make then operate Legally, or Quit.





"YOU do not have any Constitutionally LEGAL money".

This is like getting a bad check, the numbers say it's money

but the bank says it's useless.


The ONLY “LEGAL MONEY” according to the Constitution

(remember that old document)

specified that the only "LEGAL MONEY" IS:


How much Gold and Silver do you have?


>>>>>DEMOCRAT president Roosevelt

Took us off of the Gold Standard in 1933,

In fact it was illegal to own Gold until about 1972………


>>>>>DEMOCRAT: President Johnson

Removed Silver from our Coin's  after 1968.


What backs the value of those

Federal Reserve Bank notes in your pocket?



The Government can tell us, that piece of paper is legal money,

but IF no one will accept it as payment, it's just a piece of paper.


At the same time: 1913

Congress passed but: "IT WAS NOT" Ratified by 2/3 of the states,

the 16th Amendment to our Constitution


The earned wage income of all citizens.


In 1920: The Supreme Court declared:

This new taxation of our wages after 1913 was

"""""" ILLEGAL """"""

The Internal Revenue Service rapes the American Citizens. 


If you do not "Volunteer" to join the Military Service,

can you be thrown in Jail?

If you do not "Volunteer" to file a Form 1040 and pay Income Taxes

on money earned for your labor, can you be thrown in Jail?


Do you understand the word


The IRS says:

You have to pay "Income Taxes" on earned wages!

BUT: YOU "Do Not" have to file a 1040

Unless you wish to do so




There is NO law

that we have to file an IRS Form 1040.


There is


that you have to pay INCOME TAXES on wages!


Why is there no law that you have to pay income taxes?









The IRS works on FEAR that

if you do not "Volunteer", you go to jail.


Study FEAR (below) and learn how we're being screwed.

Join with me, to clear up this problem.


Recently Sheldon Cohen who was the head of the IRS claimed:

"He did not care about the Supreme Court ruling"

"that taxing our wages was ILLEGAL".


The IRS would continue to take our money, which is paid to the




If I go to court, I want all 12 Jurors to be Licensed Law Attorneys,

qualified to be knowledgeable about the Internal Revenue Tax CODES.


This link is long, but very informative about illegal IRS

activities that deny citizens, a legal right, in other words

FRAUD, by the IRS.





Various employees of the Internal Revenue Service have

investigated over and over and

"CAN'T",            "CAN'T",             "CAN'T"

find any law, "that we must" file a Form 1040

and obligate ourselves to pay INCOME TAXES

on our earned wages.

That "the right to tax us on our wages"


and the 16th Amendment

"did not" give the IRS any new taxation rights.

If there is any question about

"we having to pay taxes on our earned Income"

why hasn't the IRS passed a Specific law

"that requires us to pay"

a tax on earned income?


Because in 1920 the Supreme Court said:

The 16th Amendment did NOT give the IRS any new taxation rights.

SO the IRS has collected, and collected, and collected "Illegally".



Yes, we need to pay some taxes to operate our Government,

I'll agree to that, but the current debt and expenses of our

Government, are excessive, as we give away

Trillions of Dollars to Foreign Nations,

and spend Trillions of Dollars on Wars

"THEY do not intend to win".

Let's Fight the IRS.

We file and pay out of


Our Government wouldn't do us wrong, would they?

Our Government loves us, don't they?

Sure they do...................X

You all have to understand Treason and 9/11.

9/11 was planned by our Government.

Remember as of 2019 you the citizens of this nation, you owe

$22.6 Trillion, or more! Money our Leaders have spent.

In 2009 we only owed $9 Trillion.

The 100-year plan to destroy America.

1913-2013: Taxation to destroy our Financial Freedom.

Do you trust the IRS?

 Enough already?


The 13 Amendment states, we "will not"

be Subject to Slavery, or Involuntary Servitude

Unless we are being punished for a crime.


Can the Government order you

to serve the Government?


Our Leaders "whom we elected" can demand

that we serve in the Military forces,

or Go To Jail.


Taking our money is a form of Slavery.


It's time for We The PEOPLE, to retake our nation.

Join with ME and let's show them,


WE have been at war for the last 19 years,


Most of the 1900's our nation was in some kind of WAR!

Will we continue in the 2000's with some kind of perpetual WAR?


I can't afford to travel and campaign.

So I need your help to spread my message.


IF I'm not elected we will have SOCIALISM.



You will not question, "You will Obey as told to do so"!

Study SOCIALISM, you won't want it.

Our Government will tax us to get compliance.

Do you want a 90% tax on meat?

A 90% tax on Sugar, think about that.

You will comply "or else".

ONLY to help you be healthier. Or else! 


The quest of our Democrat leaders since



What is Socialism?

Just another name for Communism.

There is no difference, the leaders we elect have

had only one Plan, that is

the complete submission of all citizens,

the reacquisition of all Property back to

"Government ownership of everything".


Not only did we have an employment problem,

but 1930's severe drought occurred in the Midwest,

farmers losing their land, and starvation of citizens. 


Our leaders tell us, they know how we should live

and we will follow orders or else.

Every Democrat President has pushed that

The Government is here "to take care of you".


In 1936 my teachers taught us, that Socialism

was the future of our nation,

as Socialist Roosevelt was running for Re Election.


Roosevelt was instrumental in the Great Depression,

pushing "the Government is here: To take care of you".

The WPA, put citizens to work on Government projects.

The Democrats didn't like the Unions, that wanted Freedom

 for Employee's to strike for more pay.


Our children are now being taught,

don't worry, the Democrat's will take care of you!

Do you want a guaranteed income from the Government?


Do you want FREEDOM to chose how to live,

The Government will order you how to live,

where to work, in "Government owned businesses".


Our Government plan is: Relocating all of us into

Government owned housing apartments.

NO Private home ownership, except for our leaders.

And the MORE worthy!


The "PARTY" Time is over,

let's settle down to again be:

"We the People,


the United States of America".


It is time to stop "ALL" IMMIGRATION,

until we have ALL Americans back to work.


You have no idea what is going on in OUR NATION,

this website will inform you.

This website may seen never ending, but it's critical


you want this nation, the

"United States of America"

to survive.


Please: Read "all" of this WEBSITE, be INFORMED.








WHY ARE WE being watched by our Government?

Right now, "our" Government has started a New Program.

They are taking all Drivers License photos, from every state,

to develop a Facial Recognition Photo ID

of every Licensed driver,

into a "Computer Data Base"


"Why" is there a new 1.5 Million sq ft

National Security Agency facility in Utah?

The better to spy on YOU/US?


I was taught: That the

 Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution,


The Bill of Rights



owned OUR Government

and had FREEDOM.

Is there a single citizen that thinks




"THIS Government anymore, and have Freedom"?


When the  Government FEARS the People, there is LIBERTY

When the People FEAR the Government there is Tyranny

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence.


Those that: Give up a little Liberty for Freedom,

deserve neither Freedom nor Liberty,

Benjamin Franklin.


The duty of a Patriot:

"Is to protect their country from its Government".

Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


If the people really knew what we are really doing, they'd hang us,

President George Bush.


I've Never been Racist, my ancestors were part of the

Underground Railroad to rescue Black people from the South.

My ancestors were part of the Solution, not the Problem.


Now all I see are Black People all over America

shooting "each other" WHY? 

The talk about giving money, and what else, in Reparations, Why?

Many citizens now in America had no one in their family

in this nation at the time of Slavery ?

That was responsible for the Slavery!

There is still Slavery somewhere in this world.

The Black problem is not a White problem.

Black people in America need to change their attitude and join society.

White Americans built new housing for Black communities and

watched in horror as that housing was destroyed.

Black people love to destroy, and then complain, how they live.



As a child I lived in Detroit, when I see the destruction done

by the Black people to Detroit, all I can feel is hatred

for those who have done this.

We, White and Black lived together in Detroit

peacefully in the 1930-1950's what went wrong?

We had equal income for all: then.

White and Black people working and living in peace next to each other.


WE don't need ANY Racism in this nation.


America needs a new President that faces the problem of its citizens

and puts America back to work, to restore families that can support

owning a home, to feed your children, to afford medical care, with

a chicken in every pot, and an American car in every garage.


President Trump brags about unemployment is under 3%,

I'm sorry but when I look at the Help Wanted Adds,

and all I see are some company offering Truck Driver lessons.

I don't see pages of Job offers for anyone. WHY?


I'll restore some pride in being a FAMILY.

God designed this world for Men and Women to be a Family,

to have and raise children with women being a Mother,

a Homemaker, and to educate our children to be honest citizens.

Is it too late for love? 



We have a simple new law in America,

just surrender your Rights to ALL Law Enforcers,

Kiss Ass, do as told, or go to JAIL, or the Morgue.




this man was not a wanted criminal.

This could be "anyone" of us next time.





Citizens of Albuquerque: NM killed, to thrill a cop.

We, Citizens of this nation must defend ourselves, or else!

It is not safe to go for a walk on the sidewalks of America

unless you are armed to defend yourself.

Join a Sports Club if you want walking exercise,

the Police do not like pedestrians walking freely. 


Our Constitution is no longer valid,

our Bill of Rights no longer valid.

Just do AS TOLD, and follow orders, or else.

Just like in Germany under Hitler.

Bull Shit. I'll defend your RIGHTS 24/7

OR will you just surrender your RIGHTS

because you are a Coward?



Innocent People in America are arrested ILLEGALLY every day.

Will you be next?

An elderly man, came from India to help his son, taking a morning walk

unable to speak English, bashed, put in hospital with grave injuries

because he couldn't tell the COPS why he was there.

This makes me sick!

Some of our most innocent citizens are shocked when

they are arrested and treated like a wanted criminal.

Wake up, it could be you today, or tomorrow.

You can go to jail forever if you can't pay.

Don Cordell as your President will stop this.

We will not go back to medieval Debtors Prisons.

No way in hell if I'm your President.




Starting from here, it's critical:

This is all about Police ABUSE.


I won't allow cops to treat citizens, as you'll see below,

or we are going to have some dead cops.

WE must RE-VOTE and RETAKE our America,

Or we’ll all be Slaves to the Government

When ONLY the Police and Government have GUNS,


Keep reviewing all of this, as it may be you next.


((((((    In OUR America, someone is arrested    ))))))

every 2.5 seconds “EVERY DAY”.

But we are not a POLICE STATE!

Or are we?

Watch these video's of Police Abuse.

It can't happen here? Yes it is!


       Watch:  Population Control coming for "you".


                     Watch:  It is happening here because it is happening here.

                              This is so scary that Google insists you identify yourself

before you watch this site.


                           It will scare the shit out of you "that our government"

                      is so dangerous that Google wants to forewarn you,

that it may scare you "too" much.

The government only wants to help you,

so Obey, or be killed.


Watch:  Will you surrender because you're too lazy to fight?


While I DIDN'T advocate violence against our Government,

after you watch "Will you surrender-"

You'll realize IF WE don't defend ourselves NOW,

it will be too late.

"OBEY" for NOW,

OR our Government will throw us in jail!

So much for:


running OUR nation.


In all too many cases of

"Failure to OBEY",

you "will be killed".



I want any Police person who kills citizens IN JAIL.

Stop killing American Citizens, and laughing at us behind our backs.

Only 1% of police who kill a citizen are charged with the crime,

and the most usual punishment for killing us, "is to be fired".

Unless the person killed had a gun and had fired a single shot,

the cops have to stop killing US.


What is sad, is that we need police protection in America,

but: The police have never protected ME.

The Police all over OUR nation are out of control.

Police abuse is rampant.

Your local Government's are out of control.

This could happen to you, this is "disgusting",

what would you do if this happened to you?

Do we have to carry guns, to defend ourselves from cops?

I won't stand for this, I'll restore JUSTICE for you!
One problem is, those who become cops

"love POWER".


I could post over a 1000 YouTube incidents of Police Abuse

but for what? This happens in every town in every state

and endless incidents such as I include in this website.

What happens if you get sick in California.

California loved its citizens.

Consensus: Never Ever trust, any Law Enforcer, of any status.


OUR POLICE < This is not a COMEDY routine.

I repeat this problem OVER and OVER in this website,

just word search THIS WEBSITE for the word Cop, or Police.

For 99% of us, our major contact with our Government

is our local police.

Be aware, the Cops are not employed to PROTECT




Listen to this asshole cop in Missouri, and the cop is wrong.

Read more about out of control cops /more follows.

Our Government has a License to LIE

EVERY citizen of this nation

is in danger by Law Enforcement,

"in your HOME /or in PUBLIC",

Cops are out of control.

Cops break in to homes without Warrants


"Get away with it",

over and over,




It is time to stand up and FIGHT these CRIMINALS

"in uniform

with GUNS

Ready to kill US",

they check, and tell US,

YES, it was OK, it was "WITHIN" their >>>>>>


to kill US.










Cops had better change and start to RESPECT citizens,

before wholesale killing of Police Officers results,

by Citizens who have had enough Bull Shit.





Abusive Land Grab of Family Farm!

These kind of Politicians will be in my gun site.

I won't put up with this for one minute. Their ass is mine.


Farmers of America will be protected from Politicians bull shit.

I'll protect American FARMERS.


If  you don't review this video of Corruption,

then watching anything more in this website is useless,


"You don't care"

 what is happening to your FREEDOMS?


I've been a non conformist from birth, I don't tolerate Bull Shit.

When anyone tells me, "YOU WILL DO", my dander stands up

and goes on the attack. My first words are usually F U.

Then I get MAD.

We will have FREEDOM in this nation or else.

I know I'm out gunned by the Government,

so the only way to win

is to be the PRESIDENT of our nation,



Next, what is happening in:  Baltimore, MD



If you owe any Government Agency any money,

you are not permitted to leave this nation.

Your Passport will be INVALID. Freedom or Prisoner?

If you owe any back "child support" payments, you may not

obtain a Passport, and may not leave the country.

Sure glad we have a nation of FREEDOMS


Are "you" a public nuisance? YES


The Police in America,

(Yes I said "IN AMERICA")

Can steal from you LEGALLY,

and "you" can't do anything about it.

So it's time to elect me, to stop this shit.


We the People no longer own anything.


The Government can take "any" property

you thought you owned,

for use "by the Government".

(Check the Title to the Property you think you own

does it list you as a Tenant, now check in any dictionary

the meaning of "Tenant"!)


Now "check" on EMINENT DOMAIN,

protected by the 5th Amendment.

NOW, our Government tells us THEY have the right to

determine the best use of "ALL" property, you're out.


Let's be honest, you are screwed, when they want your land.


Do citizens have to use Violence to protect their property?

Our elected officials screw us every chance they get.

I told you this: I'm a different candidate,

I stand up for you.

NO lying to you,

No double talk, I tell it as it is.


Oh Yeah: There are Zoning Codes,

such as Residential, Light Manufacturing, Retail

and other Zones as to what each parcel of land can be used for.


Our Government can change these Zones anytime "they" want to.

So you are told, your property is now going to be Zoned for

"ONLY" Multiple Family Apartment buildings.

YOU are OUT!

You can be told:


and how many people"

can "live in"

OR "visit"

your home,

and "how many times

they can visit you",

and "for how long", 

in the land of the FREE and BRAVE.

It takes courage to stand up for your Rights.....


Our country is falling apart.

An average of 27 Veterans

commit SUICIDE every day.

They come back from serving

our Military, separate from

the Military and find no

help from the VA, find

no offers of jobs, and no hope

of any future.

And with injuries that the VA ignores.

Yeah! Serve your nation with honor, and get "shit on".


256 Things asshole Obama did to our nation.

Don't read any further until you read these 256 things

you must know what is happening behind closed doors

to our nation, America is been sold, let's CANCEL the sale.


      "How I Learned to Love the

>>>“New World Order

-- article by Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in the Wall Street Journal (April 1992)

 Senile Senator: Biden is a Democratic candidate for President in 2020.

Senator Biden would love a "One World Government", a Dictatorship for all.

Joe Biden claims we owe ILLEGAL Immigrants, Housing, Income, Food, Education,

all the things current Homeless American Citizens are lacking.


I have included many links, that no longer seem to exist.

I’m sorry: I’m trying to remove/replace “non op” sites

as I review my many pages of data

to inform you: "The problems happening in our nation".



Gas "IS" 30cents/Gallon IF you have 3 Silver Dimes.

Do you have any Silver coins?  WHY NOT?

This equal 1000% inflation since 1964.










WE are in danger from the Traitors we've elected.


This should scare the shit out of you.


Wake up Americans!

My ancestor stood up to the British in 1777

to defend citizens rights.

I'll stand up to this government with a gun,

If I have to, again: To defend our RIGHTS.

I'll protect every citizen from our

out of control Government.




This is our Real Government, out to get us.

You have the Right! ////>>*&#@!.......Sure you do?


There is one word that tells it all:


When the Government can arrest you, and put you in prison

because "they think "you" might be "thinking"

about committing a crime".

That's called Conspiring.

Conspiring, is a crime you haven't yet committed.


YOU haven't committed any crime, but just in case you might

be thinking to commit a crime you can be arrested and sent

to prison for an unlimited time, IE: Forever.

Because if you are Freeeeeeee, you just might commit a crime.

Got to protect the Government from you.


As you listen to the above Video "Conspiracy", take note

 the intent to Jail anyone who gets in the way

of the Forceful Takeover of our nation.

These people mean business,


will kill anyone to achieve success.


IF you do not elect ME, in 20 years this will just be one of the

many nations taken over by the United Nations,

New World Order.

NO more Presidents, No more Congress, No more Senate,


a self appointed group of Controllers to Demand


To Demand "Worship of the Appointed Leaders".


No more WARS, just Subjugation to follow orders, or else.

The United Nations, not United States will rule.


Who am I?

Even if you do not plan to elect me,

you still need to know what is wrong in America.






The people in Hong Kong are rioting now,

to stop the total takeover by China,

what do those people know that you don't know?

They are Rioting for Freedom!

Will YOU?


My job is to share with you:

"To discover the TREASON" we face as citizens.


Should I fear our Government?

"I Fear our Government".

Do YOU Fear our Government?

People have always had to:



 and "FIGHT" to retain it.


Will you join "with me, and FIGHT for FREEDOM"?


Thanks to the Internet,

you have the opportunity to read my presentation:

To Save America,

if you care!


As a nation in the 1950-60’s America still had a Future, now UGH.



The more I research about our Government, the more

I realize how we are being SCREWED.


Our lives depend upon the structure of our nation.

Stop fixing the World, fix America first.

Do you want to know the TRUTH?

 Can you stand the TRUTH?


Would Mr. Trump have been elected, if the Democratic party

had a candidate, other than Hillary Clinton?

Realize, only about 17 states elected Trump by the Electoral Count.


I was impressed when Mr. Trump was elected as our President,

I thought it was time that a business man run this nation.

It was not ME,


"maybe" Mr. Trump could do the job.

President Trump made his first mistake, when he walked into the

White House without his Wife walking hand in hand next to him.

That's America, Husband and Wife, "hand in hand".

I knew right then we'd elected an asshole.

President Trump has so much ego, that it boils over,

he acts like an Entertainer,

not the President of our nation.


TRUMP has done some things good, but he's so egotistical

that the world is laughing at him.

This is not a Carnival event, this is the future of  our nation.

Yet, I fear that if he runs for re-election in 2020

the nation will elect a




We will lose this nation forever.

Dare you risk this, and see our nation crumble?

Every city in America under Democratic rule

is a Disaster Happening.


On December 7th 1941 our nation was attacked,

immediately "ALL of our factories"

rose to the occasion,

to build what America needed for defense.

We couldn't defend America on 9/11 - 2001

what makes you think they can at anytime now

IF we were attacked,


"how would we manufacture"

the defense needs of our Military?

Tanks, Boats, Planes, Ammunition, Clothing for our Military,

everything we needed to WIN the WAR,

came out of those Factories,

"that" are now closed


How would we WIN NOW?


Wake up!!!!!!!




This is a SERIOUS concern to me, is it Serious to you?


If we could not defend NY City, and Washington D. C. on 9/11

How could we defend against a Nuclear attack now.

Our leaders had over an hour to defend the Capital,






"Citizens" are now molested at our Airports, yet on 9/11,

4 planes "taken over" by reported Muslims

(who were searched?) , are reported to take over 4 planes,

 planes even "known" to have turned planes back

to the EAST, and what defense did we have ?


How much are we paying for Defense needs? WHY?

IF those planes were not "actually" Passenger Planes that hit the

Twin Towers and the Pentagon, then WHAT WERE THEY?


Why would I Question this?

Because nothing adds up to what we were told was happening.


There was a Jet Engine found on the sidewalk in NYC, NY,

"supposedly from one of those planes",

IT WAS NOT an engine from either

of the PLANES "THEY SAID" HIT THE Twin Towers,

 so "WHY was it there?"


Was this a planned attack to remove our RIGHTS?


I am scared, are you? Who failed us?





EUROPE WILL FAIL, Russia and China, two of the

largest Communist nations in the world will take over

the entire world.





I use profanity in this website because it's time to

get your attention, that we are being SCREWED.

I won't give you any Political Double Talk.


Those we've elected, to defend our import/export laws have failed us.

Why? This was the greatest nation in the world, what went wrong.

AND is Still going WRONG.

I'll stop this, as your leader.


This is WHY:

In the year 2000, I discovered a book:


"America: What Went Wrong"?


A composite of articles in a Philadelphia newspaper in 1990's

                          That opened my eyes, and I realized,

                                 I HAD "to do something",

                      I could not just sit back anymore,



   So: I'm here, trying, "IF" you want America ReStored.

Read this "online":>  America, What Went Wrong” ?


THIS Explains how our manufacturing was being

disassembled and exported to other countries.


That FINALLY started my quest:

To save America.

I knew I couldn’t put this off any longer:

 our nation was struggling for survival.

Read every page of this book, online.

Then you'll understand!




America no longer needed.


Want to grow some food in your yard, better not be

in view of your neighbors, and in some communities

you MUST get a "Government permit"

to grow food in your yard.

God forbid you share some food from your yard

with anyone "at all", that's forbidden.


A homeowner was fined $5000. for sharing garden vegetables

with neighbors in DeKalb Co, GA


We have LAWS.


Google: "Fined for sharing garden vege's"

Sure wonderful that we live in the land of the



WOW, really!

One good news item: In Florida, after July 1st 2019, you can

grow Vegetables in your yard "legally", ending the $50/day fine.


While the garden of an elderly woman (living in Tulsa, OK)

was torn out by the city, an unemployed woman

who was depending on her garden to feed her.

Telling her:? “STARVE”

Remember they want to outlaw

all backyard gardens to grow food,

food not Federally Inspected.

You will only be only allowed to eat government-inspected

"MONSANTO Genetically Modified food".

Now Salt Lake City, Utah is considering demanding

all backyard gardens to be registered in their city.



Right now we have a problem

This makes me sick, "MY" people in this nation


because our leaders "have allowed"

our manufacturing to be exported.


Even if the homeless could now afford rent,

the first and last and security deposit

locks them out of even dreaming of being able to re rent any place.


We need to help these citizens get back on their feet.

In many cases, citizens had or have a  job, but rents went out of

reasonable cost, the increase in "Rent"

caused them unable to afford to

rent a place to live, this is CRIMINAL.

A typical case is rent went from $1200 to $3600/mo.













It is a crime: To be homeless in America,

yet Millions are facing this fact every day!

When in fact it's the people

WE have elected, that are the



With people being homeless,

now the homeless's possession's

are found, "with the people missing"


"Where are the homeless people"?


Police are arresting people

for being homeless

now the people are gone,


Have they been collected and killed?


Think about this PEOPLE,

have they been rounded up and KILLED:


This could happen to you!

Where should the homeless people go?


I review these video's online, of the Homeless all over the nation,

citizens being "arrested" because "they HAVE to sleep".

If you sit on a park bench, better not close your eyes

for even a second,


That gives the cops the right to beat the shit out of you.

How dare you close your eyes, for even a second.

Just sitting in the park to enjoy the day, "that's Loitering".


CITIZEN: Just walking down the street!

COP: Where are you coming from, where are you going?

Name, date of Birth and last 4 numbers of your Social?

CITIZEN: F U None of your business!

Off to jail for you.

In our land of Freedom!


What choice do these unemployed people have?

Cops arresting the homeless as CRIMINALS,


(This is a planned destruction of the Income structure of our nation,

to put all of us in Homeless Camps, called FEMA Camps.)



Our Congress fails to protect us from imports:

"Imports that shut down our economy",

because citizens lose jobs.

Jobs, they use to have in America.

 Jobs exported "all over the world".


An example: GENERAL MOTORS closed a truck factory

in a suburb of Dayton, OH

The irony of this is that plant is now owned by a Chinese'

company, making Auto Glass for American cars.

Where does GENERAL MOTORS make those trucks NOW?

My first plan: If you make it in Mexico, sell it in Mexico.


In cities all over America,

I see block after block of Tent City survivor's,

what I don't see are any Porta-Potties(R)

for the sanitary needs of these people,

Who is guilty?

Our politicians who do not provide services

for the minimal needs of our CITIZEN'S.

Why NOT?

What do our ladies have for their female needs?

How are children surviving in this disaster?

"Homeless children"

in the Greatest Nation in the World!


Solution: Place Portable toilets and trash containers in

certain locations for the homeless, AND station police officers

to protect the location, and those CITIZENS.


WE need to put our elected officials to task to provide for

"ALL" citizens.

We need this in every city/community in the nation

to provide for those citizens that are unemployed,

through no fault of themselves,

because their jobs left our nation the last 29 years.


WE must stop this crime against

citizens of OUR nation.

I'll protect YOU!

    I'll protect you from the COPS.

    I'll protect you from the IRS.

    I'll protect you from the BATF.

    I'll protect you from the DOJ.

    I'll protect you from the NSA.

    I'll protect you from CONGRESS.

Millions of homeless people from coast to coast,

yet our leaders go overboard to provide


who are invading America every day.

What illnesses do these invaders have to infect US?


Remember, the homeless Citizens do not qualify to vote,

they have no address.


Something is wrong in America.

Citizens: We must do something to save America!


Help Me,

to Help AMERICA.

To Help you.


It starts with:

Returning Jobs to America.

We must put "citizens" back to work, to earn a living.

President Trump has no idea how the little people of our nation

live and survive out, of Work, out of a Home, out of Food.


We have an estimated 78,000 homeless people just in Los Angeles, CA

The city/county complains about the mess people leave.


San Francisco, CA complains about citizens

going to the bathroom on the sidewalks of their city,



Has it ever crossed their mind:

To provide Portable Toilets and Trash Bins

in all areas where homeless citizens are trying to survive?


Because our leaders have their head up their ass.

It doesn't take a Masters Degree in Sociology to find help

for citizens of our nation.

Just stupid POLITICIANS.

Every day "there are more Restriction on our Rights",

I keep trying to report on all of these,

and analyze, what to present to you.

It's sickening.

Why does our Post Office need 15 Million Rounds

 of 40mm Hollow Point Ammunition?


As a young man, I saw: We  had won WW II.

I was proud of our Nation.

I didn't realize how corrupt our Elected Leaders ran "OUR" Nation.

I didn't realize our leaders, allowed the attack by Japan to put us in the WAR.

Out Government hasn't won any war since 1945. WHY?


I've decided, I must try "to Rescue and Restore" our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


I had just turned 18 as World War II ended, and as many, thought how wonderful

our Military and Government were. How brave we had been, only a "Million" Service

Persons were killed, now we run the world. How wrong I was.


Congress, and the Senate, whom we elected to make our laws, are out of control.





You either go to WAR to WIN, or you don't go at all.

I hope I can still make a difference, and return this nation to be Proud again


Right now, I'm disgusted with what has happened to the Greatest Nation in the World.


To become a CITIZEN: The immigrant had to learn to Read and "Speak" ENGLISH.

How disgusted I am when I'm in line to Vote,

I find that in California, ballots are available in 25 Languages.



The Collapse of the American Empire?

by Chris Hedges

Will all of you just surrender, or stand up and fight with me, to Restore America.

More Chris


Watch this Video report:

The Invisible Empire, the New World Order.

Watch: What they want us to be, to end the American lifestyle.


Followed by: Life at the end of the Empire!

2:03:00 Telling us, we must eliminate many humans.


A new book I’ve discovered:

"America’s March to Empire", by Clifford Smith.

Explains how "our" leaders have killed

 to expand their ruling of this planet.


Can America Recover, or have we come to an end?

Do "you" want America to Recover?


We had the best nation in the world,

but we have let our “elected leaders” destroy us.

Get up and show some pride in America.


Elect someone who will

put America back together again.



Do you want Capitalism ended, for Socialism (Communism)?

How did Socialism start in America?

    With Socialism, the Government owns all the business's.

In 1929 the


                         Federal Reserve Bank (established in 1913)

pulled in the money,

causing the Stock Market Crash.

The Federal Reserve Bank "illegally ruins our nation".

WE have been scammed by our own leaders, why?


We were told it was the fault

of Republican "President Herbert Hoover",

So elect: President Roosevelt, WHO was a Socialist.


Immediately after Roosevelt took office

he worked with the Banking System in 1933 to

confiscate our GOLD.

WE could no longer legally own GOLD money.


How does Socialism get started?

It starts when 95% of the teachers/professors in our schools,

colleges and universities, who are Liberal Socialists,

deride Capitalism,

Teach our students: "CAPITALISM

has stolen the future economy for the people".


SO: Our naive students "Believe all this crap".

After all would our teacher tell us something wrong?

Our kids actually believe the Government should run everything.

The kids don't have a clue.


A big problem currently is Student Loans.

Why do students believe they need a College Degree?

Because they haven't learned how to get a job with only

a High School education, our schools no longer teach any trades

Why? Haven't those with a College Degree

found College Degree employment,

Maybe only 10%.

Our Government "demands" that our children attend K-12

Because it is good for the nation,


Should we provide FREE College education with the same reasoning?

College debt is unbelievable.

OR: To save money,

maybe we should just cancel

all Grade School education.



We still have these problems.

You had no idea how many problems we have; study these: this is just a start.

          A# 1. New World Order: Bilderbergs                                                26. Military Personnel                                          51. Golden Parachutes


               2. Homeland Security ?                                                                   27. Military Income Taxes                                52. Inheritance Taxes


               3. Illegal Aliens Invaders or:?                                                           28. Your Money                                                      53. Property Taxes


              4. Anchor Babies                                                                             29. INFLATION !!!!!!!                                              54. Highway Taxes


              5. Criminals in Mexico                                                                  30. SS Inflation                                                    55. Taxes / Pork 2016


              6. Alien Workers                                                                               31. Social Security  Broke or Fixed                  56. Panama Canal                


             7. Legal Immigrants                                                                           32. Supplemental Security Income                 57. American Debts


             8. English is our language                                                               33. Congress/Pay  Rich?  $14,600/mo.              58. Religious Freedom


            9. Health Care FREE? If you PAY.                                           34. Gangs                                                                59. Police Action


          10. Protecting America                                                                        35. Graffiti/Gangs                                             60. Court System


          11. American Safety                                                                              36. Politically Correct Speech                      61. Jury Pay


          12. Eminent Domain                                                                             37. Post Office My way, or highway                  62. Guns 2ndAmend. 87-297


          13. Electoral Collegeelects Pres”.                                                 38. Federal Lands                                                   63. Criminal Defense


          14. Foreign Aid                                                                                        39. Welfare Conditions                                          64. Illegal Entry, Police see #65


          15. American Jobs                                                                               40. Married Living                                                 65.  Civil Asset Forfeiture scam


          16. Foreign Products                                                                           41. Birth Control                                                66. Drunk Drivers


          17. Exports                                                                                            42. Global Warming, Cap and Trade>               67. Environment


          18. Labor Unions                                                                                  43. Medicare,   Broke                                       68. Racial Relations


          19. Education/Schools                                                                       44. GAS $10/gal. or $1.29/gal                                69. Racial Quotas


          20. Student Safety                                                                               45. Changes in Taxes                                   70. Voting Rights


          21. Child Health                                                                                     46. Sales Taxes                                                            71. NATIONAL I.D. Cards


          22. Employment                                                                                    47. Excise Taxes                                                           72. Drugs, Legal, Illegal


          23. Civil Rights                                                                                      48. Other Taxes                                                  73. Container Cargo


          24. Bicycles                                                                                            49. Income Taxes IRS blood suckers                  74. Railroads, Electric


          25. WAR/Armed Forces                                                                    50. Double Taxes                                                  75. National Disasters


75 More subjects of concern


       1620 Pilgrim invasion                                                        9/11 (Building 7 ?)“INSIDE JOB”                   BORDERGATE =CIA Imports Drugs

       Aids Invented By Us, for Africa.                                 Habeas Corpus Cancelled                                           North American Union?


      America after 1948                                                                    Headlines  “Nov. 2012”                                                           NAFTA AMER-Mexico Super Highway          


      History 1776, w/Guns                                                              History of Muslims                                                                 Other Candidates


      2 Tons of Free Money,  for Iraq                                         "How to take over a nation"                                           Republicans or Democrats?


      Border Security, a Joke?                                                        I have an anger problem                                                RFID Chip in your arm/National ID?


      B. OBAMA Economy? Sucked                                              Independent Candidates                                                Sedition Act 1797/1918


      Change! you want Change?                                                Imports STOP                                                                     Some Solutions


      Customs, Border Security?                                                 I’ve had enough, have you?                                          Starving Nations


      Homeless Seniors, on TV                                                     INDIANA                                                                                          Stars and Stripes


     Congress guilty of Murder                                                  INFOWAR                                                                               TENNESSEE National Guard


     Children No future jobs                                                           JUSTICE?                                                                               Terrorism in America


     FREE SPEECH, is DANGER                                                John F. Kennedy Murder                                                United Nations


     Declaration of Independence                                             Liberals                                                                                  United States SOLD


     DISARM YOU, then our MILITARY?   Global Warming (Judy Cross)                                                 Veterans Honored


     Do We run the Government?                                             Money, free money? For whom?                                        What am I trying to do ?


     Do you want a free nation?                                                My Biography >>>>>>>>&>>>>>>>>>                            Who am I ?


     ECONOMY, in the dumps                                                      My Foreign Policy                                                                   Who is the Government ?


     ENERGY, you can’t afford                                                    “My Political Aims”                                                              *Who shot Reagan, Why?


    "EXECUTIVE ORDERS", for Martial law                         “MY PLAN”                                                                                    Youth of America


     First Amendment, NO Free Speech                              "THEIR PLAN                                                                         What is a Hoosier ?


     FEAR, and a lot of it                                                              Political Books. Buy, Read’ LEARN                                      UNEMPLOYMENT


    Foreclosures, still in 2019                                                   No more Religion allowed?                                               Un-Change, and Restore


I’m trying to get your attention:



I deal in Numbers.

How do the numbers add up?

It all began with Numbers that affected



and Historical changes.

Do you want more CHANGES in America?



these NUMBERStell everything”.

                                                           Research "these numbers" on your own:

1776, 1797, 1913, REX 84, Agenda 21,

PL 87-297,

AR 210-35?,

7 December 1941,



Now in Plain, or Fancy Words, how do you want this?

*= Critical dates

How do things add up? DO THE MATH!

A study of History!

At the end of each line, essentially the word "WHY", as you study history,

and analyze the facts of what happened in History, then you’ll understand WHY


 1215 Magna Charta signed by King John, to establish "Citizens Rights"

               (I am descended from King John, and 12 of the Magna Charta Barons)

 1620 Mayflower Compact, Pilgrims decided their own laws, to live "in Freedom"

               (I am descended from George Soule, Francis Cooke, + Edward Doty,

                                                      Pilgrims on the Mayflower)

 1622 English PURITANS start arriving, to "control and TAX" the PILGRIMS.

 1660 BOSTON: My Quaker ancestor Katherine Chatham persecuted, Religious Freedom?

 1776 Uprising: To PROTECT Freedoms, for all Americans: From England.

 1787 Independence won, Constitution enacted. Americans FREE,

         as long as you follow NEW laws”, by the NEW LEADERS.

 1792 George Washington elected President. I’m related to George.

 1791 Bill of Rights enacted, (see: 2011 Bill of Rights cancelled).

*1797 Sedition Act: “Illegal: To make negative comments about NEW  Government”.

                              Up to $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison, that's a lot in 1797.

                              But now we were free? With Freedom of Speech?

           1861 War between the states; the federal Government is all-powerful. NO state Rights.

   My relative: Edwin McMasters Stanton, was Secretary of War under Lincoln.


 1913 Founding of the Federal Reserve Banking corruption.


*1913 Illegal Income Tax Initiated, to force you to finance "a Private Banking fraud",

            called The FEDERAL RESERVE Bank. A private banking company, not Government Bank.

           Income Taxes = Tribute paid TO: The new Federal Reserve Banking System.

          The beginning of “how to” confiscate the finances of this nation, to destroy us.

                 Not to worry; it was only a tax of 1% on those making over $10,000/yr. In 1917, it didn’t affect 99.9% of Americans, THEN

                 After all it was a Voluntary Tax, not Mandatory. Do you Voluntarily fill out a 1040 and pay taxes now?

  1917 WW I: The war to end all wars”. PS: We were not attacked. Cost: $,$$$,$$$

*1918 1797 Sedition Act: Reenacted: Make negative remarks about USA; go to JAIL!

*1918 Attempt to establish the “League of Nations”, (One World Government).

  1919 Prohibition: A well intentioned ACT, that started the Crime Wave of 1920’s

             Converted to the “DRUG WAR”, starting in 1936 up to NOW > 2019, a WAR against US.

             Possession of “plant leaf” and you go to prison.


 1929 Federal Reserve Bank SYSTEM, pulled in the credit, stock market crashed.

               Convert America “to become a Socialist nation” and we’ll all be OK!

  1930-1940 The Great Depression, 25 to 40% unemployment. NO Welfare.

  1932 WW I Veterans marched on Wash, DC “for promised benefits”, & were shot at:

            > By brave General Douglas McArthur. Would our Government shoot you, “today”?

  1933 Americans forbidden to own GOLD, all Gold must be surrendered to Government.

  1939 Americans went to work, to produce War materials, for a war: WE won’t fight.

          Where did they find the money to produce War Materials? America was broke!

  1940 Americans drafted, for a War: Roosevelt promised: We would “NOT” be involved in the war.

*1941 Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor, Hawaii attacked to start WW II. (An Inside job)

*1942 February Detention Camps used: To immediately “detain” 120,000 American citizens.

               American citizens, of ORIENTAL, GERMAN, and ITALIAN ancestry were detained for the duration of the war,

               in camps built "BEFORE Dec 7th 1941". Note: Those 1942 Detention camps are now being refurbished, Why?

              After 9/11, FEMA Camps built, to detain “citizens” in/after 2020? For Whom? See 2005.

  1945 Germany surrendered! Two Atomic bombs ended the war with Japan. Why did it take 2?

  1945 WW II ended. We “Won the WAR”, so the losers will pay us taxes?

              What did we win? Do we own Germany, Japan, Italy? Korea?

*1946 League of Nations, now called the United Nations established, to enact:


 1948 Marshall Plan, our $Billions, to rebuild damage “WE” did to WIN WW II.

             What did we WIN? ($13 Billion debt to rebuild Germany, Italy, Japan) to feed the innocent citizens of this war.

  1961 Public Law 87-297, our Government plans:

                               To disarm our military for surrender to UN.

*1962 Kennedy signed Executive Orders

                               Authorizing: Martial Law control of Americans.

  1964-1968 All Silver removed from our coinage, Silver rose from 90 cent/ounce to now $15/oz.

           No more Silver backing our Paper Money. Results: that 18 cents/a can soup, now $1.39.

  1969 Nixon visited COMMUNIST China to tell them:

                                                      We are “your” friends.

    1972 Discovery: Researched that I’m related to 24 of our American Presidents.

               2012 Discovered: That I’m also related to Mitt Romney, he and I have 3 early American ancestors in common.

               I’m also related to Hillary Rotten Clinton and Donald Trump. Of course!

*1984 REX 84”Plan to detain citizens in FEMA Camps for reeducation, or?

*1990 95% of our clothing manufactured in America, “2011” only 5% made in USA

*1993 BATF “murder” of the Koresh Religious American citizens in Waco, TX

                                Religious freedom in America? Believe properly or?

            Protection from more Reverend Jim Jones’s or what?

      20 of MY Family, (including my aunt Edith Cordell) and Congressman Ryan died in

           Jonestown, Guiana on 18 November 1978. 40 years ago as of Nov. 2018.

*1993 World Trade Center bombing, Inside JOB? “FBI supplied the explosives”.

*1995 Oklahoma Federal Building bombing; was an Inside Job. If you watch this

          2 hr. movie, (if your comp. allows this) you will be stunned. Then you’ll believe me.

          How were there unexploded bombs found in the basement of the Murrah building?

          The police officer that reported about the unexploded bombs, died in a ONE CAR accident 4 days later.

*2001 9/11 WAS an Inside Job. One more step, to total Government control.

          This is it: for our safety? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          The worse Number’s, start here:


*2001 October, Patriot/Terrorist Protection Act passed. (Constitution gutted).

*2005 U.S. Army Regulation 210-35, titled “Civilian Inmate Labor Program

             Will you be one of the Civilian Inmate Slaves?

*2006 War Commissions Act. To end Habeas Corpus protection. => Jail, No trials.

*2007 POSSE COMITATUS ACT ended, protected us from Military takeover.

*2011 National Defense Authorization Act, the right to detainanyone” Forever.

                                Detain= jail, prison, locked up forever, until death do we part, no trials.

           To protect the Politicians of America.

*2011 99% Bill of Rights cancelled, to protect the elected leaders from citizens

                    WHY?  Now we are just waiting for the ball to drop, for total submission

                     to the One World Leaders to take over all operation of our nation.

                     NO MORE WARS, just surrender and you’ll be safe, obey, or death?

                    Just be good little slaves, you’ll love it.


  202? Being Your President will be a full time job. I won’t relax, until you can.

             24/7/52 24 hours/day, 7days/week, 52weeks/year: I’ll be on the job for you.


  202? No vacations for me, until I’ve Restored our economy for YOU.

            PS: I don’t play Golf, I won’t have time to play games: I’ll have a job to do, for all of YOU.

  2012 Obama re?elected, FRAUD DELUXE?  Did WE” Re-elect Obama! I suspect fraud.


 2012 I was not elected, so the next 3 items won’t happen.

 2013 United Nations building in NY City converted to Condo’s.

 2013 Factories working “2” shifts to produce “Made in America” products.

 3AM I’ll be there to answer that phone, to be ready for emergencies.

          Now: Are you so devastated, that you will submit to anything?


    47 Million citizens, now receiving Food Stamps, plus more added daily. Trump cutting Food Stamp's.

 =      50% Americans live below the poverty line, as reported in the “2010 Federal Census”.

=     Orlando, FL children, living homeless + “CBS 60 Minutes read comments.

              =       27 Million unemployed, more added daily, unemployment $ extended for ?.

 =       15 Million under employed, that we know of, are you underemployed?

          2013 Underemployed adults “not kids” working for Fast Food, demanding $15/hr

                   will cause 100% inflation for Seniors income.

=       40%Unemployment in minority communities.

=        1% Of Americans are in Prison = 3.1 million in prison.

         2014 About 2 million more employees lost Unemployment Insurance coverage.

=      49% of American men, do not live to retire on Social Security, They paid for. (dead before age 50)

        Millions of homes foreclosed, while citizens live in “Cars and Tents”.

        Millions begging at Food Banks: To survive.

        Millions more, losing their jobs every year.

        1 out of every 6 Americans is unemployed.

        Millions: Homeless, No longer counted “as Unemployed”

        Banks charging 10% to 29% interest, while you get 1% on Savings.

               When you deposit money in the bank, what you are really doing, is loaning that money to the bank,

               they did not put that into the vault for YOU. When you want that money back,

               they have to retrieve that money from whom they loaned it to, if they can collect! 

               (That’s called Fractional Reserve Banking System.

               You deposit $100, The banks give you 1% ($1), and collect up to 29% on the $97 they loan out.)

               Millions given as Bonus’$ to failing Financial organization employee’s

               Billion $ to bail out Wall Street

               Zero $ to bail out Main Street, did you get $ Million bonus when laid off?

               Then the Government wants to charge you income taxes on the 1% interest you got from the bank.

+10 C =   Global Warming, panic time? 2 degrees warmer, Oh my God, time to worry?

 900  U. S. Military installations, around the world. WHY?

 38,000 American Service Personnel “still protecting” S. Korea since 1953. WHY?


*2002- 2010, 48,000+ Factories closed, to move production out of America. WHY?

  2013 Chrysler Auto, building a new $300 million plant in Mexico, jobs for Mexicans


  vs: DON CORDELL, decision, decision!

 2020     The date: The Political Parties promise possible financial Recovery, maybe?

 (-$0.00) Many States and Cities are STILL bankrupt. Feds will just take over, to help!

   56+    Million Illegal Aliens, wanting Amnesty: To take over America!

 $22.3   Trillion National Debt. Going up $1.5 Trillion/year. How will you pay?
   $800  Billion/year income taxes collected. Doesn’t even pay the interest on the National debt.

     $85 Billion gift to help the nation of “Georgia”, “in Europe”. $0 to state of  Georgia

       $1 Billion to help Egypt. Now we are sending them Tanks and Jet fighters?

    675  Registered Voters, in one County of Ohio, =  4600 votes for Bush in 2000.

 ($500) Million to Solyndra for Solar Cell production: “To compete” with COMMUNIST China?

             Solyndra bankrupt, our money gone. COMMUNIST China wins?

             Solyndra executives party with “our” money.

($526) Million to a company in Finland to develop $100,000 electric cars for YOU

           April 2013 that company bankrupt, our money gone Bye Bye. Not one car produced.

25%   Inflation in 2010-2011 = 25% pay cut

         481,000 NEW applications for Unemployment in Feb. 2011, more since.

2019 $15/Hr Minimum wage passed, 100% inflation expected.

 1%   Americans who own 90% of America

99%  Americans who own 10% of America?

99%  Wall St. Occupiers Told: Shut up and go home, NO RIGHT’S to Demonstrate.

          Question: As adults, do we have the Right to use Alcohol, and Tobacco?" Do we have the Right to

          ingest any substance we want into our body? Our Government says: "NO" In this land of ?Freedom?

         Do We the People run this nation or Do assholes we've elected tell us WHAT we can do?

*435 Members of Congress, who don’t give a damn

*100 Senators, who don’t give a damn, plus 1 Vice President.

   *1  Previous President: Obama who didn’t give a damn, laughing at you.

 ##   RepubliCON Candidates, that don’t give a damn about these numbers.

*309 Million American citizens; that are worried about our future.

      1Million Americans who are so Rich, they don’t worry about the future,         YET.

   10 Bill of Rights? 9 cancelled, (+ # 3 when they station the military in your home).

*%? Coming? RATIONING of Food, Energy, & Gasoline: For Equality of life?

2020The last election allowed?: To elect a President: On to a “One World”

  *1 Electoral College “ACTUALLY” “elects the President”. NOT YOU.

    1 Presidential Candidate DON CORDELL, that cares about our future.

    _______ ? Total, adds up “to a lot of problems” in America, how does this add up to you?


   Do the MATH.

   I’ll let the NUMBERS speak for me. Did these NUMBERS concern YOU?

  There’s more:

  From: “Citizens Against Government Waste”

            82 Federal programs to improve teacher quality, it isn’t working.

            80 Programs to help disadvantaged people with transportation, (to the poor house)?

            80 Programs for Economic Development, for foreign nations?

            47 Programs for Job Training and Employment, (for illegal aliens)?

            20 separate programs to help the Homeless: It isn’t working.

            15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws. To protect you, for or from Monsanto?

     None of these seem to be working for Americans.

 = 1,000,000 laws to control YOU, from FREEDOM? You must follow the RULES.

We need to RESTORE America.



Do you want to work for the Government, live in Government housing,

ride to work in Government buses, get your food from

the Government store, and have the Government decided what extra’s

you deserve to lease, owned by the Government, who can stop by

and reclaim those items whenever you refuse to obey.

All food is Bar Coded, so your Government can protect you

from eating “the wrong foods”.

I want you to imagine, ordering a Pizza from

a Government owned Pizza Parlor.

Part of a PLAN?

Just to protect your health, FOR the Government medical plan.

Remember the food we got in the Military: Government food.







(they know) YOU NEED.

August 2019, Germany starts 90% tax on meat

will The United States follow suit?

WE can be taxed for any reason

to control civilian behavior!

We have Special tax on Soft Drinks

because they contain sweeteners!

Or even the drink size, for your health of course.

Your government wants to protect you!




Just follow ORDERS!

Just like in the Military, "Never ask questions,

Just do as Told, and OBEY"!







Wall Street Occupiers claim:

WE must end Capitalism,

the “Government should own ALL businesses”

NO one "should make a profit".

Is that the America you want?

Russia tried that for 100 years, and finally revolted.


This is a life or death struggle,

for the future of our nation.



That's why you need Don Cordell as your next President.



Are  you ready for a

Global Government?

Start right here with

> Executive Orders.

This is a for real video.

This is the beginning of the end,

we've been sold to the New World Order.

Stop the North American Union


Easter 2019

Again: Muslims attack innocent Christians, and

you wonder why I claim: "We must  rescue the world from

ALL Muslims", we tried to do it in the 1100AD Crusades.

Time to do the job right this time, eliminate ALL Muslims.

Violence? Yeah if you want Peace and Safety.

Sometimes you have to use Force, for Peace.



I'm going to tell you in Profanity,

if you elect any Democrat for President in 2020

Americans will be FU SCREWED.

Kiss your ass goodbye.

Every Bill of Rights will be cancelled,

don't be fooled, these bastards

demand YOUR total surrender.


In 2004 the Secret Service visited me, and told me

there was no way in hell our leaders would allow me to be elected.


That I had no idea what was "really" going on, and I was naive

If I thought I could change what was going on in the United States.

They liked my 2004 website and "agreed with me".


This nation was a wonderful idea, Freedom to live as you wish

to own your own business, to profit from your own labor.

All nationalities living in harmony with each other.



I have to stop right here, to discuss a sickening subject:


I didn't realize our nation had become this SICK.

The state of NY has just announced: Abortions

are legal up to and including "after" Delivery.

The woman can even decide after a live birth, then let the baby die.

What in the hell has gone wrong in our society that babies are

now just "a clump of cells", disposable on a whim!

Sin      Sin      Sin      Sin  (that's what we're agin)

I don't care what religion you are, or "are not",

I can't imagine that life is not precious, I LOVE BABIES.


There are two choices, "Pro Life", or "Pro Choice".

Now I understand the Woman's situation, "being Pregnant"

There is a solution:





If a human body is only a clump of cells,


when does clump,

become a human life?

Are we "all" just a clump of cells, at any age, and "disposable"?

Hitler disposed of many people, Jews and Gypsies, and ?

"Rulers of the past" have killed more of their "Subjects",

"than any illnesses on earth".


I thought we had risen above that level.


God made only two species in the animal world,

Male and Female

with the Female giving birth to all new offspring.

I thought this worked pretty well.


Is this to be the new control of population?

I'm reading of, up to 400 abortions a day, or more.

Because Woman are now working and improving the economy.

From time immemorial "human life" came from

a women giving birth to "every one of us".

Past history is ripe with cruel sacrificing of children,

I thought we had become civilized and loved Life.

I Guess NOT.

I'm Pro Life, and I hope we can restore civilization to

worship the children that are born in our nation.


realize, "YOU are the future of the citizens of our nation".

If you don't want that baby, PLEASE consider Adoption.

 The State of Alabama has passed a law outlawing Abortion

BUT: Federal Law supersedes any State Law.


President Trump has grounded all

Boeing 737 Max aircraft for being unsafe,

before you fly on any 737 you need to watch

this exposes of Boeing unsafety.


Is this the only aircraft from Boeing that is unsafe?



First they called it GLOBAL WARMING,

it wasn't Warming, so they decided to call it,

"Climate Change".

Climate change, is BULLSHIT.

They decided we are so dumb, that we'd fall for that story.

What they mean is, Peons: Stop using Energy

and submit to the elite who deserve to use the energy

The GREEN PLAN = Stop using energy,

The Government tells us: 12,000 years ago, there was One Mile of Ice

from the North Pole to just about the middle of Indiana, why did it melt?

There is OIL under the North Pole, how? When?



TAX THE USE OF Electricity,


STOP USING Gasoline (only Electric Cars)

STOP using Gas to heat your home,

Bicycles for everyone.

A General Motors, Chrysler, or Ford Bicycle

made for you "in China".


I'll believe that, when I see our politicians arrive on

"THEIR bicycle".


NO way in hell, will I approve of this PLAN.

How is it possible, that there is OIL in the Arctic, if there was no

plant growth in the Arctic? Global Warming? When?



"Only Government owned businesses and factories allowed",

to destroy "Capitalism?"


How many miles do you think you can drive in that Electric car?

Per charge: You are limited to about 150 miles round trip from home.

How many miles do  you think you can drive with

the Heater or the Air Conditioner turned on?

What! NO Heater or Air Conditioner!

Of course NOT!


IF you think, you'll continue to live in your home,

dream on,

our leaders will confiscate our Single Family Homes



"Single Family Homes to be destroyed"

to build apartment buildings on your property,

to place you in compact apartments to save energy,

thermostats set at 65 degrees in the winter and

no air conditioning in the Summer,

"that wastes too much electricity",

all this, to save humanity,

OH! it sounds "so good".

Learn to walk everywhere, "it's good for you".

Where you can meet your politicians in "their cars",

                         and you tell them "how you "love to walk".


Our Government "demands" Obedience for

"Social Justice",

so the Middle Class will live like,

"ALL of US:


Our leaders want SOCIALISM,

a new name for COMMUNISM.


So go ahead and vote for Democrats, get FREE everything,

your Grand Kids will be thrilled, they're being taught in school

"FREE Everything" is what they deserve

the best thing for their future.

Of course your kids were not taught job skills

to get a job when they graduate from High School.

The Schools no longer teach any shop classes.

The local factories that hired us to make stuff is gone.


Free comes with a price: NO FREEDOM.

A job for everyone, in

"the Government factory".

or for those who don't want to work, a $1200. Check every month.

The Social Justice concept is that

"If SOMEONE doesn't have SOMETHING",




That's Equality?


New Book

"Social Justice, and the Unmaking of America", by Noah Rothman


If I'm not elected; in 20 more years, every city will look like Detroit.



Opens eyes to the real plan of the Left,

the fact that our schools no longer teach CIVIC'S.

Or the History of how our ancestors fought for us to be



Our children: Do not need to know

the concept of Freedom.

the founders of the FREE United States,

that changed submission of all,

from a nation "run by a Dictator",

to one run by the citizens.




We, "You and I", have been using too much of everything,


the descendents of the "Very Rich" will need in the future.












This is what will be "our" new life, Government controlled.



Look at all the empty factories in your city, or the now "empty lot",

where Americans "use to work".

Is it time for another REVOLUTION

"1776 AGAIN ?"



My 2018 Income Tax is "the same" as my 2017 tax,

 "No tax cut for me".

How about YOU?



In the 1930's there was a nation so stressed by losses in WW I

that a politician came upon the scene, and said,

"I'll restore and

"Make our nation Great again".

He started the factories making a small car,

put people back to work,

"then" a Government building burned, my, my, my,

allowing this politician to declare:


"Our nation has been attacked, like 9/11

so Citizen Rights must be eliminated",

"for the good of the country".


This new leader took over the country, and then declared that:

For the safety of the nation, certain people must be deleted (killed).

He made ownership of guns illegal.

He killed all Undesirable people for "the purity" of

the nation, he was adored and great gatherings worshiped him

His name was HITLER.

Hitler just wanted a European Union, "that they now have",

only he just wanted this all to be "HIS UNION".

So now we have a European Union, on to a One World Union.


Does history have to repeat itself, before you wake up?

I've been trying to explain to all of you,

what has changed in the United States of America.

9/11 !

Our nation attacked, so your Rights must end.

How to take over a nation.

Wake up and see the repeat of History.


                     WE are no longer Citizens,

                     WE are "Subjects"/Residents.

                     WE must immediately submit to authorities "on Demand".

                     WE have NO Constitutional Rights of any kind.

                     WE have been told:

                   "WE will do "as told",

                 or WE will be killed".


Our children are being taught that

the Government has

"The Right"

to DEMAND Obedience,

and "our children believe it"!

Our children are being taught in school,

that "For the good of many",

"many of us must die"

Socialism: for the good of "Social Justice".


I've been trying to explain the Injustice happening

in our new society, but you don't understand:

We have lost our Freedoms


Citizens of THIS nation.


In school our children are taught:

"Socialism" is the correct future for our nation.

90% of our children believe Free Speech is wrong,

that Speech must be controlled,

so someone isn't hurt by "words".


Under Socialism:

The Government will supply "FREE everything",

who doesn't want


Citizens don't realize the only thing free

will be peanuts.

The end to our Constitutional Rights.

Maybe the present citizens "are too dumb"

to realize "What treason is happening."

The Demo"crapic" Party wants open borders for our nation,

on to a North American Union as they have done to Europe.

Do we have borders?

Then on to a ONE WORLD



The rest of what I'm telling you is a waste of time.


you do not elect ME.

This nation will cease to be.


We have a lot of problems that our Government has spent

100 years to prepare us for this moment.


1913 Income taxes,

1918: The League of Nations,

1946: the United Nations.

2018: Their demand,

 a One World Government.

Billions given to the United Nations,

"what WAR has the UN ever stopped"?


We have the GOD given right

"to own" and use weapons to defend "US"


those we've elected:

>To run our nation.


NO politician has the RIGHT to ignore our 2nd Amendment

to disarm us, so that we are





"HAVE THE RIGHT ........."


It is time to stand up and Restore American RIGHTS.

Let's replace the Traitors we've elected


who will recognize


I'm tired of being told,

I do not have "the RIGHT" to bear arms,

to defend "MY RIGHTS".

We the People

"MUST" rule.


The United States of America, sells OIL to CHINA!

Our Government "loaned money" to Brazil to allow Brazil the

ability to drill for OIL in the Caribbean Sea, to sell OIL to CHINA.

Which is then shipped to CHINA through

the "CHINESE controlled" Panama Canal.


What happens when the United States of America runs out of OIL?


OIL is an LIMITED quantity product.

When the United States of America runs out of OIL,

then what?





If you as a citizen want to retake control of  OUR nation?

then elect ME: Don Cordell as "your" next President.





Citizens, do you know how our children are being taught?

INVESTIGATE Common Core, you'll be shocked.

Of all the dumb way to teach our kids, this takes the cake.

No wonder our children are lost, our kids have no idea how Math works

which is good, because if our kids understood what our Government

financing is doing, they'd rise up and riot.

I wasn't the smartest kid in class, but once I understood the principals

of the 4 basics of Math: Multiply. Divide, Add, and Subtract, it was simple.

Our kids have no idea what is going on, they'll make good politicians.


I understand our schools no longer teach Civics or History.

Why confuse our kids with the Constitution and our Rights.

The kids believe the Government "Can do no wrong".

They are being indoctrinated:

To believe: Government knows best,

"Just follow orders", and be a good


Socialism/Communism is fair for ALL. Bull  


Do you want the Government telling you "what you can eat"?

In one area of Los Angeles, CA a city councilman decided Fast Food

restaurants could no longer open for business in his area,

so citizens would eat healthier.

It's no business of the Government deciding what we want to eat.


What is coming, I'll tell you WHAT!

The government in parts of America charge us

"extra" TAX on Soft Drinks

to convince us, if we want that DRINK, it will cost us a penalty.

What next, a TAX on Beef? a Tax on Coffee,

a Penalty TAX on a bag of Sugar?

Will our Government TAX us on "anything we want",

to penalize us for eating anything

the GOVERNMENT feels is not good for us?

Will you allow the Government to TAX you:

To conform?


Think damn it!


Wake up and fight back "with ME".

Do you realize (the tax) price on Gasoline is to control usage!

Remember TAX on cigarettes, TAX on Alcohol, WHY!

what next, if we don't fight back.

Do you also pay Sales Tax on the whole price

 on Cigarettes, and Alcohol?? That's tax on tax!


There are places in America where you can be denied a business

license, because the Government claims there are already ENOUGH

businesses of that type in the community, NO competition for

businesses already there, so you are denied the right "to compete".


WHY do we have to beg for a License to conduct a Business

and pay a TAX on your business inventory, besides a TAX

on our income earned from the business


Some bastard say's: They know what is best for us.





2019: I'd like to drive to Indianapolis, IN to visit my 90 year old

brother, but I'm SCARED TO DEATH

to drive on our nation's highways

"For fear of the cops".

It is not safe to drive in:

Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, or Tennessee.

Plus anywhere in the other 45 states.

Listen to this crap from a Kentucky cop. This is unbelievable.

It's against the law for 2 or more motorists to travel

and keep in touch with each other. What Bull Shit.


It turns out that many motorists from Canada as a group

driving expensive cars were all pulled over for Bull Shit reasons,

and demanded they return to the USA for court appearances,

no "pay the fine" and go on, this is a crime against US.


Watch this motorist stop in Electra, Texas when a husband and

wife travelling a long distance pulled over just to switch drivers.

Subject to unbelievable bull shit, "they were not stopped for driving".

The explanation: Small town cops are like this.

The cop explains, just surrender your Rights,

because cops don't recognize the Bill of Rights.

In reality, they'd  love to kill you, just makes their day.

They have the POWER. not you. Screw that!

This won't stop until citizens rise up and defend our Rights,

with guns if that's what it takes.


All my life, I've never owned or carried a GUN, maybe I should.

I am furious, this is not "how citizens should be treated".


To Serve and Protect is Bull Shit, most cops a only looking for

ways to take money from citizens.

This must STOP, or we are going to have some dead cops.


What a shame has happened to our nation.

In situations like this,

I'm afraid I'm not very cooperative,

in fact I get hostile.

My ancestors got hostile in 1776 and did something about it.

I even fear driving to get groceries, it only takes "one out of control

cop" to decide: I'm a threat if stopped, and I'm dead.

Because: "I will not surrender".


The Government will win,

YOU "will lose".

Until  you elect ME.


In 1776 my ancestors said: We've had enough of this Bull Shit,

and they did something about it. Do we have to have another



I could fly to Indianapolis, but:

Of course I will not go through the TSA abuse at our airports,

to fly the sky's of America,

I'd end up arrested sure as hell, because:

 I don't take shit from anybody.


If you ever expect to have




Our present Politicians do not care if the police are out of control

"I care", and I'll protect you.


Read the Declaration of Independence

"We the People ----------

have the Right ------"


>Listen:< Obama said: You're too simple minded to defend yourself,

Obama's Executive Order put into effect and not repealed,

will put you in prison with no trial, no conviction,

"and" executed. for the "Good of the Many,"

to reduce the population.


Our Government has ordered 32,000 Guillotines, WHY?

The 32,000 guillotines were not ordered, to execute the politicians.


Whom are they going to use the Guillotines for?




((((   VIOLENCE   )))






We did this in 1776, do we have to do this again in 2020 + ?


We need weapons equal to "OUR" Governments weapons,

to restore our Rights demanded

in the

Declaration of Independence.


My Quaker: Great Great Great Grandfather Jonathan Huddleston,

moved from Guilford Co, NC to Liberty, IN, in 1815,

he had a store that was also

an Underground Railroad hideout for escaping slaves.

This is Liberty, IN now.


Never ever call the police for help,

you'll probably end up dead.


OUR FBI !What a disgrace


The IRS brag about how they can seize your bank account,

claiming your money, if you have saved any:

"Must be profit from crime".

You have to hire a lawyer to try to get  your money back.

99% of the time, you lose, and cops win.

They have tricks, you had only 10 days to file, and didn't.

It's "your money" that's guilty, not you.

Guilty until proven "Innocent", isn't that against the law?

This is illegal as hell, F the IRS

The Government is confiscating Bank Accounts of Small

Businesses all over the nation, claiming if they don't deposit

at least $10,000 "each deposit",

they are hiding MONEY.

What the F. 

Our Government loves to screw us.

Let's fight back!

F- Screw the IRS.

I'll take on the IRS and save America.

The IRS has met its match.


The Government wants you to keep all your money in the bank,

so they can confiscate your money when they need it!


Please cooperate and stop carrying CASH............Period.

You do realize that ALL paper money has a Serial Number,

that can be traced over and over, so be careful what you

pay for in CASH, if you don't want to be traced.

Coins can't be traced.


However: Philadelphia, PA has a new plan

they confiscate homes for minor crimes

and have taken as many as 9000 homes in one year,

money in the bank "for the city".







Let's start right here, do you realize: COPS can

take "anything you own", claiming you obtained

"anything" you have, is the result of CRIMES

you "MAY" have committed,

without any TRIAL and CONVICTION.

It's called:



COPS can claim your CASH tests positive for DRUGS,

99% of American CASH "tests positive" for DRUGS


COPS can stop you for a traffic offense, demand you

submit to POLICE DOG sniff of your car, and take your

cash that you have, place it for dogs to sniff, and

it will test positive for drugs, then confiscate your cash,

NOT EVEN charge you with a CRIME,

they laugh all the way to the bank,

as they take your money, and you have to hire an

attorney to defend yourself, to recover your money.


In reality, the Cops don't even need the Dogs,

"Possession of CASH" is a crime,

research more

and you'll realize I'm RIGHT !



Most of the time, the Attorney costs are more than

the money they seized, so you walk away in shock,

as the COPS can steal your cash, your car, or

"anything else" they take from you,

and you can't do shit to defend yourself.

I repeat:

   "The Possession


   is a CRIME",

God only knows what you could buy with "CASH"!

The Government says, it's a way to fight DRUG CRIMES.


YOU "Do not have to be convicted",

your money is


Do you have a receipt for everything in your home?

The cops can state, "no receipt" so you must have stolen everything.

Remember after they steal all your money, you have no money to

pay for defense.


Can you afford to pay for a trial to prove

they took under $100 from you, and you are innocent?

OR $1000, or ?



will protect you.

"Google": and "YouTube":

"Civil Asset Forfeiture",

learn NOW. 

"Policing for Profit."

Listen to this lawyer explain this:


"ALL" of our cash money is contaminated with drugs,

which gives cops "the right" to confiscate your cash,

when you are stopped and searched.


WHEN! will the cops raid the banks and confiscate

"all" the cash that tests positive for drugs?


The COPS "can claim" everything in your home,

"and" your "HOME", was

purchased with illegal money,

SO they can take your HOME

and everything in your HOME,

and "have done so".


COPS laugh at how stupid you are.


When they steal from you,

who do you call to report this crime?

It's only a game to the cops, and "you lose"!


When I see a COP:



So: Can I legally kill a COP?

That's why COPS claim:

"They have the right to KILL US", because:

"They: feared for THEIR life".

That's a Cop out!

I fear for all Americans who face this threat

every day in America.

This must STOP.    

      I'll protect you from the Cops.


The Police in America are out of control,

WE must defend Americans.

  Watch: These cops deserve to be killed, we must protect ourselves.

  Watch: Typical cops like this should be killed to protect our rights.

      This is the mind set of all too many cops. ^^^^


This could be you tomorrow, many innocent citizens killed every day.



Watch: What happens when you try to film cops


If I become President, Cops like this

 are going to prison, and I want them beat daily.

I will protect all citizens from these CRIMINALS.

I've been waiting since 1949

to get even with cops that SCREWED with me.

Cops: I'm telling you, this shit will cease, or your ass is mine.



YOU must watch a number of Police Abuse cases

 on this Site.

This is happening all over America.

This site is a compile of cases that will shock you.

"Continue watching more links in this Site" and

you'll see what is going wrong in America.

Try this site for more "Police Abuse cases" you'll be stunned

as to what is happening in our nation,

by cops that don't:  Serve and Protect.

I will not allow this to continue,

I will protect YOU.


We, the citizens of this nation are going to have

JUSTICE returned, as our RIGHTS.


A lot of Cops are going to jail.

I don't put up with this kind of shit.

WE must fight back "for Justice".


Every year this is escalating, more and more open abuse,

and citizens killed by police,

IF you refuse to follow cops orders in less than 15 seconds,

a cop has the legal right to


and they do.


I repeat.




Remember "YOU might be next, or your spouse, or your child".



"You want to cops to take all guns, leaving you undefended"?


Until WE take the police at task to end this abuse,

We have no "Justice for ALL".

My ancestors didn't fight in the Revolution

for citizens to face these bastards.

 My intent is to be here: "To protect you"


I won't allow this to continue in America.

Believe me, this shit will cease

when I become your President.

This is a disgrace to be happening in our nation.

Do you want to be protected?

This cop is telling you the truth, you have

"NO" Rights at the present time.

This is the real America.


All this Milk and Honey story about our Freedoms is a lot of shit.

You wave the Stars and Stripes, and they'll shove it up your ass.


The cop tells  you straight out, "YOU will lose".


No more pretending you have Rights, you're screwed.

And they get away with it:



When a cop violates your Rights,

who are you going to complain to?

What can we do in America to protect us

from Government control of our Communities?


Our Police/Sheriffs are busy abusing citizens

for traffic offences or other offences that bring in fines

"to enhance the police profits".

COPS claim that it is not the Law,

but "Department Policy"

When did we pass a law making

"Department Policy" the LAW.

Most cops are too Gung Ho to realize,

they are Pawns; removing our Rights,

until they are "someday also under command"


History repeats, study the past.


IF you call the police for help,

you are more likely, to be assaulted and violated.


Call the police as a last resort, for your own safety,

because the police are annoyed

when you bother them to help  YOU.


Your home robbed or burglarized ?

Just notify your insurance company, not the police.

The Police don't care.


Being a senior citizen abused!

Sorry they aren’t interested in helping you.

The Police don't care.


Spousal abuse: The man goes to jail,

because the "woman" couldn’t possibly be at fault.

The Police don't care.


I’ve lived 8 decades in this nation,

I’ve seen a lot of abuses and destruction of

"what this nation was".

It's time to Restore our nation.


We no longer have Rights, because our Rights interfere

with the police running our nation.

The Police don't care.


Never EVER trust a M er F  ing Cop

I have personally witnessed Police Abuse since 1936,

I'm tired of seeing citizens abused.


I want to return this nation to "a land of hope" where we can have

Peace and Opportunity to make a better life for all of us.


We are stopped by officers who demand

total submission,

total surrender

of all Rights,

FOR: total abuse from our

Police Departments that claim:

That the officer was within his Rights to abuse us,

or KILL us if we refuse to submit

"without any resistance",

or demand our Constitutional Rights.


IF the officer is found guilty,

all the officer has to do is retire.

NO punishment at all.

(Then rehired 3 months later)

What has gone wrong in our America?

The Police don't care.





Imagine trying to complain to Hitler how you were abused.

This could happen to anyone of us tomorrow, will it be you?

I'll stop this shit, when I'm your President.


This happened in Mai Lai, So. Vietnam too.

              Innocent woman and children killed by our troop's,

"on orders to kill".


Now Citizens killed, by our (Militarily armed)

Cops in Blue, or Brown in America!


       Remember the Gestapo in Germany were "only following orders".

So gathering the Jews and killing them "was legal".

How many have been arrested for (THINKING)

Conspiring to commit a crime?

They haven't committed a crime,

just arrested for  (THINKING) Conspiring?


Congress is Conspiring to eliminate us, is that a crime?

I don't want to fire those Conspiring against us,

I want them in Prison.


Over the centuries governments have Abused/Killed Citizens,

to protect them.

The usual story is: We are restricting you

for the good of our nation.

  This is real, history coming true, the end of the USA.


     Chicago/Detroit are the most crime ridden cities in America at this time.



The cops have decided to detain “possible” criminals

to protect the country.

This is going to happen all over our nation,

so the cops can control us.



We need police to protect us, not abuse us.

What can we do?


By LAW: The Police

          "are NOT" obligated

to Protect Us.

only to



"To protect the Government".


"To Protect and Serve" is a lie.

The Police don't care.


Just think how safe we would be

if the police could entered all homes,

to determine what we really need,

to confiscate anything that can be used as a weapon,

to remove all knives, pots and pans, hammers,

screwdrivers, and knitting needles, etc!

to establish how we should live,

"for our own good."!

To control what we eat,

what hours we can be awake,

"for our own safety of course".


When the Cops are killing you:


This is happening everyday in the "Land of the Free

and Home of the Scared Shitless".



Many Police departments now have so called

surplus "Military Vehicles" to assault us, why?

So they can DEMAND "YOU follow orders"?


Originally the Constitution claimed: Our new Government

could not use "our" Military against us, now that has changed

as the entire nation is now considered a battle ground,

we can be rounded up by the Militarized Police

that sure look like the US Army to me.


The Constitution is screwed,

you will submit or else. 

HELP ME, "to Protect YOU".

WE must stop this criminal Police behavior NOW.





We live in a





You'll do as told, or else.

Law enforcement officers.


Let me tell you the very first thing.

YOU have:"NO Constitutional Rights"


YOU must submit "IMMEDIATLY" to any and all Cops

 and "do as told", OR risk being KILLED.

We must immediately submit to any Police Officer,

we must not complain, or resist in any way,


we will be arrested,


killed, for "Loitering

" or "

Disturbing the Peace".

OR: that favorite of the COPS, "Suspicion"


Some Cowards say:

just "Cooperate" a little bit,

what difference does it make?,

the police "only want COOPERATION".


Every "one" of our Bill of Right has been and is

constantly ignored, the Cops always win,


"They have the guns" and "control over the courts".

Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE, what a joke!


Yeah, you are FREE as long as you OBEY!

They tell us "all we have to do", is


with their orders, do exactly as told, or else!

"Comply" means Surrender your RIGHTS.

Just click on GUNS and see the end of our RIGHTS

I will personally take on every police department in America

to defend citizens RIGHTS.


Let me tell you friends, neighbors, and comrades

what has happened to our Free and Brave nation.

Study this website and learn the Treason we face.

POLICE control, inspection stops on our highways,

to control our Freedom to travel as we wish!

Where are you going and where are you coming from?

and "why"? Are  you carrying any Large Sums of Money?

I have a common comment to them for that question. FU


POLICE stopping us as we walk down the street and demanding:

"Show me your ID, OR ELSE". This has happened to me!

Walk down the street on a freezing winter day, with your hands

in your pockets, harassed for 30 minutes by a cop,

"Why do you have your hands in your Pockets,

You are suspicious!", day or night.


It's a Government court, "our" Government.

Do we live in a Free Country, or have we become Slaves?


Now I'm told, as of 1871: That is no longer important.

We now live in a police state, you will Obey all Police orders

or Go to Jail. We have NO Rights.


Watch the police in action.

This is when I use profanity: To hell with these cops.

You could be next. Citizens are attacked daily.

WE'VE been sold out, and you don't realize it.

IF you don't elect ME,

this nation will turn more and more


and then on to "Population Reduction",

(killing off excess population for the good of many)


"7 Billion" people reduced to "500 million" worldwide.


Study folks, "your life" depend on it.

I've never wanted to own a gun, but now I feel,

I must defend myself from the police.


It makes me sick to see what has happened to our RIGHTS.

Never "ever" trust a cop.


I'll stop this Treason.

With the current behavior of the police all over America,

"It's not safe to be in public without

carrying a gun to protect your rights".


Do you feel safe when you see a cop?

I fear the cops more than I fear criminals.

Be aware:



You "must obey" and submit to any and all law enforcement.

IF you do not follow orders, you can be killed.

Our Police, Sheriff, or other (in uniform or not)

 can KILL YOU:



If Congress passed a bill ordering all Jews to be arrested,

would our Cop's enforce this? YEAH, our Cop's explain:

"We don't make the LAW,

We just enforce it".

It worked in Germany!

This shows you the stupidity of most Cop's ready to

"Follow the Law".


We are told" "Just comply, it's easier in the long run".

You can complain all you want "after you are behind bars".

Of course the jailer doesn't want to hear you.

But you can complain all you want.


I want you to review this Video as it represents the Law Enforcement

in MY community, the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County, CA

This is now routine everyday action by cops all over our nation,

it may be your door next, oops wrong house,

sorry we had to kill you, it was an accident.

You know "accidents happen all the time", But: We are not guilty.

This is the danger I face every day in this community.

As your President, I'll defend everyone of you from out

of control Law Enforcers, I won't put up with this shit.



We no longer have

"Serve and Protect",

we have an armed ARMY

of "battle ready assholes"

who are out to "KILL US" if we do not OBEY.

They plant evidence over and over, to cover their ass

to verify that they "were only following orders"



Since 1993:

when I've called the police to protect me, they haven't done shit.

I retired in 1992 with my home paid for, all bills paid for,

But: I lost ownership of my home "to be Protected".


I let my son in law borrow money on my home for his business,

in exchange for "PROTECTING ME" from

an out of control Manic Depressive wife.

The Police don't care.


(Over and over my calls for: Domestic Abuse PROTECTION

were ignored by the police. I would tell the cops

my wife was high on Meth, and who her

drug dealer was and where he lived: NOTHING !)


My son in law then defaulted and left town, he's now dead.

I have a Reverse Mortgage that keeps me in my home, until I die.

I lost about  $360,000,

because the police wouldn't help me.


Want to complain to the City or County Government?

Attend their meeting, you get 2 to 3 minutes talk time,

 while the leaders are checking on today's mail.

Do you need more than 3 minutes to complain, sorry, "time limits".

Go home and shut up.

They don't even realize "or care" what you are talking about:


They don't care about any citizen complaints,

you are just wasting their precious time.


Cops have taken over our nation,

and we are slaves to these bastards.

Cops LIE and LIE,

to prove to the courts,

they have the RIGHT TO KILL US.


From many, many cases of Law Enforcement abuse

I've watched on YouTube, and other sources.

I am aware that Law Enforcers in our nation are out of control.

Over and over "innocent citizens" are injured and KILLED, and

the Law Enforcers of every branch of authority are guilty of Abuse.


I, as your President will take these officers to task of being

employed to:

 "Serve and Protect",

or ELSE.


Cops are Power Hungry, and abuse is rampant.


The 8th Amendment said: No Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

COPS, Get ready to live in a tent on the street

with the rest of Americas Homeless.

Unbelievable Fn cops


This Bull Shit must stop.


This Bull Shit will cease, or we are going to have many officers in prison.


Civil Asset Forfeiture by cops will cease in America,

Cops will not take your property without "you" being found

"Guilty in a Court of Law".


"My ancestors" fought the British in 1777, and won,

I'll fight the Government "for you" NOW, and win.


President Reagan told you: Government is the problem in America.


I can't believe this is happening in our America!

Please submit peacefully, until you elect me, to protect YOU!

Does the officer look like a helpful Police Officer,

or a Military ASSASSIN?

Our Police forces are now "MILITARILY" armed:

To KILL > US, and do.


We are no longer Citizens, we are Residents, and told to follow orders.


Police officers demand you "COMPLY", or else.

YOU have no Rights. This could happen >to you< any night.

It's time to form a Militia and retake the state of New Mexico



The Government didn't order 32,000 Guillotines to cut hay.

They intend to, kill us.

Don't trust our Government!


In Fort Worth Texas, Marshalls stop cars that

HAVE NOT committed any traffic offense,

and demand identification

to see if you:

"Might" have an outstanding warrant.


Citizens: "Don't allow abuse", stand up for Justice. Or else!

As your President, I'll review "Every Case" of Police Abuse.


In 1776 we citizens took on the British, now let's take on the cops!


In 1776 my ancestor volunteered to defend for Freedoms

now we are supposed to surrender all of our RIGHTS.

Elect me, and I'll protect all citizens of our nation.


Attention: "COPS"

Officer: If you value your life,

you had better stop this criminal theft and abuse,

before citizens rise up and wholesale kill COPS

to restore their rights under

the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution.

There are BAD COPS everywhere in America citizens

infants to seniors beaten or killed, by Asshole Cops.

This must STOP.


All over our nation,

YOU COPS, have beaten, and killed citizens,

under the color of law.

Only one case in 100,000 is the cop ever punished for killing a citizen,

The Cops have immunity for killing us, this is criminal.

I want these abusive COPS in prison, this is America

not CHINA.

Why are there more citizens of America in prison

 than in any other nation in the world?


This is a warning to all officers in whatever capacity of

Law enforcement you may serve under.


CITIZENS are fed up and reprisal may await you.

The possession of Camera/Phones has allowed

Citizens to video your abuse,

and Citizens are going to rise up and get revenge.

You had better review your job to:

"Serve and Protect".

Or else:


President Trump thinks this is wonderful.


Trump loves confiscating GUNS.

Trump loves confiscating property.

Trump is doing the best he knows how.

He just doesn't know what's going on

in the real world we live in.

This brings profanity thoughts to my mind.

It's time for another Revolution.



The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face,

 with: a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.

The American mind, simply has not come to a realization

of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . .

It rejects even the assumption

that human creatures could espouse a philosophy,

which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
- FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

If citizens realized what we are doing they would hang us:

President Bush


All over America, citizens are told they may not fly

the American/or Military Flags on their property.

My opinion on that is that if the sight of our flags bother you,


Many citizens have given their lives to defend this flag,

fly our flag all you want.

Or else!


20 December 2018

Congress just passed the Bill for $5 Billion

to build our Southern Wall

to protect us from Mexico.

Will the Senate also pass this law?

The SENATE voted NO.


Our elected leaders "Do Not" want a wall

to protect our nation from Mexico


Our Government claims:

The drug money spent in America

is necessary for our economy.


When our own Government is


of importing drugs from the South,

to raise money for other military expenses.

The GOVERNMENT "does not want to stop"

the flow of illegal drugs from south of the border.


The Democrat leaders claim drugs come into America

by legal immigrants arriving by Air, Sea, Land. Sure they do!

Not from illegally importing drugs across our unprotected border!


"The Democrats need the profit from drug sales,

to operate their political party."

We need NEW Politicians.

Thousands of Black men were arrested and in prison for up to 20 years

for selling the Cocaine imported by the CIA,

has Congresswoman Maxine Waters done anything to

get these men released from prison? Why  not?



Now, I know our Government is broke,

so how can they have just passed a Bill to

GIVE $20 Billion aid to Central American nations for help,

"GIVE" not LOAN.


Then they voted to "GIVE" not LOAN

$4.8 Billion to Southern Mexico for help.


While Millions of American Citizens

are homeless and jobless on the streets of America?


Veteran homeless on the streets of America, arrested


The VA sounds good but they don't do SHIT FOR VETERANS.

Why do various organizations ask for Donations to help Disabled Vets?


"TREASON" in Washington D. C.

"Build the WALL"

Remember our Government is so broke they can't

afford to spend the money necessary to protect the

nations Amtrack to prevent rail accidents.




IF  you read all of this website "you will"

ReVote to save America.

Learn, we must save America!


Is the American Dream dead?

We can Restore our Constitutional Rights

With Ballots or > "BULLETS" if it comes to that.

Is this what you will give up for America?

Read every word, be informed.


Elect me and our Rights will be RESTORED.

ReVote, or ReVolt, which will it be?


Is this "our" America?

Morgan Hill, CA school forbid display of American Flag,

on May 5, 2010,

for Mexican students celebration of Cinco de Mayo

More: New Hampshire too! What the F.



New Bill ALLOWS:


                                                       of "ANYONE"

Who "Plans" to/or "Participates" in

   ‘Disturbing the Public Peace"

It is time to use force to RESTORE our rights, "kill" these cops.

(First Amendment of the Constitution:)


The Right

to Assemble



I'll sure as hell protect your Right to Demonstrate

under "The First Amendment".


Our Government feels you should shut up and

let them ruin the country as they see fit.

Yes I said "Ruin"


That's "our" Government,

how can I not think profanity.

They tell me: Profanity is not FREE SPEACH.

When they screw with me, they get Profanity.

How much is this going to cost me?


  Help me "Restore the American Dream" for YOU.

Let's stop the Nightmare!

We have millions of people living in desperation,

homeless, jobless, foodless,

I will help return America

to the land of Freedom with jobs for all.


Remember: In some areas of America,

 it's now a criminal offense "to be homeless".


Large groups of homeless people disappearing, why? where?

If I have to kick ass, so be it.

78 homeless people have disappeared in Orange Co, CA


NJ Judge announces

He has the right to suspend the Constitution,

will all American Judges do the same?


Many Americans have given up hope!

In 1941 when America was attacked,

our auto plants went into immediate production

of defense needs of our military.



now makes millions of cars each year "in CHINA".

When CHINA decides to attack AMERICA,

will those Chinese GM plants be converted

to making  military needs

for CHINA to attack us?



Do you love the United States of America?

Do you fear we are losing our Rights?

What are "you" going to do, to save our Nation?


WE, You and I, must stand up and

either ReVote or ReVolt.


The Elected people running our nation are dedicated to

The New World Order,

a One World Government.

"WE" must stop this.

Our Government is planning to go to


Unfortunately they plan to go to WAR "against US".


The Government consider "US, you and I" the enemy!

When America fails, what is in store for your future?


We did it in 1776, "we can do it again".

Let's fight to save our nation, and restore our freedoms.


American "Smithfield Foods" now owned by a Chinese company!


An American major hog meat packer now owned by CHINA, why?


What else does China own in America? WHY?


Are you afraid yet?


Let me tell you how the world works.


Some Human decided HE'S the leader,

HE and his "gang" owns everything.

He decided, you will work for him,

if you want to live on "HIS LAND".

This Leader called himself KING.

The KING says HE owns everything, you own nothing.

KINGS are gangsters of the worst kind.

WE decided that KING GEORGE of ENGLAND

would no longer control US.


NOW our Elected Leaders have decided

"THEY" must own "all the land".

That you must move into Government owned apartments,

and give up owning any land or home.

You will work in Government Factories,

because: Private Companies make a Profit,

and Profit is not fair to the poor.

Socialism for all.

The LEADER (assholes we've elected) want all the land.


"it's not fair to those who do not own anything".


This is called "SOCIAL JUSTICE".

Social Justice sounds good,

certainly we all want JUSTICE, don't we?  


YOU just didn't understand Social Justice means:


"The Government will own everything",

I repeat:

The Social Justice concept is that

"If someone doesn't have something",




so we will all be EQUAL ( equally poor that is)

Sounds like Communism to me.



You "DO NOT" own any Land, or Property.




what you think you own, can be taken from you

 "for the good of the Government".


"Every year"

In many areas of America, the Government

demands the right to enter  your home to search

and discover EVERYTHING YOU OWN,

                   to TAX you on the value of

                      "EVERYTHING YOU OWN".


That includes any: "Saving Accounts, Bonds, Stocks",

"anything of value",

and if you don't declare all you own,

they can use Forfeiture Laws to "confiscate" all you own.


When you buy anything, you pay Sales Tax in many states

now they want to tax you on that new TV every year.

They tax what "you earn",

tax what "you save",

tax what "you own",


when you DIE

they tax, "what you leave".


Do you pay a tax on your car every year?

It's called "Registration Fee"

Then we pay State Gas Tax and Federal Gas Tax

and in California a Sales Tax on the total cost

of the gas and "State" and "Federal Taxes".

for the fuel for our car, to pay for roads, etc.







now Don Cordell for President.



when I'm elected.

We must find other ways to finance our Government.


In California there was a tax revolt, the artificial rise

in assessed value of your property was driving people off their property.

In 1978 California Voters voted for and passed Proposition 13 that limited

taxes to no more than 2% rise each year, "plus Assessments

for about 20 things that use to be included in the tax listing

but now were enumerated separately".

In 1977 my taxes were $500., in 1978 my taxes went to $1800.,

after Prop 13 my taxes dropped to $700.

In 1971 I bought a home for $31,500. 6 years later in 1978 it was valued at $76,000

same house, no improvements. In 1995 that house sold for $154,000.

Part of that tax code helped Seniors so that we were protected as long

as we stayed in the same house or another house of equal or less cost in some counties.

That's why I had to stay in Los Angeles County when I retired

for tax reasons. Now my taxes are $1900 a year, but would be

about $9000 a year if I were not a senior protected by Proposition 13.

In many places in California property values have sky rocketed

from $120,000 to $500,000 or more,

this increase in assessed value has forced owners to leave their property

as they can't afford the increased taxes.

Many people are being forced to leave their home of many years,

 do to the increase in assessed value, with no increase in income.


Property taxes

mean, if you do not pay tax,

the Government "will take your property",



own your HOME,

if you do not pay a ransom "every year".

Thank you Google


WE started the 1776 Revolution over TAXES

and Freedom from Government abuse.

It's time to ReVote.



Who makes our Laws? Congress “AND?



have you broken?

If  you do not obey, will you thank

the Government for screwing you?



Over 170 different jobs now require a State License, or NO work.

You have no idea how many of These:

Someone has decided:

they” need, to control how you work/live, “or else”!

Of course there is a FEE for that License.


Can you imagine, to just be "a Tourist Guide" in some area's

you must have a Permit from the GOVERNMENT to do so.


Just Cooperate! Our Government knows best.

Land of the FREE as long as you OBEY!


Congress is a piker at making Laws, to Control US.

Every State, County, City, and Berg invent more and more Control over all of us.



Code Enforcers:

ie:"assholes" HIRED by those we've elected

to run our cities, counties, states, have

decided they know what is best for the community.

SOOoooooooooo  "CODES"

You can be told what color you can paint your home,

"to fit in with the community plan".

Who decides what is the Community Plan,

The Government.

You can be told where and what plants

you are allowed to grow on YOUR property,

what kind of trees you can have on YOUR land.


In Charlotte Co, Florida I want you to listen to this

Code Trial that lasts some 3 hours, and the unfair-

ness of this court hearing and the fines imposed.

This County also taxes Churches which endangers

 their ability to continue church services, this is against

Federal Law. This is a County completely out of control.

This is an example of the bull shit happening all over our nation.

This must cease, or else! Or their ass is mine!


Want to have a party in your front yard, with friends and neighbors,

and maybe have a Bar B Q, sorry that's against the CODES,

want to drink a Beer in your front yard,

OH! sorry that's also against the CODE.

CODES up the ASS.


Just an example happening in

the NE corner of Los Angeles County, CA

The Code Enforcers threaten that,

there is a $1000 fine for each infraction

"IF" you want to fight in Court.


I live in this area of the Antelope Valley,

in Lancaster, CA

I'm ready to ReVolt, and ReStore America for you.


Remember 1776


There is no trial, you are guilty, pay NOW or you will suffer.

IF  you don't pay, they'll confiscate your property, then

Charge you for TRIAL expenses, sometimes over $100,000,

so in reality, they can steal your property from you.


Remember the smoke from your Bar B Q

must not drift over your fence,

your neighbor might have you arrested

for annoying them with your smoke.


Want to play some music to enjoy,

better not annoy your neighbor,

or be arrested for being too loud.


Got your car radio turned up

so any cop can hear 50 feet away,

you can be arrested,

in the land of the FREE AND BRAVE.



Bible Study group in your home,

Oh my God!, NO WAY.


You can be fined if you rent a room to someone in your home.

You must get a permit before you can rent out a room in your home,

then you must pay a yearly fee, for the Government to inspect the room

to make sure it is a safe place for the tenant to live in.


Because we must have



Click here to review the CODES that affect my city of Lancaster. CA


In Colorado Springs, CO, all vehicles "must be" in the garage after dark,

no parking any vehicle with any advertising visible.


Got a small business and use your pickup truck as your daily ride:

Sorry not permitted.


Want to wash your car in "your" driveway sorry,

that's also forbidden in some areas.

It can be illegal to park in your own driveway.


In some communities in AMERICA,

you can be inspected by the Fire Department

who will decide how much you can have in your home.


You can be fined if you decide to paint

a large AMERICAN FLAG on the front of your home,

in the land of the FREE AND BRAVE.


Many living  under Home Owners Association

 may not fly "any" Flags.



what a joke friends and neighbors.

Of course this doesn't involve Illegal Aliens

who have  invaded our nation,

"they have special rights".



How much of this shit, are you going to put up with

before you are ready to have a new REVOTE/REVOLT

to restore our




Are you "A" Brave

                             or "A" Coward?

Let me awaken you,

what if AMERICA is attacked again,

Where are the factories we need

to manufacture weapons to defend our nation?

Sorry those have been closed and "torn down".

We are up shits creek.


Guess we'll just have to surrender to the




IF you don't ReVote now, we are losing all our Rights "bit by bit",

just keep on giving up your rights, until there are NONE.










YET: Income taxes are illegal.

Government thugs just keep harassing us

over and over. Obey, Obey, OBEY. 

"Cooperate" or else.

It's now or never.


Or arrested for "Failure to Cooperate"!

Stand up Americans, help me be elected,

and  I'll save America for YOU.

It is time to elect me,

Don Cordell 


What will you do when our economy dies

under the New World Order?

and you didn't think this was real?

And you thought Social Justice was great!


November 2018

GENERAL MOTORS planned to lay off 14,700 workers in 5 plants,

FORD MOTORS planned to lay off 17,000 workers,

Both companies plan "to keep their operation in Mexico going".

Both companies are more concerned about Profit, than their employees.


In Reality:

The suppliers of parts to these plants

will lay off at least 200,000 employees.

80% of making a car involves parts made by other companies.


So GM, FORD and CHRYSLER CEO's can take home

millions of dollars, "plus a Bonus", for cutting expenses.


Write to the CEO's of each company and claim they are TRAITORS.

Remember, those laid off employee's will no longer be able

to buy from your business ether.

Unless you are selling tents for/to the HOMELESS.

Are those tents for the Homeless made in China?

We must stop the import of any products of these companies,

Make it in America,  or else!


Business after Business laying off employees,

if not yet, soon; for all employees over 45.

Then what?

The economy of America has been exported

by your politicians, who have shafted us.

The duty of Congress is to

"Control Imports",

Congress DOESN'T.

Are you willing to fight to save this nation,

or just go along with the failure you see now!

Suicide is not the answer, let's show the world,

We won't quit.


6 November 2018 Election Day

We voted. What a disaster.

Californians elected the ex Mayor of San Francisco,

(a lover of Illegal Aliens), as Governor.


Various cases of Voter count confusion,

the Congress now controlled by the Democrats,

more and more the destruction of our nation,

and constant drone of:

"Impeach President Trump".

What is happening to our nation? Treason?

Now Governor Newsom has declared

President Trump may not be on the ballot

in California in 2020 unless he files copies of

his Income Taxes for the last 5 years.


Why me?

Because: I'll protect "your Rights".

We have to kick ass and clean up Washington DC or else.


Right now there are a reported


homeless Veterans on the streets of America,

does our Government CARE?

Fool that you are, this is the real Government.

Military Service Persons

"who put their lives on the line",


they are protecting our nation,

"and our Government",

when in reality,

this is all a scam.

Our leaders don't give a damn.

Veterans are disposable.


Panic time.  "November 2018


We are being invaded.

A MOB of a reported ,2000+ Central America citizens

marched towards our Southern border,

knowing our weak kneed Border Patrol and Politicians,

will give in as usual and Wine and Dine these immigrants,

while 75,000 American Military Veterans languish

HOMELESS on the streets of our nation.

These invaders claim: "They have RIGHTS".


we do not allow them to seek ASYLUM

they "will sue us".


December 1, 2018 they arrived, now claiming that if

we don't let them into our nation they want

$50,000 American dollars "each",


transported back to their home nation.


Who will support these immigrants?

"YOU the taxpayer",

after all,

they deserve: 

housing, food, medical care, education,

 all the good things of being an America citizen

at your expense,

do you care?


This must stop.

What do they have to offer being in our nation,



January 2019


A new mob, some 18,000 + Hispanics gathering

to march North to invade us again.


To become an American Citizen, the requirements were:

To: Learn to read and speak English.

To: Know something about American History


Generations of invaders live in our nation,

who still do not speak English,

and "don't care" about America.

Proudly waving the flags of "their" nation.

Demanding NO AMERICAN FLAGS in view,

American flags annoy them.

Their PLAN, Divide and Conquer.


Problems, problems, problems, what to do.

"The Border Wall"

Either we are a Sovereign Nation or we are not.


February 2019

76,000 illegal immigrants caught this month.

The Government now 2019 admit that there are "over"

32Million Illegal Invaders in our nation.

The Liberal Democrats demand:

We open our borders to ALL Invaders,

who want to change the United States

"Into a Mixed Nation"


I have a solution:

We know who registered as Democrats. so we deliver all

the immigrants to Democrat Party Voters and demand they 

house, feed, cloth, educate, and provide for their needs.


If they fail to perform, we deport the Invading immigrants and

the Democrat American to another Nation.


WE are being INVADED.

The Democrats tell us they "will not" protect our Borders

Come one, come all. We have no borders.

> 28 May 2019 <

Now reported a mob of up to 100,000 are headed to our border,

many will invade us, and will succeed in remaining in our nation,

demanding Housing, Food, Medical, Jobs and demand

your community educate their children.

Our Government admits: > 175,000 Hispanics

have been allowed to INVADE us right now,

from the Mexican border, asking for Asylum,


 of these invaders have failed to appear in court, to plead for Asylum.

Where are they?



June 2019

Africans are now invading our Southern Border

come one, come all,

what Border Protection for our nation do we have?


Our borders are not protected, Why?

Our leaders do not want AMERICA protected Why?

Who should we KILL to defend our Borders?

Come one, come all, free for all,

why not another 600Million OR MORE from all over the world?

Welfare for all paid for by YOU, the American sucker!


you keep on electing

Democrats and Republicans.


The  President of Mexico chides these Invaders,

 to "NOT learn English", be proud of your Spanish Language.

He tells these Hispanic people, the borders of Mexico extend

to where ever there is a Hispanic citizen.

Is all of the United States, Mexican territory?


In the 1800's, 1900's the Immigration law was:

Immigrants had to be "Sponsored by an American Citizen",

"and" could not receive any WELFARE

until the Immigrant had been in the nation for 10 years.



I'm putting this in plain language that you'll understand.

The 14th Amendment was NEVER Ratified by the States,

the 14th Amendment is not LEGAL,

our leaders just decided,

"Even if it's not a legal Amendment",

they want to use this to validates that:



IF a child is born to a Woman Illegally in this nation,

that child is a not an American citizen,

for us to take care of: NO WAY

I'm tired of this shit, aren't you?


This is an immigrant nation, "if you apply for entry",


"within 5 years" learn English, and pass the Citizenship test,

IF NOT then, out you go.

Either you JOIN us,

or Leave us. 


Why can't we get along?


This is a shame,

What is the answer?


IF I had a business, and rioters entered

my store to rob and destroy,

I don't care what color or race you are,


These rioters destroy the good people of their race.


"Most people" are good people.


Let me tell you about our Military,

the corruption in every ounce of Government

Let's start with our citizens who believed when they enlisted

 or were inducted in various branches of the Military,

That they were members of the elite defense of our nation,

"in reality" they have joined the most crooked organization,

 our Government has invented.


In reality, when you enlist, or are drafted against your will,

you are a slave, you will do "exactly" as ordered or off to jail.


Why our Military, we haven't won any war since 1945, why?  


When you are discharged from the service,

it's Goodbye, don't call us, we won't call you unless we need you

 to put your life in danger again,

"then we'll call".


By the way, the Government Veterans Administration

ignores Veterans problems, while a recently ignored Veteran

left the VA hospital, sat in his car in the parking lot,

and shot himself to death.

He was reportedly seeking help for mental health issues

at the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center

but was turned away, an unfortunately common experience

 plaguing veterans seeking healthcare in recent years.

Does this bother you? It should.

With me, Veterans come first.

Veterans have earned every benefit we promised them.


Because he was constantly ignored for the help he needed

"This is our Government".

Veterans have reported as long as 10 years for an appointment for VA help.

Many die waiting, why?

Our Government doesn't care shit about our VETERANS,

who are used and abused and dumped

with no concern about their future problems.


Why do organizations have to beg for money,

to help Disabled Veterans?


Many have Service Medical/Psychological problems.

Veterans have been charged with murder,

when on a military location, armed and trained to KILL,

they find they've killed the wrong person,

"no excuse", now in prison

because they did what their officers told them to do,


I guess they should have asked for ID before they killed someone.


YES: Our military men/women have the right to a trial,

what kind of trial, a MILITARY TRIAL,

let me explain, the Judge is a Military Officer,

                       the Defense is a Military Officer,

           the Jury is composed of Military Officers,

this is a Kangaroo Court,

Your defense?

What a joke,

as a Defendant you are screwed from day one.

This is our Government, lovely huh?

I use to think this Government was wonderful, a protector our citizens, HAH!

What  a disgrace we've invented.



November 8th 2018: a deranged male Veteran entered

a dance/bar club in Thousand Oaks, CA

shooting attendee's and police, leaving 14 dead. Why Why Why?

America is sick.


It is time to RESTORE America,

        not CHANGE America

Help me, to help America

America is sick.

Are the Politicians going to feed the poor?

I'm sick and tired of allowing these politicians to screw us.

I'll arrest these cops and politicians and I'll show them what it's like to be hungry.

Bread and Water for a week for them.



Yeah! That got your attention.

What a disgrace is happening right now in Washington DC

as Liberals running our country

trying to disgrace Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.

A woman claiming Judge Kavanaugh tried to rape her

when she and he were teenagers, when he was about 15 years old.

If Judge Kavanaugh was 15 she was 19.


Well our leaders have given us Gay Marriage,

and any woman can claim any sexual abuse of any kind,

and I'll agree some did suffer abuse by men.

But now:

Men are afraid to hire women for fear that at any time a man

may try to lay off the woman for non performance on the job,

she can claim: He made sexual advances or more, to get revenge.

What man wants to take that chance,


when women make that claim, all women

believe that's absolutely TRUE.

I would not want to be in a room alone with a woman, for any reason.


MEN: Treat all women as though they are your sister, the sister you don't like.

Teach your son's: "Never ever" touch a female, never even smile at a female,

because females hate men so much, that: It's not worth the trouble.


Why so many divorces? 

Marriage is grossly over rated.

Men "always lose" in the Divorce.



Maybe what the liberals want for the next judge is a Black Muslim Woman! 



Our Government generates Departments, Bureaus and Agencies

that then make their own "Rules and Regulations",

without the need of Congress to interfere.

Departments of:





Homeland Security,








Social Services,


Veterans Affairs,


Housing and Urban Development,

Interstate Commerce Commission,


Environmental Protection Agency.

Then: Bureau of Labor,

Indian Affairs,


Land Management,


Engraving and Printing,

Federal Trade Commission,

Federal Prisons,


Then SERVICES of ?

I may have missed a few, you name it, and our Government

has control of EVERYTHING we do.

They make Rules and Regulations and Codes,

and Ordinances,

 and ?????,

all kinds of ways to control of us.

We have Government up the ass.


OH! Did I forget "Administrations", such as the

Food and Drug Administration,

what else? Every day, I run into more and more

Government control in one way or another.

And this is in a nation



of Government abuses.



Yes Master, OK Master,

please don't beat me Master!


Not in my America.


And this is only at the Federal Level, now State, County, City!



I thought America would continue to grow,

now it has become stagnant, with no future

unless you elect an Independent Candidate

to lead us into the future.


The future of America depends on YOU.

The security of Europe depends upon America.


European nations have been disarmed,

who protects these individual nation now?

"The United Nations"?


We must RESTORE America




A "ONE" World Government

run by "Self Elected" Leaders,

who answer to no one.



10 October 2017

I have recently analyzed the situation of

the massive fires in Santa Rosa, California.

Viewing the remains of these homes,

versus normal household fire remains,

leaves a lot of fear, that we have a government

that will use any means necessary

to destroy communities.

(Google: Santa Rosa)

The city demands:

"New rules of construction"

to anyone who wants

to restore their homes in this area.


Were these homes destroyed

by high power "Laser weapons"?


Google: Santa Rosa Fire. > LEARN

How did all of these 1600 homes start burning within minutes,

so excessively on fire, that the local fire departments

had no opportunity, to even start controlling the fires.

These home in Santa Rosa were destroyed,

"beyond normal".

They were essentially vaporized.

View the remains:

not even a "Ceramic Toilet" survived.

WHY? How?

Nov. 2018: fire in Paradise, Butte Co, CA same agenda.

Homes burned, not trees.

To start Agenda 21 conversion of America?



In "June 2017 The Santa Rosa City bigwigs said:

"Now is the time to build Multifamily apartments"

in the Coffee area. That area burned in Oct 2017,

as the city had planned ".


Added "new" Building Rules and Regulations

may financially stop rebuilding homes as they were.


How convenient ::::::

Ready for Stack and Pack housing,

coming soon to your area!

In each area there  were about 27,000 citizens,

Where are these people now?

IN FEMA camps?

We are talking about 54,000 homeless citizens,

Where are they


FEMA camp caskets, for disposing huge quantity of human bodies.

Will you be one of the bodies? 


Now stop to think, as I do:

Can our government drive down our streets using

High Power Microwaves aimed at our homes,

and cook all living persons in their HOMES?


How do we defend against that?

The walls of our homes do not stop Microwaves!


It is really a sad day to witness

what is/has happened

to "OUR" United States of America.


This is what goes on in my area of LA, County, CA.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs

killed Mr. Mallory, an innocent 80 year old man

in his bed in the middle of the night,

Antelope Valley, CA Property abuse


"YET" when I, a 92 year old man would call

the Sheriffs for help, they declined to protect ME.


They don't arrest "women" for Abuse.

Cops don't care:

It's screw the public.


I have never been convicted of any crime,

only DETAINED 72 hours each time,

"time after time": for "Suspicion",

over and over 1944 to 1949.

For walking after dark.


Now cops are using Drug Dogs to come to your home

and have the dog sniff  your home/apartment,

so they can confiscate your home,

you have NO RIGHTS.

This must "STOP".

I will personally put cops in prison for violating your RIGHTS.

YOU/WE no longer have any JUSTICE.

This bull shit must stop.

YOU need me to protect YOU



We must stop the Government

we've elected, and elect PATRIOTS

who will stand up for US and "DO IT NOW",

Or: There's "No Tomorrow" for us.



You no longer have any rights in America.

  Remember: COPS LIE “LEGALLY”,



Wake up> Shut up or else! , or else your dead.


This is our new America

Sorry that shit doesn't make it with me.

"I'll protect you".


We have Corruption to the Nth degree

This is happening all over our nation.


In the past we saw Chinese riding bicycles

Now the Chinese drive cars and

our government wants us riding bicycles.

Bicycles made in China!



What in the HELL is going on in Amarika?

When did we change to a Communist Nation,

 with "NO RIGHTS"?

Just try telling the cop, you have Rights. HA


You "DO NOT" have "the Right" to drive a car.

                          Driving is a Privilege, "if we kiss ass".

Walk everywhere and fear arrest?


By the way, be sure to walk

on the correct side of the street,

facing traffic, or you'll be arrested for "walking".


Elect ME and I'll end this shit.


Our Government plans to TAX us out of our cars:

First they will refuse to issue a license

if your car uses gasoline,

then only license Hybrid cars,

and finally only license Electric Cars.

Of course that's for you and I, not THEM.


Remember: When  you ride a bicycle you "must" ride in the street.

When you teach your tiny child to ride a bike,

your child "must ride in the street".

YOU don't dare teach them to ride on the sidewalk.

and "That's the LAW"

OR off to jail they go.


When bicycling be sure you obey all VEHICLE traffic laws,

no circling in the middle of the street, no fun riding,

or face arrest for having fun.



Motor vehicle laws now apply:

To riding a bicycle on the streets of America.

A bicyclist recently stopped "for speeding".

How soon will they demand all Bicyclist must have Insurance?


IN 1940 America started preparing for a War "they" knew was coming.

After December 7th 1941 our factories converted to producing the weapons

 we needed to protect America and to beat Germany and Japan.


Now those factories are closed "and torn down".


we had to rearm America again,

how do we import the Steel and Aluminum we need,

and who will produce the Electronic equipment

we will need to DEFEND AMERICA?

Sony, Panasonic?


We have left America defenseless,

is this part of the PLAN?


"We the People"

no longer run our nation.



Every branch of our Government

invent up to 20,000 NEW LAWS every year,

to give you more Freedom?,

//  or    to    Control   you?



What went wrong?

We are mad as hell, and

"We are not going to take it anymore!"






by the


financed by the



   Cocaine Import Agency

                      1. Clintons revealed

          2. CIA

                                  3. Hillary Rotten Clinton as she is, for real

                       4. New World Order

                                                               5. Ricky Ross Crack master, our Government? YES

Research: Michael C. Ruppert who had been a Los Angeles, CA

Police Department Detective, discoveries of the CIA involvement

and was threatened and forced to stop reports, or face murder,


 How did he die?

Many Californian Black Americans were sent to prison, many for life,

for selling the Government Imported Cocaine,

so our Government under Reagan could raise Illegal money

 to fight Communist takeover of Central America.

Those Black citizens should be released

with an apology for being part of a crime

they were used for.


All the shit our Government

brags about "controlling Drugs",

when the bastards we've elected bring tons

and tons and tons

of Cocaine into our nation,


Keep reading:

This is "OUR Nation"

“Is this my America”?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was demanding investigations.

She was ignored.


A book: Compromised: by Terry Reed & John Cummings

details the operation of the air strip near Mena, Ark where CIA planes

undercover, landed, bringing those Tons of Cocaine into America,

then fake Oil Tanker train cars found bringing

Cocaine into America from Mexico.

A Border Guard noticed a long line of Oil Tanker cars,

that the lid on only ONE was

painted White, he stopped the train to investigate

and found about 20 tons of Cocaine,

he was fired the next day, for disobeying an order

that the train cars were never to be searched.


In the next few weeks there was another train

with the top hatch painted white,

as they tried to investigate that car was moved, 

and moved and they lost sight of that car, why?

I don't trust my Government, do you?


How many citizens were arrested for selling Cocaine

“for our Government”?

3 Million citizens are in prison, half of them, for using/selling drugs.

This is our Government, the Government that NOW controls us 24/7.

This is not a Government that I trust. Do you want this stopped?


Our wonderful Government covers its tracks again.

MOTTO: Leave no witnesses alive.

Oswald, McVey, Webb, Foster + how many others?

Will I be next?


What if: Three arrests for ANYTHING and you are in jail for life.


Research this on the internet, and you will see why

I'm still attempting to save our nation

and our citizens from the treason in Washington DC


Congress doesn't want our borders closed.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

W- h- y?


Death by China, is in the works, when we buy: Made in China,

the profit has financially aided China

to expand their military, to attack us in the future.


China does not love America!


How many Americans have been laid off

while the product "Americans made", are now made in China?


Too many factories have been closed,

sending our JOBS out of the nation.



In April 2009 I offered to help restore General Motors.

In June 2009 they filed for bankruptcy.

Now it's General Motors of China?


Congress says: You simple people "need to be controlled". OK?




In 1935

We were Ordered to obtain a Social Security NUMBER

"before" we could be employed.

In other words, "you are now a number", so "we can keep track of you".


Now: You are Ordered to obtain Social Security number

for your children before 1 year old.

So we can keep track of your child from birth on.

Is your child property of the Government?

We were Ordered to get a license to drive

We were Ordered to get a license for our car

before we could drive it.

We are "ORDERED"

We will be Ordered more and more, to follow Government


for many things in the next 20 years, will you comply?


When I hear: "YOU are Ordered", I tense up ready to fight.

When are "you" going to stand up and Fight?

What are  you going to do, when they demand

you must have an ID chip inserted in your hand, or else?




Just now in Los Angeles, CA (2019)

They are starting to denying building permits for single family homes

Demanding: Permits will only be issued for 5 to 8 story apartment buildings.

"If you get a permit" for a single family home,

they now demand "you must" install Solar Panels on the roof.


Where will you plant your healthy garden for those wonderful

non GMO fruits and vegetables,,,, on the roof of your huge apartment?

SURE! You and the other 480 families in the Apartment building.


Some FREEway lanes in downtown Los Angeles area

are already Pay Lanes.



We must be forced to use public transit, walk, bike,

or skateboard to get around "or stay home".


What next: That:

Existing homes must  be 100% energy efficient, or be removed,

to be replaced by new multilevel buildings.


Plans in many cities will eliminate all parking in downtown areas.



for Equality 

of course you want Equality, don't you?



OK: What is * Agenda 21?  **********


You must review the plan

to see just how serious this really is,

this plan means disaster.

(requires Adobe  Flash Player)

“be sure to link “to the various reports” to see all of the plan”.


Agenda 21 |  to end the USA? No way?


Idaho land owners screwed, lets fight.


         Population reduction”,

Population forcibly moved to public housing, or else?




Who really owns “your” land,

and decides what you can do on it?

"The Government".


You are “SCREWED”

Remember this:

The Government believes you only deserve to live,

as long as you are contributing to society,

when you get to old to contribute,

you should lay down and die.


In the future you will be trained

for the job the Government believes

"YOU were born to do",

they will place YOU in that job as a slave,

YOU will do exactly as you are told, for the good of society.

Now try going on strike for higher wages.


The elite will determine what YOU deserve, no less, no more.

The Elite are looking 200 to 500  years in advance


must restrict our wasting the resources of the earth

needed for "their" descendents, not yours.


They are now building huge apartment buildings

all over the  Los Angeles, CA, area,

without parking spaces for tenant’s cars, since the new tenants

will be walking, biking,


using public transportation from now on.


So, if you and your family (spouse and kids) decide to visit friends/family,

imagine dragging the stroller and diaper bag and assorted

needs for your children on public transportation

and maybe have to transfer a couple times

to another transit vehicle, after one try for that, no more visits.

You are ready to go home and your kids are a sleep, that will be fun.

Back to living like the 1930's.


These laws, by those "privileged" to make the laws,

will still have a car "that they deserve":

Paid for by us.

Or back to the horse and buggy?


There is still danger for America if we don’t stop Agenda 21.


 will demand we all live in

Government assigned apartments,

Not in private homes, their Agenda:

To Concentrate Population Centers.


It’s called:


100% Government control

of where the citizens of this nation

will be allowed to live,

to concentrate the Population,

to restore all the land "to wilderness".

I predict that in the next 50 years:

no one will live in single-family homes,

except the (Politician's)-/very rich.





This is Mr. Trump’s business plans: Walk all over all citizens.

We praise President Trump for what he is doing,

Remember: The German citizens praised Hitler,

when he took control of Germany in 1933 


     Study this website for “my plans”,

because I’d put America back together.

     I’d stop the disparity in Taxes

that drive American businesses from our shores.


       Up until about 1960 in Southern California

the tax assessor came to our doors every February

They had the "Right" to enter our homes

to assess the taxable value of your possessions.

This was finally outlawed "in California",

but now remember the Fire Department

 has the legal right to enter your home at any time,

(most never do)

but it's legal for them to demand entrance

to inspect your home for fire safety.

Michigan tax assessor shit


For your safety the Government says:

They have the right to enter our homes

to see if your home is SAFE for you to live in.


Now they plan to demand entry to check

on the energy usage of  your home,

to see if you are wasting energy,

is your thermostat set too high in the winter

 or too low in the summer,

to see if you are hoarding food,

and other things

to be more compatible, to exist with nature.


They plan to demand your home

"be energy neutral" before you can sell it,

this may cost you up to $50,000

or more to install double pane windows,

solar panels,

"in wall installation",

and other modern upgrades,


your home will be non-compatible for sale.


What are you going to do,

when they deny you a license for your car,

if it is not a hybrid, or electrical only?










I wonder if we still have the Right

to drive a horse and buggy

without a license?

What if you have to get a Government permit

to travel more than 150 miles from where you live?











Come on folks wake up and see the slavery planned for US.


Our ancestors rebelled in 1776 for "THIS"?


Now our Government calls Christians EXTREMISTS.

Is that you? are you an EXTREMISTS when you go to church?


Should Chick fil lai a Christian business be run out of NY City?

Because they follow Christian values!


Wake up folks, before it's too late, and we are outnumbered,

and placed in FEMA Camps.


Why do the Cops limit how many bullets you can have in your gun,

when as trained professionals,

Cops can have unlimited number of bullets in "their" guns?


I started  my quest to be your President in the year 2000 because

I saw the poverty and abuse of citizens happening "again" in America.


In 1936 I had decided that "maybe" someday,

"I" could save America.

I was born in 1927, I lived the Great Depression,

as 1990 came along,

I began to see the same poverty happening again.

Could I make a difference

to Restore the opportunities that America once had?

What was happening in America?


IF you think  Cops are out of control now,

wait until all guns have been confiscated,

for a "Safer America"!


When the Government "WE ELECTED"

finally take ALL GUNS from us

we are no longer a FREE NATION.








Leading to total slavery.


First Amendment Right:

"To demonstrate against the Government"

= Arrested for creating a scene.



The right to own a gun,  in many states or cities,

laws against "owning any gun".

Walk down the street with your legally owned gun,

attacked by the cops,

GOODBYE 2nd Amendment RIGHT.


In Indiana, the cops now have the RIGHT

to enter your home without a Search Warrant.

So GOODBYE 4th Amendment.


Government explains:

They are taking  your home/land for someone else to build on,

GOODBYE 5th Amendment.

Think you have the Right to remain silent, NO WAY.


Arrested for failure to obey an Officer.

What is the New/Old Plan?, population control,

"You must obtain a permit to have a child"

and only those with the proper ancestry of the Master Race

 will be allowed to have "A" child,

to ensure the right type of child adds to the population.

Excess children will be eliminated.


For the security of the New World Order.



The real 911 <<<<<<<<<<<<

Why 911 happened

Research this, no matter what the Government tells you,

you’ll know, "they lied"!

NO Plane hit the Pentagon

You owe it to yourself to know the truth.

Something hit the Pentagon, but not a passenger plane.

There are no dents in the building made by the engines of a plane.


There are Traitors in our nation.

We are being attacked!

"By those we Elected".

By the Police our Elected Traitors hired.

This is the real TREASON.


WE must fight TREASON.


After the gun violence in a Florida High School,

citizens are demanding: Make guns illegal,

so ONLY the Government has guns.


Wow, you have finally been suckered

 into believing that you

 "the citizens"

of the only free nation in the world

will finally be SAFE.

Bull Shit



People were telling the Police and FBI

that a man bragged

"He was going to shoot kids at school",

 and they did nothing WHY?


"So people would demand citizens

no longer be allowed to have GUNS"


I'll tell you why!, our government sits back

 laughing at our stupidity.


Watching the demonstrations all over our nation,

citizens demanding:

"Make Guns Illegal",

"Disarm all Citizens".


Hitler must be doubled up in laughter in his grave,

as American citizens demand we surrender all guns.

Exactly what our leaders want.

A disarmed citizenry, ready to follow orders,

Surrender all RIGHTS.


Illegal INVADERS (aliens) now taking over our nation,

Supreme Court says: Illegal INVADERS (aliens) have RIGHTS.

Are they Illegal Aliens or Invaders?

I say: We are being INVADED.

When they form a large percentage of the population,

they will demand we follow their laws, now part of Mexico.

As for us, do as cops tell you "or else".

Or else what?




The news reports the corruption in our Federal Government,

President Trump is constantly accosted to leave office

and turn this nation back to Democratic Party Control,


President Trump has upset the planned

destruction of America.

The assholes who were destroying our economy,

are convincing you


"Americans are destroying the earth",

so, we must stop our wonderful life,

"to live in poverty" like the rest of the world.

Just Like Hitler did to Germany.


Americans, wake up and research what has happen to people

 in nations where only the government has guns.

Concentration Camps, FEMA Centers,

one and the same,

waiting for YOU and your FAMILY.


Then become slaves to Law and Order,

the Governments Laws and Ordering you to submit or else.

Once we give up any ability to resist "all ORDERS"

we have lost any and "all RIGHTS".


This is the final nail in the coffin to our Bill of Rights.

If you think the police are abusive now, just wait until

you are told, you will do as told, or else


Governments love Law and Order,

their Law's and Order's,

not your RIGHTS..



I  was hoping we could recover our nation


but I wonder, if the only way to restore our Rights is by



I’ll Protect ALL OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS, and Protect our Freedoms.

In 2020 I'll be 93 years old, but still not too old,

to stand up and defend every one of you.


I'll be here for the next 10 years,

I won't quit until every citizen is safe.

GOD has given me the health to do this job, for YOU.


Why ME?

I’m following in my ancestor’s footsteps to defend this nation.

One of my 4th Great Grandfathers: Seth Huddleston

a Quaker, fought in the Revolution in Dartmouth, MA from 1776 on.

He stood up with weapons to defend this nation,

do we have to use weapons to Restore our Nation again?

After the Revolution, in 1787,

Seth and his wife Lydia Gifford followed his wife’s brother

Jonathan Gifford and Jonathan’s wife Eunice Beard

of Nantucket, MA who moved south to Guilford Co, NC,

for a better place to farm, "as Massachusetts land was not good for farming".

Seth settled next to Eunice (Beard) Gifford's parents:

William Beard, a Beaver Hat Maker, there is a marker on the road

in Hightower, Guilford County, NC where Beard’s hat shop was.


Seth’s son Jonathan Huddleston was born in Dartmouth, MA in 1778

Seth died in 1794 leaving his son age 16 an orphan.

Jonathan Huddleston was my 3rd Great Grandfather.

In 1798 Jonathan in Guilford Co, NC married Phebe Gardner,

Granddaughter of Richard Gardner

who had moved from Nantucket, MA in 1772

to Guilford Co, NC going from seaman to farmer.

Phebe’s father Eliab Gardner was

living in Guilford Co, NC during the Revolution.


“The fight at the Guilford County Courthouse”


As a Quakers, disapproving of the conditions of slavery in NC

Eliab Gardner moved north to Indiana in 1806

Jonathan Huddleston and family followed them in 1815.

Many Quakers did the same

as they did not approve of the slavery in the south.


Jonathan Huddleston was part of the Underground Railroad

to help slaves escape to the north.


My relative Levi Coffin of Wayne Co, IN

was the President of the Underground Railroad

to help slaves escape to the North.


Although these families were Quakers, that abhorred violence,

if they did not take up arms in battle,

they became medics to help the wounded.


99% of American citizens do not realize the importance

of the 3rd Amendment of our Bill of Rights,

that: “citizens could no longer be required

to house soldiers in their home”,

in other words, (COPS) British Soldiers, (COPS)

can you imagine if you were now required

to provide housing for one or more COPS in your home


This is what early citizens were commanded to do before 1776.


Many of today’s citizens have no connection

to the families who were here during the Revolution,




Citizens revolted, because of many things:

TAXES, one called “The Stamp Act”,

citizens were fined or property taken

when any soldier (COP) entered your home

 and found any piece of paper in the home

without a Tax Stamp on it, GUILTY.

Then The Boston Tea Party, 3 ships, a fight against Taxes.

Two of the three ships were the Beaver, and the Dartmouth,

owned by a relative of mine from Nantucket, MA.


Many people could not afford to have a Newspaper in their home.

Many injustices were forced upon citizens

that had come to the New World for FREEDOM,

now controlled by British Soldiers (COPS),

sent by the British Government almost immediately

after The Pilgrims came in 1620, “to control these escapee’s”.

How dare they confront the “legal rulers” of these immigrants.


What the real new leaders of our nation did after 1787.


I know the history of the founding of our nation.

The struggles my ancestors faced to finally seek



MY Pilgrim ancestors were almost immediately ordered to

OBEY the British Soldiers/Cops or else.


Citizens were fined for not attending the "proper" church.


Many of my early ancestors were of the Quaker faith.

A faith not allowed by the British leaders.


My ancestors not only fighting the Native Americans

over the land the Pilgrims and Puritans had invaded,

but the brutal assault of the British Rule,

the Pilgrims had tried to leave.


By 1640 more of my Quakers ancestors started arriving,

and again more attacks on them for not worshiping “correctly”.


My ancestor “Katherine Chattam” later Mrs. Huddleston

was put in prison for months when she arrived in Boston in 1660,

for “being a Quaker”, driven out of town afterwards,

but returned to Boston again and again.


For the next 150 years my Quaker ancestors were persecuted

for being different.


I’m not afraid or ashamed to be a Christian,

and I’ll fight to my death to protect "your religious rights".


We are now called: RADICAL Christians?.


Now our religious beliefs are being put down:

How dare we have Christian Morals,

that’s not fair to the rest of the citizens

who do not believe in Morals.


Our churches are being attacked, our beliefs are now WRONG;

the churches must be driven out of existence

because Christianity is under attack.

Will you surrender your religious rights?


Do you know who is spying in your place of Worship?

"to be sure" your leader is not discussing Morals.

My goodness, we have to protect you from any Moral beliefs,

or discussion, to ensure the rights of the Immoral Minority.


I won’t deny any Rights to any citizen,

but protect everyone to enjoy those Rights

that are awarded any other citizen. Free to chose.


Will your religious leader be led away in handcuffs

for preaching Christian Morals?

Do any of you remember when it was illegal

to sell condoms for birth control?


“It’s for sure, Congress and the Senate, have no Morals”.


Religion is a danger to the Elected Leaders, so: churches must go.


How will our Government kill the churches in America “and”

 “That is part of the plan”

It’s simple:

They’ll tax churches out of existence,

Property taxes, Utility taxes, Income taxes,

and more taxes, and you won’t have one word to say about this.

They already tax churches in Charlotte Co, FL

The IRS does not take kindly to any resistance.

Are you afraid of the IRS?

        Shut up and pay, or else!!!!!!!!!!


The IRS will then eliminate Income Tax deductions

for any donations to religious organizations.

Remember, they’ll tax that church property

at the value the land “could be used for”: result?

Churches gone?


I’m related to "at least" 30 Million citizens now alive in America.

  I’m fighting to restore the FREEDOMS we’ve lost


I gave President Trump One Year to do

as he Campaign Promised.

1. The Border is still not closed.

              2. The Illegal Aliens are still in America.


We need at least 47 Million new jobs paying a living wage

(about $40,000/year for a family of 4)

NOT minimum wage “beginner’s jobs”.


Many who’ve paid for and earned a College Degree,

still can’t find more than a minimum wage job.

What a waste of Time and Money


I want you to know,

the United States is in



I can tell you why in one word, “Government”.


There is so much wrong, you must study this entire website to learn why.

I can’t tell you why in one page.

I know this is a “LARGE” problem

So bear with me, and Learn, while you can.


I am the kind of person that takes FACTS and analyze what is wrong.

I’ve been a problem solver my entire life.

I look for what is wrong and WHY.

I then look for solutions, and how to correct problems.













We have over taxed many of the businesses

to leave our nation.




Reduce Taxes on the RICH

I mean on all of those who OWN a business,

businesses that hire workers,

many businesses Manufacture items

needed by BIGGER businesses.

Bring all businesses back to America, and hire American citizens.

It’s all about economy of "our nation". IF big businesses fail they

no longer need the small businesses, = you are out of work.


The United States change tremendously

from 1800 to 1900 from 13 colonies to 46 states.

I started my quest to be your President in 1936. Why?

I saw our nation in trouble, and at age 9, I thought:

IF only “I WERE President”:

I’d do something to help people.


Well I’m still here and ready to help YOU.


In 1936:

The Democrats said:

Elect US, we’ll give you a Government job "WPA"


The Republicans said:

Elect us; we’ll give you a job in our factories.

I became a Republican, now I'm an Independent.


The Republicans have failed us.


Because: We were living during the Great Depression,

of course at that time I didn’t know what it was called,

all I knew was

“WE were Hungry”.

I was Hungry,

others were Hungry.


I walked to school with holes in my shoes,

because we couldn’t afford new shoes,

I wasn’t driven to school by my mother,

mother couldn’t afford a car.

I didn’t have lunch at school,

I didn’t have lunch at home,

because we didn’t have food.


I didn’t know why we couldn’t afford food, but that was the time.

In 1935, we had moved from Indianapolis, IN to Detroit, MI

in hopes that my stepfather could find work in the factories of Detroit.


In 1936 my stepfather soon became a friend

of Walter Reuther,  a coworker Tool and Die Maker.

Walter became the leader of the United Auto Workers Union.


I began to learn the history of what was happening to our nation.


My stepfather was part of this struggle for the Unions.

There was great upset in the factories as workers were revolting

against the employers greed,

they wanted a living wage,

and safe working conditions.


At 9 and 10 years old, I saw the striking workers

“beaten by the cops,

with chains and clubs”.

I remember watching the police beat striking autoworkers

in 1936 in Detroit, MI.

Workers who were striking for more pay from the auto industry,

strikers who wanted more than $25 for a 48hr week

from the industry magnets taking home

$1 Million/year. Those Millionaire leaders got the police

to beat the poor striking autoworkers,

I call that INJUSTICE

Any cop that beats or mistreats any citizen

is on my list, and they "will" pay.

I hate cops with a passion if they mistreat you.

Cops will learn to SERVE and PROTECT or else.

It has taken me since 1936 to stand up for Your Rights.


I realized we were not living the Great American Dream,

I decided America needed “me” someday,

to lead this nation to prosperity, to stop Hunger.


In 1971 a big change began in my life,

I decided I wanted to know more about my relatives,

and my ancestors.


I researched how these immigrants; my ancestors came to this land,

were so desperate, that they risked their lives to find a better life.


Why did these people decide to leave the security of Europe,

to struggle and starve just to find Freedom of Religion?

There must have been such a bad life, that they struggled

and were willing to risk their lives “to find Freedom”.

Each of The Pilgrims had to supply “their own food for the trip”,

Then left off the shore of Plymouth, MA with NO food,

in the beginning of Winter.

Thanksgiving has big meaning to me:

"In 1621 My ancestors were there"


I was now aware of how my invading ancestors

took advantage of the Native Americans,

how they drove them off of “their land”.


The Native Americans tried to welcome the invaders,

and were taken advantage of.

I’m embarrassed how this happened,

but now I understand

 how desperate these immigrants were,

for a new life free from the European Rulers.

The King or Dictator controlled everyone in the European World.

It was time to find a new way of life, at any cost.


What went wrong?


By 1776 all of “my ancestors” were here in America,

they rose up and fought for the Freedoms they’d wanted since 1620.

We had taken over the land of the Native Americans

in an embarrassing way.

We took "their" land, and our so called

“Self Appointed Leaders”

“sold it” to the new immigrants.

Invaders continued to come from European nations to find this Freedom.

Invaders came here to join, not divide "the new way of life".

Our leaders were still fighting Native Americans in 1894. Why?

New immigrants

were anxious

"to learn English"

"to become Americans".

They suffered poverty and worked hard

to find the American Dream.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost our way.

We have allowed New Invaders to demand

“Their Way”,

not to join us, "but to take us over".


I want the love of America, to be in their hearts

 when they come here, not march in the streets demanding

"we must change our nation",

not joining us,

but dividing us.


We now allow these new invaders to stay

when they don’t want to learn English,

They don’t want to know of our History,

why and how we became the United States.


Right now President Trump is struggling for new Tax control.

I hear your anger that he wants to give the RICH a cut in TAXES.

Why? Because many of the rich businesses have left America

for lower taxes on their income.

The RICH closed the factories you use to work in,

Because: The IRS taxed them out of America.

If you were taxed at 39% in America, and found another place

to work and live with only 15% tax,

would you move your business there?

Remember, cutting your taxes in crazy, if you have no income.

Do you want the American Dream again?


If so, elect me in 2020, and work with me to Restore America.


We are at WAR

TERROR in New York city again!


When will our Government realize we are at WAR

A Muslim claiming: Allah Akbar, (God is great.)

While our Left leaning citizens argue that:


Shouldn’t consider the religion of immigrants:

Another Muslim has declared WAR on us.

This is just one more Muslim killer.


I declare WAR on Muslims.


My ancestors started the Crusades in 1100 AD

To drive the Muslims out of Europe.

Will they ever learn?

Until Non Muslim places of worship are

allowed in Muslim nations,

I don’t want any Muslim places of worship

in the United States - Period………

"11 Terror attacks in the last year in America using vehicles to kill"!



Income taxes on Earned Income are ILLEGAL.



**********Hillary’s Uranium**********



Why no release of the Kennedy murder papers


If you read all of this website it will scare you.

99% of American citizens have no idea

what our Government is doing to us.


I finally started my real quest to be your President in 2004,

because: I became so aware that much

“of our nation was in serious trouble”

by the treason happening to US.

I don’t believe Mr. Trump has the ability to save America.


Former FBI agent Comey claims

there is a chance Trump will die

before 75% of his Presidential term.



Welcome to NAZI America.

The only right we have anymore is:

The Right to remain Silent.

Even that can put us in jail, for “Contempt of Court”

When some asshole Judge demands:

We tell them what they want.


IF we citizens do not retake control of this nation,

we will live AND DIE as SLAVES.

We are now constantly told: WE have “No Rights”, only Privileges,

Only if the Government grants us “Privileges”.



The 1940 movie Casablanca brought that to our attention,

When the powers to be, demanded: “Papers PLEASE”

We were shocked as the citizen was shot in the back

for attempting to escape.

Now this is our Nation!

Should we fear our Government?

You better believe it.


Does our Government have a file on us?


What the hell is going on in our America?


This is exactly what was happening to me

7 times between 1945 and 1949,

events that turned me against all cops.

I was never guilty of "anything", but held in jail on

72hour hold each time, held on “Suspicion”, WHY?


“Walking after dark”.


Then I was released from the jail?

At 2:30 AM in downtown Los Angeles.

To walk home, 7­+ miles or more at night.

The last detainment was in 1949,

I was ready to KILL "any" cop.

I haven’t, BUT the anger is still there.

Until you have been stopped, detained for 3 days

when you know you are innocent of any crime

but treated as a criminal

you don't understand the anger I feel.


Are American citizens going to finally rise up and

Revolt against the unjust cops, are they going to start

Killing Cops ?

Because enough is enough.


This Bull Shit charge of “Suspicion” is enough.

My plan would be, “Arrested on Suspicion,

and then not found guilty of anything”,

an automatic $1,000 given to the citizen

for the inconvenience of being illegally arrested,


I know the cops would lie

and find you guilty of “something”.

Even if they had to "lie"!


I have hated every Cop since 1936.


Cops be aware: We’ve had enough Bull Shit from you,

Read the Constitution and those Bill of Rights,

before this backfires on YOU.


Americans can rise up and Revolt

when they have “finally had enough”.

But: Do any citizens have the guts anymore

to defend themselves or are we all Cowards.

Who will Citizens start killing?

The local cops?

Then the National Guard?

Then the Politicians?


Elected Politicians:

You had better change the attitude

of those cops you've hired to run this nation,

because citizens may take you on too.


Can we Re-Vote peacefully or will we have to

resort to Violence?


Wake up, WE are no longer FREE!

You’re ordered: “Submit to search or else”.

IF your refuse! Guilty of interfering with the COP.

Raise your voice to complain: Guilty of Disturbing the Peace.

“Refuse to show ID!”, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL.

Refuse to talk to the cop: Arrested for failure to cooperate,

then read your rights, “The Right to remain Silent”.


Consider: The Cop, Prosecutor, and Judge

are "the Government",

and then there is YOU, guess which side the Judge is on!

If the cops made a mistake, that's OK, "they meant well".

If you made a mistake, it's off to jail for you.

Remember, it is legalfor Cops to lie

If you lie, it’s a CRIME

A dead cop can’t lie!



In 1950 we went to War OOPS, "Military Exercise" in Korea

To protect South Korea. In 1953 we had a truce?

Since 1953 we have kept about 38,000 American Military

in S. Korea to protect S. Korea, at our expense,

so S. Korea can manufacture items

to sell to the United States

so we can close American factories.

Who pays for those Military? You do.

Yet, we can't, or won't protect OUR borders.


Without American JOBS, America will fail.

In 1963 the Russian President said:

America will fail from within.


He was Right, we are failing, WHY?




Just wait, the Government will assign you jobs,

Like the “WPA”, Works Project Administration

 in the 1930’s,

Citizens were given Government jobs working

on projects for Government lands.

                                                            So just wait,

the Government will take care of you,

all you have to do  is follow orders and



Elect Democrats, and live in poverty.


What is the A #2 problem in America?

Let’s review some basic math.

There are 310 Million Citizens in the United States

including about 32 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS

There are 48 Million citizens and

“ILLEGAL ALIENS” on Food Stamps

Trump has put so called 1 Million people

back to work on JOBS


Now realize, those 48 Million on Food Stamps

And that’s: More than ONE person per account,

at least 2 people for EACH recipient,

that’s 96 Million people at least on food stamps,

that’s about 1/3 of the people in America.

We need 47 MILLION JOBS.

Unemployed workers are not paying any taxes,

of course they don't owe any taxes on wages.

Our Government is $22.3 TRILLION IN DEBT.




Many citizens under 50 don’t remember when we had American products,

such as RCA, GE, Philco, Admiral, Sylvania, Westinghouse, & Zenith,

Plymouth, Hudson, Nash, DeSoto, Pontiac, Oldsmobile,

now you buy Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toyota, Honda, VW, Mercedes,

and other foreign products, why?

Metro Goldwin Mayers studios, Columbia Studios, our movie

industry is now "SONY"

Did we win WW II? and now Japanese industries run America?

How many patriot service persons died

so Sony can run our movie industry


When I buy a pair of pants at Sears©, the label says:

Made in South Vietnam, that’s COMMUNIST VIETNAM

When I buy a nice shirt from COSTCO©, the label says:

Made in Vietnam, that’s COMMUNIST VIETNAM.









The current subject is: DACA / THE DREAM ACT,





Where are these 800,000+ children?

Everywhere in America

We are told they love America,


We should give them sanctuary, to remain in America

What is wrong with this scenario?


They love America?


How many of them have applied for citizenship?

We have educated them, fed them, housed them,

and they have offered what to America?

They’ve taken, not given.

Realize, many of them now are 30 to 40 years old,

Do they speak English?

Or do they still love their native language?

And: They Demand:

We speak THEIR language to accommodate them?

I’m tired of: Press 1 for English.

Something is wrong with this situation.


IMMIGRANTS march down our streets waving their country's flag.

I don’t care how they came to our nation, if they are here illegally!

I want them gone.


The REAL problem with this plan is called

Family Reunification,

where these Illegal Alien children

after getting the Right to stay in America

are: Then offered the right to bring other family members

TO "JOIN THEM" in America.

the RIGHT to bring those family members,

such as their grandparents, their own siblings

and the siblings spouses, siblings children, and spouses parents

and their spouses grandparents > TO America,

in some cases I’ve researched

this amounted to as many as 50 additional persons,

just for "each" ILLEGAL child

Demanding: The RIGHT to stay in America.



2016-2019 Illegal Children entering our nation without parents,

welcomed with open arms, come on in, everyone WELCOME.

Who is going to care for them,

they did not come here because they love America,

but entitlement for housing, food, education, clothing, etc!

When does it END?

Remember, this help is not available "for citizens”.


I’ve become more and more disgusted with

the INJUSTICE happening to our CITIZENS,

and the 32 Million Hispanic’s invasion of America.

I'll restore and protect our Nation.



Do you suffer from PAIN, do you need PAIN medication?

WOW! You’re a criminal, the Government has decided if you

Need PAIN medication you are a



Our Government is so paranoid that they believe

anyone who needs any Opiate Pain medication

should suffer without any Pain relief.

What the hell is wrong in this nation

 when those “Pain in the Ass”

politicians running our nation

believe: You should suffer.

This is a Medical Problem, not a Criminal Problem.

I'd like to ram a crowbar up ass of anyone that wants to arrest us.

Million of citizens need help for PAIN, help not arrest.


“How to get rich in America”

Rent any storefront location,

Put up a sign

“Pain Clinic”.

You will be instantly swamped with patients,

wanting Pain Medication.


Because so many Americans are in PAIN, suffering with PAIN,

so why would they come to your clinic?


Our Government does not want us to have relief from PAIN

Legally educated legal Doctors

are afraid to issue medication for PAIN


Because: Our Government watches Doctors

who issue PAIN medication and

 arrest them for issuing “too much” medication.



Our government doesn’t care if we are in PAIN

That’s why patients flock to any clinic

that might prescribe medication for their PAIN.


I am one of those patients,

I’ve been in severe pain since 1994,

but I do not take "any" medications for pain,

because if Darvon® (that I’d used for the last 40 years

does not eliminate the pain), I’ve also tried a prescription

for Hydrocodone®, and that doesn’t help me.

IF those two medications don’t help,

“I will not take anything else.”

Those medications are dangerous enough.


Too many pain medications are deadly,

the “after effects” could end my life.

I’d rather suffer the pain and stay alive,

I’m, otherwise healthy, and I’m 92 years old.

I am not on "any other medications" at all.

I take that back, I am on Chocolate Covered Almonds.

that's my "mood medicine"!

I’m more concerned: About being here

“To save our nation”,

than the pain I suffer every day.

Our Government doesn’t care if we are in PAIN,

Do they believe: If you are in PAIN you’ll follow orders?



I want you to go to any store, Walmart, Sears,

whatever and look at the labels

as to where the merchandise was made:


Why NOT? because America is dead.

Stand up and demand

“Made in America” NOW.


What are you going to do:

When you or your spouse and children are hungry,

and you don’t have any money or a job,

“You WILL steal food, or money to buy food”.

Is this what you want Americans to have to do?

If President Trump does not establish more American jobs



Throw him out of the Presidency, and elect me “NOW”.

Can you survive 2 more years waiting for things to get better?

Our elected leaders are planning new ways

to speed imports from China to our stores.




We, the citizens of the United States,

are about to lose our nation completely.


As the Democratic traitors

continue to attack President Trump.

Their Blood Thirsty Agenda is:

To drive President Trump out of office at any cost.


Senator John McCain of Arizona claimed:

We should get rid of President Trumps idea of: Save America,

because we are now part of a One World Nation.


We should employee the poor of the world nations

to give then some income,

while we go unemployed and die.


Since 1913 the Democratic Party

has planned to destroy our nation.

I know many of you do not believe this

has been going on for 100 years,

but it has been very planned to destroy us from within.


The Leftist Democrats have planned

the destruction of the United States,

 starting with the election of Socialist

President Roosevelt in 1932.



$4.00/gallon for gas today,

$6.00/gallon for gas tomorrow?

$12.00/gallon for gas next month?

Gas 30 cents/gallon if you have silver coins.

Next: NO gas for sale because the State will not give you

a license for gas powered vehicles,



The Democratic Party Agenda is:

"The destruction of the United States".









The Democrats are out to drive President Trump out of office,

no matter what it takes to remove the President “we elected”.


President Trump “Did not need to be President” for himself,


He became OUR President for “US”:

To protect our nation from the TREASON

destroying the security of our “CONSTITUTION”,


Will Trump do as he campaigned for?


I do not need to be President for ME,

I need to be President for YOU.


Imagine if the British had confiscated all guns in 1775!


You have to live, as long as I have, to see the whole story

of how the Democrats have only one AGENDA:


DESTROY the United States.



We keep hearing all this crap about Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia to no end.

WELL read on.

As Allied troops invaded Europe,

Hitler’s troops were sent to the French and Italian area’s for defense,

that left the Eastern Border of Germany less protected,

so now proud Russia marched into Germany.

“They could not have done that”

if not for our battle on Germany’s west side.

But then: “Russia was our ally”, so more power to them.

In order to help our friend Russia, it makes me sick,

to know what suckers we were to have shipped so much material,

to restore the Russian economy in 1945.


This is what happens when you try to help anyone, we get screwed.


Henry Ford shipped an entire truck factory to Russia, in 1947

“to help Russia recover from WW II”.


Look at what we shipped to Russia in 1945 to help them. Why?

“READ THIS”! You won’t believe what all we "gave" Russia.

This is a list of the unbelievable stuff we shipped to Russia in 1945 on


Lend Lease. Read it all, page after page.


Just Google “Lend Lease to Russia” make sure you are sitting down,

so you don’t fall down in shock.

This was never paid for, or acknowledged as helping Russia,

Then the Billions we spent on the Cold War with Russia?

No! You wouldn’t know about that, but we did it. Why?

Right on the top of the list:

Take notice of the Radioactive materials WE sent to Russia in 1945.

so WOW “1948 they” developed the BOMB.


Imagine that!


The total financial cost after WW II, to help Russia! about $9 BILLION,

plus the value of that Truck Factory equipment from HENRY FORD.


This is beside the 1948 Marshall Plan, at the cost of about $13 BILLION more,

to rebuild Germany and surrounding nations, “to Restore Europe”.


Then there is the cost of rebuilding Japan, more money, but:

We have to consider, there were about 20 million homeless and hungry people,

and surrendered foreign military persons returning home after the war.

We fed the defeated enemy, then we had to feed the world.


Money, money, money, to no end,

this has never been repaid by American tax payers


which had to be done.



I’ve watched many episodes of COPS on TV,

and my own experiences with the police over the years

I've never been arrested, just "Detained Illegally" 72hours and released.

I’ve come to the conclusion that INJUSTICE prevails

“all over our nation”.

I certainly hold no hope that JUSTICE is going to return.

The more I’ve studied what is happening over and over,

I came to the realization

that the Democratic Party in our nation,

have only one Agenda:


The end of the United States sovereignty,

selling us out to the NEW WORLD ORDER.


As I’ve watched TV COPS,

subjects were only read their RIGHTS,

 maybe once out of 20 times

as a subject was taken into custody.

It is against the law to:

"Just walk down the street",

Never ever "RUN", Why are you running?

You must be a criminal trying to escape!

Citizens are being stopped and the COPS

demanding that you must identify yourself

or "face arrest".


Where are you coming from or

where are you going

is NO business of the COPS.


A recent case in Baltimore, MD

where a young black man

 was just walking down the street,

 the cops stop him, no criminal charge,

he was “taken for a ride” in the police van,

shortly there-after he is seen as unable to walk

 or if he was even conscious,

this seems to be typical for Baltimore police,

"then" the young man died

 and riots in Baltimore were the result.


Another case in Baltimore, MD some years ago,

a young "DEAF" man, running home in the RAIN

Killed for Not Obeying Orders to "STOP". WHY?


People being stopped and accosted by the COPS,

without them being accused "of any crime",

until they resist being illegally stopped and accosted,

"then arrested" for "resisting arrest",

or cussing out the police,

then arrested for "Disturbing the Peace",

or other such Bull Shit charges.


The police are out of control,

they brag: They love their job: helping people,

“no way”, what they love

       is being able to lord over people,

demanding total submission,

 the surrender of all RIGHTS.






this is not the AMERICA we owned.

The only solution to this TREASON is

“For me to become your next President”,


SO here I am asking for you to elect me to:





Our Government wants to protect us from Traitors,

they are deadly serious about catching

and punishing a Mr. Snowden

(who escaped to Russia)

Mr. Snowden had the guts to tell us,

our National Security Agency

in its NEW “1 MILLION Square foot building” in Utah,


How dare he tell us that?


Our NSA (National Security Agency) promised us,

and swore to Congress,

They are not spying on us, "intentionally".

They needed their NEW 1 MILLION Square Ft. building in UTAH

for WHAT?

Gosh: I was worried that:

Mr. Snowden was telling us the TRUTH.


Now I can relax and feel safe

Knowing that the NSA "is not" spying on us!


WE THE PEOPLE, elected President Trump,

Because: He pledged to have Mexico build the WALL,

AND that he’d deport “all the ILLEGAL ALIENS”.

It is all so simple, close the Mexican border 100%

until Mexico  builds the wall!



Same old Bull Shit again.


The Members of Congress

The Members of the Senate

Are not going to cooperate with President Trump,

because that’s not how the Government works.

More of the same Bull Shit over and over.





The more you research you'll realize

Who was Ted Gunderson

"America is in trouble"

You as a citizen are in DANGER

But: A new Video#1 has surfaced that I feel is important

that YOU know:

What treason is happening by our elected leaders.

The filth they are capable of, “because they can”.


So I’m bringing this subject Top and Center

for you to review how much more is going on.


Proof the traitors we’ve elected are a sick bunch of Bastards,

that we must take down.

NOW there are 5 + videos following.

Please take the time to listen to each one

and you’ll be stunned that this happens

by those we had respected, because

we didn’t know just what is happening in our nation.


All this Bull Shit about drugs, while our CIA imports

Tons of Cocaine into Arkansas airport, and in to So. California,

to raise money for some war effort in Central America. 

Where does it end Americans?



         #2 Video > Ted Gunderson was a 35 year retired-FBI Chief whistleblower.

         #3 Video Ted Gunderson reports more FBI crime.

        #4 Video Ted Gunderson continues to report unbelievable crimes

        #5 Video #2 July 2017

        #6 Video 3 plus hours

Research more on Google: and YouTube: about Ted

and learn the crimes against citizens of our nation.

YOU may be the next victim or members of your family.   


Ted had been the head of the Los Angeles FBI office.

He exposed Satanism in the CIA, Child Sex, Boys Town kids,

drug running, Chemtrails, the Illuminati,

MK ULTRA, and Mind Control used by our CIA,

and other Government agencies.


Boys Town, Boy and Girls used

as Child SEX play toys for our Government Leaders.

This is as sick as it can get, can we let this continue?


“Was” Ted poisoned by the “Illuminati ????”

to shut him up. RIP


I find it hard to celebrate the 4th of July,

knowing what is happening in our nation



Do you know what they are putting in your drinking water?







is not the answer

for Americans.


Our elected leaders now realize, “GUNS save lives”,


All this disarming of America to make us safer is crap.

WE are faced with angry Citizens, and Illegal Aliens,

who want to kill us, for what-ever reason.


Someone now presenting a Play in NY City Park,

to portray the killing of Roman Julius Caesar,

 disguised as President Trump



I lived in So. California, in an area of Los Angeles

called Sun Valley, I moved into Sun Valley in 1971,

it was then a typical mixed ethnicity of the San Fernando Valley.

By 1989 Sun Valley had become 89% Hispanic,

 I was told straight out by the invading Hispanics

that I did not belong in “MY area”,

As I retired in 1992,

I began a search for where I’d like to retire,

I investigated many other areas,

I moved from Sun Valley in 1995.

For TAX reasons:

I ended up moving to the NE corner of Los Angeles County,

 where it’s now estimated to be 40% Blacks, and 40% Hispanics

I feel like I live in a foreign nation, not America.



but my Government has decided

that MY LIFE is not important.

That: I do not need to protect myself.


Just call the police (who’ll call the Mortician to collect my dead body)

Police arrive after the FACT.

IF you think Americans will be safer

 when only the Government has guns,

you will obey or else, no back talk:





Police Officer killed in NY City, now a lot of concern that

her 3 children will no longer have her love and care.

YES this is a disgrace, but why would someone kill a police officer?

“She” may have been a wonderful understanding person,

a credit to her work to protect citizens of NY City.

Then again, how much concern about

the families of the citizens killed by the Police

in our nation every year.

Do their families miss them?

Were they guilty? We’ll never know

because after the police kill them

the subject is mute.

NO longer of any concern,

Because: If the cop killed them,

“they must have been Guilty”.


Refuse to answer COPS questions, and "beat for silence",

GOODBYE 5th Amendment.



Arrested and sent to prison without a Jury Trial happens

all the time,

GOODBYE 6th Amendment.

90% of the citizens in Prison, did "not" have a Jury Trial.

When will this all end? Coming soon to your home. SUCKER.



90% of our citizens in prison,

have not” had the 6th Amendment Right”,

“To face their accusers”

and a “Jury of their Piers”, WHY?


 The asshole Prosecutors have sidestepped our RIGHTS,

Offering: Plea Bargaining:

You are “Offered a DEAL, such a deal

 “Admit guilt” so the Government

doesn’t actually have to convict you:

“Plead guilty” and you’ll be

offered maybe, only 5-10-20-30 years in Prison.


“BUT: If you don’t cooperate and Plead Guilty”,

“even if you are INNOCENT”, they threaten,

they’ll hang your ass for at least 20 – 30 more years.


“NO Trial”, you know they will lie

and beat the shit out of you

until you agree to ADMIT GUILT.


So they can prove: They’ve solved some crime.


You’re in Prison, crime solved,

the Prosecutor and Judge get reelected

 for solving crime in your community.


While your ass rots in hell.

Many prisoners have been released

 after many years in prison

when some great liberator

re investigates the crime:

“You were “forced” to Admit Guilt”,

and are finally found INNOCENT.


The state claims: “Innocence: of convicting you”,

taking years of your life for a crime you


They claim: “They were just doing their job”.


That’s exactly what all the leaders with Hitler claimed:


“Just doing their job”.


MORE people have been killed by their own


than any other cause of murder.

Sorry folks but this just makes me furious.

These Bastards


This is our new America.




I keep repeating this, because it’s serious.

At least a million Americans

are stopped by POLICE every day in America,

Stopped on “SUSPICION”:

Do you have anything on you, or in your car,

that you shouldn’t have?

Do you mind if I search You or Your car?

“You do mind”!

COP: Well asshole, get out of your car,

on the ground, we’ll get the Drug Searching DOG

and we will see why “you mind”.


Out of FEAR you submit to this shit.

This BULLSHIT goes on everyday because we live in a


SWAT raids everyday in homes, businesses, because we live in a


Cops in full MILITARY GEAR

taking over our nation, killing anyone with impunity,

to prove you have no RIGHTS, KISS ASS OR ELSE.

The Police have become a

Civilian ARMY,

and YOU are the ENEMY.

When are CITIZENS going to rise up and return FIRE, if this doesn't stop.

This is a real site, screw the Police. Defend your RIGHTS.

If we have to kill police, to defend our RIGHTS, so be it.

Stand up Americans, defend and restore our nation.


Now on the other side,

I’ve seen the report that our FEDERAL Government

has quietly finally made a Financial Settlement

with the parents of the young man in Ferguson, MO

“who” attacked the Police Officer,

“who” was killed by that Police Officer,

which started the “Hands up, do not kill” movement.

WHY? Because Mr. Brown was 20' away from the cop

when shot in the back. 

All across our nation, all the riot damage

done to innocent business owners,

in that community and other places in America

over this incident,


When “Black” citizens riot because of a Government WRONG,

then break into private businesses and loot, burn & destroy,

I have a name for people who do that,



IF I had a gun in a situation like that, I’d shoot to kill you.

DO NOT destroy ANY private property or loot,

because you are mad at our Government,

join with me to stop these wrongs.


Black citizens of America, join society.

You segregate yourselves into Black communities,

want Black clubs /or groups for your purposes,

but would complain bitterly if White Citizens

form “White Only” groups.


Wake up, this is a two way street,

your arrogance and attitude

work against what you say you want.


It’s incidents like this that cause me to feel some Racism.

From childhood I was raised to “believe

and protect” the rights of “every” Citizen,

and Legal Immigrant regardless of race or color

or financial status of anyone in America.


To add to this Bullshit, a Professor of Trinity College

made the statement that the WHITE Congressman

 who was shot at the Congressional Baseball game,

should have been left there, to bleed to death,

BECAUSE he was White.

I always believed everyone

has an equal advantage in this nation,

if you put your ass on the line to get ahead.

Many have done it, of “every race or sex”,

there is NO reason for anyone to have not found

 “the wonderful life”, “IF” they wanted to work to get it.


Up until this current job status,

Of: American workers not needed.


I grew up in Detroit, MI where I saw White and Black workers

working side by side, equal pay, equal living

as it should be, what went wrong in Detroit?

Black Racism.

 Black people claimed they do not have to obey some laws,

that these laws are White Man's laws.

I believe we do need some laws of behavior, to coexist in peace.

I want Black people to join us, not hate us.

I was happy with my financial status in life,

because I did the work that I enjoyed in Electronics.

I never made over $49,000/yr in my life,

but I lived a good life.

I’m retired on Social Security and comfortable at 92.

Yet I worry now that Racism has been pushed upon us,

with more and more anger and

is a danger to the safety of our nation.



a race riot starts again,

White's v Black's: it is going to be bloody.

There is a lot of anger in both races,

and many innocent people are going to be killed.


STOP Racism, respect each other's rights.


It is time to reflect on Education,

Returning Manufacturing to America

where Citizens can find employment, to

be able to support ourselves and our families,

to enjoy the American standard of living.

We need new homes, reasonably priced

so those earning just above minimum wage

can still participate in a decent living standard.

But owing a home is not for everyone, many don’t need

the work of maintaining a home, as they are happy in Apartments,

and or in a Trailer in a Trailer park to fulfill their living needs.

We need to establish some private ownership of plots of land for

Mobile/Trailer owners so they are protected from excessive

fee's and own the land they place their Mobile Home on.

Vancouver, WA already has Manufactured Homes on land

owned by private parties.




Muslims attack in San Bernardino, CA, Tenn., Florida, &

Times Square in NY City, and our Government claims they

have proof that other attacks were intended in America,

Muslims killings in Sweden, France, England, and a

great increase of Muslim crimes in Germany,

while our government now tells us “Don’t Worry”



Will Muslims explode bombs in our nation, to harm us:



The Government ignores these threats,

I WORRY for me, and you.


When MUSLIMS tell me,

they intend to kill me, “and you”,

because "we" don’t believe in "THEIR" RELIGION.



Which MUSLIMS intend to kill us?




Enough of this Bull Shit.


Is this is the end of the “UNITED” States?

Can Mr. Trump stop the corruption in Washington DC?

Mr. Trump has promised many changes.

Mr. Trump can fire anyone investigating him; that bothers me.

This is how Tyranny starts, our Rights Removed

“to protect the Government”.

IF Mr. Trump can’t do it, elect me,

I can and will do it!


I had hoped Congress and Senate would cooperate

with President Trump to RESTORE AMERICA.


It is obvious that the Liberal Left will riot to destroy

“anything” President Trump tries to do.


IT Starts HERE


#1 > #1 > #1 > THE WILDERNESS ACT






Private ownership of land was what made America different.


The Governments new plan is:

THE Government will own “ALL” LAND,

NO private ownership of anything.


Just like in the old days, when the KING

and his gangsters owned everything.


Now world-wide plan for the




Our young people have been so indoctrinated in school

that "our standard of living must be destroyed"

To save the earth”.